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High-Quality Multitasking Turning Centers At An Affordable Price Point

Mazak’s QT-Ez Series turning centers introduce a new machine with new control technology to the North American market. Four configurations offer a wide range of size, automation, and programming options in an easier-to-operate-and-maintain machine.

Posted: December 31, 2020

Mazak’s QT-Ez Series turning centers introduce a new machine with new controls to North America. Four configurations offer a wide range of size, automation, and programming options in an easier-to-operate-and-maintain machine. Options include Mazak’s Automatic Tool Eye pre-setter, chip conveyor, auto door, auto parts catcher, and high-pressure coolant systems.
Mazak’s Mazatrol SmoothEz CNC offers expanded functionality with options previously available only on the Mazatrol SmoothAi control. This includes Quick Mazatrol, which displays a 3D model of a part as it’s being created in real time to help users edit and confirm their programs, and full compatibility with Mazatrol Twins. Along with a redesigned interface, these tools significantly reduce setup time through efficient program creation and simulation.

The QT-Ez Series of turning centers from Mazak Corp. (Florence, KY) meets the market’s need for high-quality multitasking turning centers at an affordable price point. Offering a variety of bed length, spindle, chuck size, tailstock, automation, and programming options, the machines provide easy high-productivity operation.

The QT-Ez 8, QT-Ez 10, and QT-Ez 12 are available in 2-axis, M (milling), MY (milling and Y-axis off-centerline capability), and MSY versions (milling and Y axis capability paired with second turning spindle for Done In One part processing). Model number indicates chuck size, but smaller chucks are available: a 6-inch chuck for the QT-Ez 8, an 8-inch chuck for the QT-Ez 10, and a 10-inch chuck for the QT-Ez 12. Each model is available in a 20-inch bed length (optional 40-inch for the QT-Ez 12).

Available machine turrets include 2-axis drum style with a bolt-on or BMT55 turret for rotary tool applications. Tailstocks are offered with manual positioning with hydraulic quill or servo positioning capability.

Automation options range from bar feeders and parts catchers to Mazak Automation Systems’ Cobot Cell (CC) models. The CC-10 with 10-kg payload uses a newly released Fanuc CRX-10iA/L; the CC-16 with 16-kg payload is built around a Universal Robots UR16e platform. Both systems come with three grip systems and use an area scanner with limited fixed fencing to allow fully collaborative human/robot workflows.

All models feature powerful and reliable integral motor headstocks, Mazak’s MX Hybrid roller guideways and pre-tensioned ball screws supported at both ends for thermally stable and precise machine axis movement. A new bed casting design provides outstanding rigidity and streamlines flow to minimize chip accumulation. For ease of integration, the machines have 200V-to-230V power supplies.

QT-Ez 8: A2-6 spindle mount with 5,000 rpm; 20 hp and 123 ft-lbs of torque; 2-inch bar capacity. QT-Ez 10: A2-6 spindle mount with 4,200 rpm; 20 hp spindle and 144 ft-lbs of torque; 2.5-inch bar capacity. QT-Ez 12: A2-8 spindle nose with 3,300 rpm; 30 hp and 285 ft-lbs of torque; 3-inch bar capacity.

The turret milling spindles of the M, MY, and MSY versions of the QT-Ez 8 and QT-Ez 10 are 6,000 rpm with 7.5 hp and 25.8 ft-lbs of torque. The QT-Ez 12’s 6,000-rpm milling spindle is 10 hp and generates 32.5 ft-lbs of torque. MSY models feature a 6,000-rpm second turning spindle with a 5-inch chuck on the QT-Ez 8 and a 6-inch chuck on the QT-Ez 10 and QT-Ez 12. All are offered with optional through-hole packages for shaft transfer applications.

Tailstock options include no tailstock for chucker-style operations and the  standard tailstock, a manual body with hydraulic quill and #5 live center that provides 1,573 ft-lbs of thrust. The optional tailstock for the short-bed 20-inch machine is a servo-driven style with #5 live center. For the 40-inch beds, the tailstock is a servo-driven style with #4 built-in center. Both servo tailstock options provide 1,573 ft-lbs of thrust.

Mazatrol SmoothEz CNC provides dual 800 MHz processors, 512 MB of RAM and 15-inch touchscreen that includes a full keyboard and displays up to 60 lines of code. EIA/G-code and Mazatrol languages support a full range of programming options on the machine, while the Mazatrol Twins function enables use of Solid Mazatrol, Virtual Machining and Cutting Adviser through Smooth Cam Ai and centralized storage and file management through Smooth Project Manager. New Launcher interface is accessible in every screen, providing one-touch navigation to any other screen. Quick Mazatrol simplifies program creation and confirmation through touchscreen editing and confirmation of 3D models.

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