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STXI Introduces the stepIM NEMA 17 EtherCAT Model

With the new stepIM product you lose the cabinet and gain design flexibility in decentralized motion architecture applications.

Posted: February 17, 2022

The stepIM NEMA 17 EtherCAT Model is the newest addition to STXI’s family of integrated closed-loop servo stepper motors.

(Petach Tikva, Israel) STXI Motion, a global motion control and servo solution company, introduces the stepIM NEMA 17 EtherCAT model, the newest addition to its family of integrated closed-loop servo stepper motors. The IP65-rated stepIM NEMA 17 delivers an efficient and economical solution for applications requiring the performance of a servo at the price of a stepper.

“The new stepIM NEMA 17 closed-loop stepper creates the ability to lose the cabinet and gain design flexibility in decentralized motion architecture applications, where space is a limitation and performance optimization is needed” said Siegfried Pries, Product Line Manager of STXI Motion.

Efficient and Affordable

With a cost-effective design and a superior closed-loop servo control by Servotronix Motion Control, the stepIM closed-loop servo stepper is available in three sizes: short (97.4 mm motor length), medium (105.9 mm motor length), and long (120.4 mm motor length).

The stepIM significantly enhances the performance of stepper motors when compared to conventional open-loop control. The integrated electronics control the stepper motor as a two-phase BLDC motor, implementing position servo loop, velocity loop, DQ current control, and additional algorithms. Closed-loop commutation, by means of an absolute singe-turn encoder, ensures optimal torque utilization at any speed.

Designed for Decentral Machine Architectures

In addition, stepIM closed-loop steppers support decentralized machine architecture by allowing machine builders to get rid of the cabinet and enhance motor performance with no step loss. The integrated design also minimizes component and wiring requirements. Further, the stepIM can function as distributed I/O points, reducing machine complexity.

“StepIM stepper motors provide designers high-torque, low-speed capabilities, eliminating the need for a gear while also allowing for high speeds in low torque ranges at an economical price point,” said Pries. Brake and gearbox options are available, providing a complete integrated axis solution.

Looking Toward the Future
True to its mission to provide unmatched service, support, and systems in the field of industrial automation, STXI Motion expects to launch a brand-new line of servIM integrated servo motors in Q2 2022. These motors have 60 or 80 mm flanges and are currently available for beta testing at select sites.

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