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Portable and Easily Adaptable Welding-Automation Solution

Lincoln Electric’s Fab-Pak Cobot Cart enables small- and medium-sized fabricators to justify investing in automation by providing a mobile, easy-to-program, and safe robotic welding solution.

Posted: February 9, 2021

Lincoln Electric’s wheeled Fab-Pak Cobot Cart moves easily from work station to work station and is stabilized via lifting kickstand. Easily programmable, the cart’s Fanuc CR-7iA arc welding robot arm eliminates the need to buy a robot designed for just one purpose.

As the need for automation grows, smaller shops want solutions for their unique needs. Many have trouble justifying a robotic system developed just for one part or application. The Fab-Pak Cobot Cart from Lincoln Electric (Cleveland, OH) gives them a compact and adaptable robotic solution that works safely alongside and compliments their skilled welders.

The cart fits through a standard doorway and can run on lower voltage power, so it can be moved and operated virtually anywhere.

The Fanuc CR-7iA arc welding robot arm can be configured for standard MIG and twin-wire welding on steel and aluminum with touch-sense technology, weaving and seam-tracking, torch angle control, lead-through teach, aux-axis support, iRVision, and multipass welding. Its power and force-limiting sensors, speed and separation monitoring protect employees working near the cobot.

The cart comes with:

  • Power Wave R450 power source that provides fast travel speeds, low spatter, superior gap bridging and excellent penetration.
  • Best-in-class AutoDrive feeder system for up to 0.045-inch wire.
  • Magnum PRO robotic torch for a consistent arc, available for a variety of wire sizes and bends. Air-cooled welding rated at 550A at 100% duty cycle.
  • Heavy-duty caster system.
  • Gas bottle mounting.
  • Kickstand stabilizer.

Modular fixturing and fume extraction are optional.

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