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Ultrasonic Thickness Gage with Temperature Compensation

The 38DL Plus with 38-Link wireless adaptor for connecting to the Olympus Scientific Cloud (OSC) saves time and money by minimizing human error and optimizing data management.

Posted: February 12, 2021

Fully compatible with a range of dual- and single-element transducers, the rugged 38DL Plus ultrasonic thickness gage from Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas is encased in a protective rubber boot.
Optional 38-Link wireless adaptor provides three ways for the 38DL Plus ultrasonic thickness gage to minimize human error and optimize data management.

Suitable for almost every ultrasonic thickness application and fully compatible with dual- and single-element transducers, the 38DL Plus from Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas (Waltham, MA) can be used in applications ranging from wall thinning measurements of internally corroded pipes to thickness measurements of thin or multilayer materials. Built to withstand tough conditions, the IP67-rated ultrasonic thickness gage comes with many powerful but easy-to-use features and a host of application-specific software options for measuring one or more layers ranging from 0.003 inches (0.08 mm) to 25 inches (635 mm). Standard resolution: 0.01 mm or 0.001 inch. Ergonomic keypad can be operated with the left or right hand for easy access to all functions.

Optional 38-Link adaptor enhances data integrity via:

  • Wireless communication to Olympus Scientific Cloud (OSC) and Inspection Project Manager (IPM) app to more effectively managing inspections
  • Bluetooth communication to Olympus Link mobile app or other compatible third-party applications
  • Bluetooth communication to optional Link-Wedge software to directly send thickness readings into a Windows 10 PC.

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