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Marposs and Bruderer Create Presses that Feature Automated Ram Height Adjustment

Marposs Corp. and Bruderer–North America have partnered so Bruderer presses can be sold with an integrated Marposs Brankamp process-monitoring solution that features a special automated ram height adjustment.

Posted: November 11, 2021

Developed cooperatively, this automated feature uses special control algorithms to carry out a step-by-step adjustment of the ram height.

The system automatically compensates for variation in sheet thickness, material hardness, tool and machine temperature, and speed during the manufacturing process. Marposs and Bruderer said that monitoring systems are an effective method  1) to gain insight into the forming process and its stability, 2) to detect production faults and quality deviations, and 3) if necessary, to intervene in the machine to control ram height adjustment.

The Marposs Brankamp monitoring systems for sheet-metal processing (stamping, drawing, coining, piercing, blanking, and bending) protect the machine and tool from overloads and detect process disturbances such as feed failures, rising slugs, and punch or die breakage, providing 100 percent monitoring of each individual stroke. This helps to quickly identify manufacturing faults and part or tool variations, enabling manufacturers to optimize machine efficiency, improve part quality, and limit unplanned downtime and tooling costs.

Bruderer’s SBT line of presses is available with speeds of up to 2,500 strokes per minute and capacities of 250 tons. These systems are suited for a variety of applications, including the making of components for the automotive, electronics, and food-service industries. The presses are available with optimized feeders, controls, and support in the planning of complete production systems.

Marposs (Auburn Hills, MI) offers measurement, inspection, and testing solutions. In 2012, Marposs acquired Brankamp, which provides process-monitoring solutions.

Bruderer (Ridgefield, NJ) makes presses and offers rebuilt presses.

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