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High-Speed Fastener Welding System

CenterLine introduces two SoftMount inverted-nut gun configurations for a high-speed fastener welding system that streamlines the process from operator load to finished part, providing higher throughput than standard welding solutions.

Posted: December 30, 2020

CenterLine’s SoftMount gun is available in two configurations: standard feed process (SFP) for nut and stud welding applications, and inverted feed process (IFP) for nut welding and special applications.

Designed to mechanically fine-adjust its position to a stamped hole to consistently projection-weld a fastener, the SoftMount gun from CenterLine Ltd. (Windsor, Canada) is ideal for robotic applications where part dimensions, hole locations, or tooling are slightly inconsistent. It’s available in two configurations:

  • Standard feed process (SFP) for nut and stud welding applications.
  • Inverted feed process (IFP) for nut welding and special applications.
  • A compliance mount assembly is set far enough from the weld plane that it doesn’t introduce variation to the welding process. Other standard features include:
  • Patented VeriFast LVDT for accurate fastener detection, orientation, and measurement of set down.
  • Quick fastener placement (QFP) unit for rapid nut feed in the IFP configuration.
  • C-frame mounting style to return the gun to the initial position without external force.
  • Low-impact actuator choices for a wide range of welding forces.
  • PedTec weld gun stand.
  • Full leveling adjustment for reliable setup.


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