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Integrated Controls and Data Management Optimize Powder Coating

Gema’s OptiCenter All-in-One combines electrostatic delivery and powder delivery into a single control unit. MagicControl 4.0 data management system enables complete automation that provides consistent-quality powder coating.

Posted: March 4, 2021

Gema’s OptiCenter powder coating machine with MagicControl 4.0 programming and data management system allows for fast color changes, stable coating results, clean working conditions and trouble-free maintenance.

The OptiCenter from Gema USA Inc. (Indianapolis, IN) is equipped with OptiStar All-in-One gun controls that combine electrostatic and powder delivery into one integrated control unit, guaranteeing the fastest powder output and response times for reliable coating quality. The fully automated application and cleaning process ensures efficient color changes with simple and intuitive operator guidance.

The injector sits directly on the control unit, eliminating all pneumatic lines between injector and control. The space-saving design increases efficiency by enabling 36 guns to be controlled and supplied with powder.

OptiSpeeder hopper conditions powder via fluidization. The enlarged and inclined opening offers a clear view into every corner of the container, which improves control even during operation. Adjustable level detection sensor continuously monitors powder level to maintain optimum supply.

MagicControl 4.0 data management system’s on-screen sequence programming enables operator to control movement by individual axes or entire machines to ensure even parts with cavities are evenly coated. Line, energy, and batch management options monitor and display system parameters, temperature and humidity, and powder consumption so the operator can see and respond to opportunities for process optimization.

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