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Flap Discs Grind and Finish Aluminum In One Step

Lawson Products’ nonloading Blue-Kote flap disc incorporates aluminum oxide grain for excellent grinding and smooth, scratch-free finishing. The long-lasting disc reduces costs by saving process time and eliminating the need for product changeover.

Posted: January 5, 2021

Produced exclusively for Lawson Products, the Blue-Kote soft-material flap disc’s aluminum oxide grain layered in a specially engineered net structure provides a long-lasting abrasive that resists clogging and doesn’t burn the work surface.

Because aluminum has a much lower melting temperature than other metals, keeping the material cool while grinding and finishing is imperative to produce a quality surface. Designed with tough aluminum oxide grain layered in a specially engineered cloth net structure, the Blue-Kote soft-material flap disc from Lawson Products Inc. (Chicago, IL) grinds aluminum and all nonferrous metals at high speed with minimal clogging or loading while keeping the work surface temperature low. The Type 27 abrasive disc may also be used with composite materials such as carbon fiber and plastics, and in pre- and post-weld operations.

In addition to grinding cooler than standard discs, the Blue-Kote lasts up to three times longer than conventional abrasives. The 4.5-inch-diameter disc is available in 40 and 60 grit.

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