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Eliminate Secondary Bending Operations with Multifunctional Machine

Offering 22 and 30 tons of force, the Q5 CNC is the largest of Haco’s three turret punching machines. Automatic tool changer that rotates at a speed of 122 milliseconds eliminates wear common to traditional turret punching machines.

Posted: April 5, 2021

The frame of Haco’s Q5 Series punching machine is stress-relieved by thermal treatment before machining to improve operational accuracy. The machine features user-friendly graphical programming, automatic tool changer, rotation of all tools, comfortable sheet loading, and large support brush tables. Many secondary operations can be eliminated because of the machine’s ability to also perform metal forming and bending.

With 22- or 30-ton high-speed servo-electric hydraulic punching head, rotation axis for all tools, and standard interpolation parameters, Series Q5 CNC punching machines from Haco NV (Roeselaere, Belgium) are a powerful and flexible turret punching machines. With 3.15 inches (80 mm) of clearance between brush table and automatic tool changer (ATC), the machine is also suitable for bending and forming applications up to 75 mm high.

The fully-brushed support tables and repositioning cylinders allow for processing of medium and large metal sheets up to 0.256-inch (6.5 mm) thick: 100 or 120 inches by 60 inches (2.5 or 3 mm by 1.5 mm). AC-servo driven X- and double Y-axes with resp. stroke of 100 by 62 inches (2,540 by 1,580 mm) or 120 by 62 inches (3,000 by 1,580 mm) and three hydraulic sheet clamps with minimal ‘dead zone’ (8.85 by 3.74 inches/225 by 95 mm) ensure the highest accuracy on all workpieces.

The high-speed punching head and fast tool rotation shorten production times and decrease number of tools that must be used. Each of the 20 tool stations takes any kind of tool (small or large) including indexable multitools and Trumpf TruPunch tooling. ATC uses two synchronized direct drive torque motors (punch and die) to smoothly rotate at a speed of 122 milliseconds, eliminating traditional turret wear.

User-friendly TPS 84S graphical interface with Siemens 840D controller is driven by PC-based hardware and Windows-based software. Program automatically calculates optimum retraction height for every ram stroke to increase productivity by keeping the tool close to the sheet when traveling from one position to another and avoiding tool collisions by increasing ram stroke when traveling over deformations. When changing production from full-size to smaller sheets, the program also automatically resets clamp position to minimize dead zones.

Optional giant-part chute door with part detection sensor and integrated conveyor belt automatically unloads finished parts up to 28.5 by 60 inches (725 by 1,500 mm) to the front of the machine.




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