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Take Control of the Welding Process

Rev up data transfer rates without impacting command of your procedures.

Posted: December 21, 2021

The PRC7000 stores up to 10,000 welding programs, making it much easier for manufacturers to rapidly shift welding operations from one vehicle or model to another.
Bosch Rexroth’s new PRC7000 adaptive resistance welding platform expands the number of heat blocks available to fully customize the current waveform for each weld.
Mencom’s AP, AC and AX distribution boxes are made with die-cast aluminum alloy to house sensitive electrical control devices.


Innovations in an adaptive resistance welding control platform allow for welding sequences of more than 100 separate heat blocks. Additionally, learn about ways to house your sensitive electronic assemblies and electric control devices in newly available cast aluminum distribution boxes, ideal for wet, dirty and explosive environments.

Bosch Rexroth Corp. (Bethlehem, PA) recently introduced the new PRC7000 adaptive resistance welding control platform that is Industry 4.0-ready, and includes a dual-processor architecture for process control and communications to enable high-data transfer rates without affecting the welding process control. The PRC7000 lets automotive manufacturers and others using high-throughput automated welding systems benefit from faster commissioning, advanced adaptability and energy efficiency, with both the highest-quality weld control and 90 percent faster, more user-friendly commissioning.

The PRC7000 expands the number of heat blocks available so that welding system programmers and technicians can fully customize the current waveform for each weld. Previously, automated resistance welding platforms typically supported three heat blocks: the pre-weld, the weld itself, and the post-weld. While effective, having only three heat blocks did not give welding operations the full ability to create more sophisticated welding sequences that could respond better to minute variations in the parts being welded. This platform can store up to 10,000 welding programs that can be easily selected and built via a drag-and-drop graphical interface to program more sophisticated welding sequences that can have 100 or more separate heat blocks.

Each heat block can be configured as needed to manage the specific weld criteria. For example, a particular weld for a higher-strength steel might need a pre-weld at 30,000 amps to heat the steel for 30 milliseconds, then a long transition to a higher force with a lower current for 500-600 milliseconds to contain the material. Each part or each type of material can now have more dynamically designed welds so that manufacturers have much greater freedom to control and improve welding results — essentially adding and storing as many heat blocks as needed to create the perfect weld nugget and the perfect weld every time.

Mencom Corp. (Oakwood, GA) offers new die-cast aluminum alloy distribution boxes that are used for housing sensitive electronic assemblies, signal, pneumatic, hydraulic, and electrical control devices in wet and dirty (AP/AC Series) environments or explosive (AX Series) environments.

The AP series distribution boxes feature gaskets that ensure the waterproof protection rating (IP66/IP67) while the new galvanized steel captive cross-headed screws ensure easier installation. They are available in seven sizes, which are supplied in the RAL 7040 textured APV version, unpainted APS version, and the black APW version suitable for extreme temperatures/salt environments.

The AC series distribution boxes are painted with the RAL 7040 gray epoxy-polyester powder. They feature 22 mm/30 mm piercing units with M25/M32 metric threaded cable entries. To ensure the same protection degree when assembling the boxes, the cable glands or other accessories installed on the box must also have an equivalent or higher protection degree. The AP and AC series distribution boxes are manufactured in compliance with the following standard: IEC 60670-1.

Both AP & AC series and covers are supplied with provision for a terminal earthing connection to protect it from indirect contacts. The cover can be fitted to the box by using a special nylon string and the cover fixing screws become captive to avoid screw loss when the special O-rings are fitted. Accessory kits are available for fitting inside the boxes DIN rails or zinc-plated steel mounting plates.

AP series distribution boxes are also available in the APX version, which are Ex components suitable for fixed installations in explosive atmospheres classified as Zone 2 (gases) and/or Zone 22 (dust) in ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU. The ATX series is painted with the same RAL 7040 gray as in the APV version and they are available in seven sizes as well. The gaskets for ATX distribution boxes are fitted in the perimetral slot on the cover and are specifically designed to guarantee the IP66/IP67 degree of protection required for Ex protection types even in presence of the maximum temperatures applicable to the marking. The material of the gasket size 9, 11, 12, 14 and 19 are the EPDM rubber, and the size 20 and 21 are the silicone rubber foam. All APX distribution boxes have closed walls.

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