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Artificial Intelligence Strengthens Software’s Impact

Patent-pending artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities enable DP Technology’s Esprit CAM program to create optimized, edit-free G-code for multiple machine types and setups. The result is highly efficient manufacturing that doesn’t sacrifice safety for speed.

With AI machine awareness, DP Technology’s Esprit CAM software reorganizes the cutting program when the operator switches between small batches and production runs, optimizing total cycle time by maximizing process concurrency across multiple parts.

Powered by a patent-pending artificial intelligence (AI) engine, Esprit CAM software from DP Technology Corp. (Camarillo, CA) simplifies programming for CNC operators by creating and optimizing edit-free G-code with several  powerful capabilities.

Machine Swap automatically updates the program when the setup or machine changes, and automatically detects setup changes without manual input. The program is reorganized to maximize process concurrency across multiple parts and optimize total cycle time regardless of machine.

Like a smartphone’s GPS that provides the fastest route between two points, Automatic Links determines the fastest and safest positioning between tool operations within a machine’s limits. The operator tells the machine what to prioritize and the software takes it from there.

Simulation, Analysis, and Verification generates a digital twin of the entire machining environment. The software models a machine’s kinematics, reviewing the potential for collision, axes overtravel, acceleration exceptions, and other conflicts before cutting.

Machine Awareness for Automatic Program Generation allows operators to define the process plan for a workpiece independently of the machine and how the workpiece is set up. For example, after selecting tooling, the software automatically adapts, sequences, and optimizes the list of tasks to be performed before generating the job for the CNC machine.

Stock-Aware Toolpath analyzes the real-time state of stock, eliminating air cuts and minimizing repositioning.

Multichannel machines are useful because they perform different actions concurrently; but with the wrong software, concurrent actions can set the stage for collision. Synchronization automatically sequences the program to optimize the machine’s unique capabilities.

For tombstone, fixture, and work offset management, Intelligent Work Coordinates automatically selects work offset and coordinate transformations based on the job. The software determines local references for every local machining feature and activates the necessary machine functions including RTCP, tilted plane, and dynamic fixture offset.

Capturing Best Practices automatically stores a shop’s practices and procedures in the software’s KnowledgeBase for any operator to access at any time.


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