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Versatile, Durable and Safe Welding Shop Solutions

Full turnkey, flexible, and customizable products and solutions are available to save your shop time and money.

Posted: February 3, 2022

The IndustriFume features a 28HP motor and can support up to six manual welding stations per unit.
The xFUME ROBO offers at the source fume extraction, which eliminates the need for hooded cells and large, costly central ventilation systems.
The portable xFUME™ ADVANCED fume extraction vacuum system supports up to two manual welding stations.
The portable fume extraction arm, xFUME FLEX, has a reach of up to 13 feet.
Bluco’s online toolkit provides a variety of resources regarding modular fixturing solutions.
Flextur’s products, which include weld tables, workstations and work carts, meet LEAN specifications. The products are simple, versatile, durable and affordable.
Flextur’s products, which include weld tables, workstations and work carts, meet LEAN specifications. The products are simple, versatile, durable and affordable.

The day-to-day flow of activities within fabrication shops is easier with fume extraction products, innovative modular fixturing solutions and efficient and affordable weld tables and workstations.

Turnkey Solutions to Fume Extraction Welding in Both Robotic and Manual Applications

ABICOR BINZEL (Frederick, MD) now offers turnkey solutions to fume extraction welding. For manual applications, the company has introduced fume extraction vacuum systems to its product line; the xFUME™ ADVANCED is a portable fume extraction vacuum system capable of supporting up to two manual welding stations. It comes equipped with two HISTEC PTFE filters that capture 99.5 percent of all dust greater than 0.1µm and features an automatic cleaning function to increase filter life. Features such as automatic start/stop and adjustable vacuum settings make the xFUME ADVANCED user-friendly and adaptable to specific applications.

The IndustriFume™ is ideal for welding operations that require a high volume of fume extraction welding stations. With its powerful 28HP motor the system can support up to six manual welding stations per unit. It features an automatic filter cleaning to increase maximum filter life and reduce maintenance. It is also equipped with an automatic start/stop function to reduce unnecessary wear on the motor and other components.

The best way to capture harmful welding fumes is at the source, the arc. If that is not possible, ABICOR BINZEL also offers a portable fume extraction arm, the xFUME FLEX. With a reach of up to 13 feet, locking castor wheels, and hood-integrated LED, the system will prevent fumes from spreading outside of the welding station, without obstructing the welder’s view of the workpiece.

With regard to robotic applications for weld fume extraction, ABICOR BINZEL’s xFUME ROBO offers at the source fume extraction. Using a fume collector body that fits onto ABICOR BINZEL robotic torches, the xFUME ROBO can capture more than 95 percent of weld fumes. With various hose management options and flexible suction boot design, the product integrates into your operations without interfering with robot flexibility or access. In most cases, no TCP changes are required to start using the xFUME ROBO. It is available for all widely used robot OEMs.

Bluco Toolkit: Discover Modular Fixturing Solutions for Your Manufacturing Challenges

The time spent on fixture changeover. The extra resources used for part rework. The floor space taken by dedicated fixtures. The profits lost every minute your robot sits idle. Each of these challenges has a modular fixturing solution. Every day, the application engineers at Bluco® Corp. (Naperville, IL) draw from more than three decades of modular experience to design, create and deliver modular fixturing systems engineered to help manufacturers overcome these obstacles, and many others. Visit the online resource toolkit to explore modular success stories and download new information:

  • Case studies: With insightful comments from manufacturers who’ve been where you are
  • Application Snapshots: Featuring modular fixturing solutions to common manufacturing issues
  • Solutions Overview Guide: Filled with application examples and unique mini case studies
  • Problem-solving Portal: One click to connect with an engineer

Visit to get started. Or call 1-800/535-0135; email

Customizable, Flexible and Lean Weld Stations Keep Your Business Competitive

Flextur™, a division of Pioneer® Corp. and headquartered in Dalton, Ohio, offers agile weld stations that give businesses the flexibility to stay competitive while also creating LEAN workspaces. Flextur’s weld stations provide greater efficiency, productivity, and quality in welding operations.

Custom fabrication can be complicated; keep it simple and straightforward using the exact tools you need to maximize efficiency. The Flextur welding system, consisting of weld tables and workstations, reduces setup times and eliminates the need for costly fixtures. The weld stations are mobile with durable, lockable casters. The 16 mm peg-hole grid allows welders to adapt the weld table for various projects without having to utilize expensive and time-consuming jigs. All Flextur products feature highly versatile Gridlok™ metal pegboard panels.

Businesses must be able to scale and adapt as needed. Flextur’s weld stations are flexible with various sizes and weight ratings for different applications. Additionally, the weld stations can be scaled with other Flextur products and accessories to increase your workflow agility. All products are made in the USA.


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