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Zeller+Gmelin’s Zubora 77 Product Line: Skin-friendly Lubricant for Machining

With a growing portfolio of boric acid-free cooling lubricant alternatives, Zeller+Gmelin is committed to health protection and sustainability.

Posted: May 10, 2022

Zubora 77 H Ultra and Zubora 77 S Ultra: Two high-performance cooling lubricants for machining high-strength and stainless steel, cast iron and aluminum and their alloys.

(Eislingen, Denmark) – Last year, Zeller+Gmelin already announced that it would consistently remove water-miscible cooling lubricants (MWF) containing boric acid from its product range. Now, with the Zubora 77 series, the next health- and environment-friendly high-performance lubricants for metal cutting will follow.

According to the lubricant manufacturer, water-miscible cooling lubricants without boric acid are by no means a contradiction to maximum machining performance with long service lives.

What do cooling lubricants and occupational safety have to do with each other? Quite simply: when employees come into contact with it, it should not cause any damage to their health, such as skin irritations. With a growing portfolio of boric acid-free alternatives, lubricant expert Zeller+Gmelin once again underlines its manufacturer’s commitment to health protection and sustainability. The development laboratory in Eislingen is constantly working on increasing the share of sustainable, resource-saving and, above all, health- and environment-friendly lubricants. The new boron-free, semi-synthetic, water-miscible high-performance cooling lubricants of the Zubora 77 series also make an important contribution to health and safety in metal cutting.

Skin-compatible and process-safe

Thus, the formulation of the new Zubora products not only does without boron, formaldehyde releasers and monoethanolamine (MEA), but also without ingredients which, according to current knowledge, have an increased sensitising potential, such as abietic acid and rosin.

Therefore, “skin compatibility” was a main criterion in the development. With special additives, the MWFs were deliberately formulated in such a way that they easily meet the growing requirements in the area of occupational safety and health protection. The resulting good skin compatibility was proven by dermatological tests.

An innovative formulation makes the cooling lubricants particularly stable over the long term and measurably extends tool life. In addition, highly effective additives make the new lubricants process-safe even in the most difficult machining processes – even with small component geometries and diameters and high walking speeds. And the good flushing properties of the Zubora lubricants also support chip removal and thus ensure more machine cleanliness and increased process reliability.

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