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One Product Protects Electronic Components from Two Types of Damage

Available as a bag or film, Cortec’s EcoSonic VpCI-125 guards against corrosion as well as damage from electrostatic discharge (ESD). Bonus: The vapor phase corrosion inhibitor (VpCI) product is recyclable.

Posted: April 2, 2021

Cortec’s EcoSonic VpCI-125 film and bags combine multimetal corrosion protection with static dissipative properties. The product forms a molecular corrosion-inhibiting layer on metal substrates and doesn’t interfere with the physical or chemical properties of electronic components. When the package is opened and the item removed, the molecules evaporate, so no cleaning of the inhibitor layer is required. The component can be used or assembled immediately. They are excellent for protection in-process or during storage, shipping, and handling.

Corrosion and static are two enemies that haunt the electronics manufacturing and shipping process. Without proper precautions, electrostatic-sensitive devices are at risk for damage by something as simple as a tiny static charge from taking it out of a plastic bag or moving it across the production floor. Corrosion is another danger during manufacturing or shipment, especially in the presence of corrosives or fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels on land or sea.

Unlike many packaging options, EcoSonic VpCI-125 film and bags from Cortec Corp. (St. Paul, MN) protects steel, copper (and alloys), aluminum (and alloys), brass, solder, and nickel from both electrostatic discharge (ESD) and corrosion without affecting optical properties or printed circuit board (PCB) solderability. Vapor phase corrosion inhibitors (VpCI) eliminate the need for conventional rust preventatives, such as oils and desiccants, so components don’t have to be cleaned or degreased before assembly or use. Devices that can benefit from the product include integrated circuits, PCB assemblies, telecommunications equipment, and electronic and electrical panels.

Safe to use and free of free amines or harmful Prop 65 ingredients, the product can be ordered in a variety of formats depending on application, whether the need is heat-seal bags, zipper closures, tubing, or film to shroud a large piece of electronics equipment. They all conform to ESD properties of MIL-PRF-81705 D for surface resistivity from 105 to 1012 ohms with a static decay rate of less than 2 seconds.

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