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Sneak Preview of IMTS 2022

The International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) will take place September 12-17 at McCormick Place in Chicago. Here is a sneak peek as to what exhibitors’ plan to showcase.

Posted: June 16, 2022

Booth W-431238 168 Manufacturing’s FullShop Automated Coolant Delivery System.
Booth N-236844 Behringer Saws’ LPS-T 3D.
The LPS-T 3D series cuts AM components from large printing plates in various sizes up to 47.2” x 47.2”.
The Combi-CB is a compact multidirectional forklift.
Booth E-121304 Safer and more efficient handling with Combilift’s Combi-CS pedestrian operated stacker.
Booth S-338919 A FANUC CRX-10iA conducting arc welding.
Booth S-338919 A FANUC CRX-10iA conducting arc welding.
Booth E-135716 HEIDENHAIN will premiere the TNC7 at IMTS.
Booth S-339449: HEIDENHAIN will premiere the TNC7 at IMTS.
Booth S-338460 KAAST’s new V-Turn CNC 550 Vertical Lathe.
Booth S-338300 Mazak will showcase the new SYNCREX Series of Swiss-style machines.
Booth S-338574 MCM USA, a world leader of unmanned FMS systems, will conduct demonstrations in its booth.
Booth N-236408 Scotchman Industries will conduct live demonstrations to showcase the latest in cold saws, ironworkers and hydraulic presses.

At this year’s IMTS, more than 1,272 exhibitors will display their products and productivity solutions. The event will occupy all four buildings and levels of the McCormick Place campus. HANNOVER MESSE USA will co-locate with IMTS, taking place in the East Building.

IMTS organizes the exhibits into nine pavilions that are geared toward specific industries, technologies and solutions. Among the variety of demonstrations in the Metal Removal Pavilion, for example, will be those that focus on one-and-done machines such as multitasking machines and hybrid multitasking machines. You will find every aspect of automation, such as robots and autonomous guided vehicles, as well as new control systems and software. Visit for complete details.

Debut of Automated Coolant Delivery System

In Booth W-431238, 168 Manufacturing (Brainerd, MN), a developer of CNC machine shop automation technologies, will debut its FullShop™ Automated Coolant Management System. 168 Manufacturing is a brand of Precision Tool Technologies. FullShop systems, which include the flagship FS120 and newer FS40 series, monitor and replenish all CNC machine sumps with optimized top-off ratios before the coolant runs low. These easy-to-install turnkey systems consist of a centralized pumping station, controller, distribution manifolds and level sensor that drops into the machine tool sump.

In addition, each machine is compatible with a coolant health app that enables users to collect, visualize and track coolant parameters from a smartphone, tablet or desktop, offering real-time visual notifications and displaying trends over time. In addition to its compatibility with FullShop systems, the app is available as standalone software.

Vertical Bandsaw Solutions for Printed Components

Dramatic growth in the field of 3D metal printing has created a demand for a more efficient and precise method of separating 3D printed parts from a build plate. To acknowledge this growing need, Behringer Saws Inc. (Morgantown, PA) has applied its years of saw development and expertise to a system specifically designed for this application. Introducing, the LPS-T 3D, which attendees can view at Booth N-236844.

The LPS-T 3D is a vertical band saw which is equipped with a 3D plate mounting fixture. The build plate is mounted to this fixture, then automatically positioned to the blade based on the plate thickness. This assures parts are cut off squarely and flush to the plate, thereby generating a clean and burr free cut, with excellent finish and minimal material removal.

Like all Behringer saws, the LPS-T 3D is a very heavy duty and rigid machine, utilizing vibration dampening cast iron construction. For accuracy and precision, the cutting operation uses a ball screw servo-driven technology, assuring precise blade feed rates and chip load. The LPS-T 3D is equally efficient in cutting 3D parts printed with any material from aluminum to Inconel. The table shroud cover allows for the attachment of vacuum exhaust systems as may be required based on the application — for example, aluminum powders.

The LPS-T 3D has proven to be the fastest removal solution available, while also delivering precision with very low capital investment and operational costs compared to any other technology. Based on its market leading performance and efficiencies, our LPS-T 3D customers have demonstrated an outstanding return on investment. An additional benefit of this system is the luxury of having just one saw that can support multiple printers due to the speed of removal, operating at dramatically lower consumable costs, and taking up less of the shop’s valuable floor space. Please contact us to discuss how an LPS-T 3D can help reduce your overhead and dramatically lower your cost/part.

Safe and Efficient Material Handling with Combilift

Getting the best materials handling equipment for the tasks in hand can result in much more efficient, safer and therefore cost-effective procedures both in production areas and in the warehouse. Combilift’s (Monaghan, Ireland) wide range of customized models includes multidirectional forklifts, pedestrian operated stacker trucks and narrow aisle forklifts. The company will be in Booth E-121304.

Replacing ride-on forklifts with pedestrian operated trucks reduces risks in areas where other employees may be present, and these are becoming an ever more popular option. The compact dimensions and maneuverability of Combilift’s pedestrian models, which are available with lift capacities from 1,870 pounds up to 35,000 pounds, enables them to be used in proximity to machinery without hampering production schedules. They all feature Combilift’s award-winning patented unique multi-position tiller arm which enables push-button rotation of the rear wheel. This allows the operator to remain in the safest position — at the side rather than the rear — and guarantees full visibility of the load, the forks and the surroundings.

When space is at a premium, the ability to store products in narrow aisles for much improved pallet density can remove the hassle and expense of having to relocate or source offsite storage. Combilift’s range of Aisle Master articulated forklifts have transformed operations for thousands of customers around the world who have in many cases been able to double storage capacity in an existing footprint. This is down to their ability to work in aisle widths of just 72”, and to lift heights of up to 49’.

Combilift first came to prominence in the handling sector when it launched its revolutionary three-wheel multidirectional C-Series models in 1998. These were designed specifically for the challenges of long and bulky loads and work as a counterbalance forklift, sideloader and narrow aisle truck in one machine for versatile operation. The Combi-CB range was the first to combine counterbalance design with multidirectional capability and can handle pallets as well as long length products. In common with all Combilift models, Combi-CBs can be customized to individual requirements, come with a choice of power options as well as a wide range of attachments. Its compact dimensions also enable it to work inside containers for safer, low-level stuffing and destuffing.

Combilift sees itself as not just a manufacturer of handling equipment, but as experts in enabling customers to optimize one of their most valuable commodities, namely their space. To this end the company offers a free logistic and warehouse layout design service to illustrate the capacity potential on site.

FANUC to Demonstrate New CRX Cobots at IMTS

FANUC America (Rochester Hills, MI), the world leader in CNCs, robotics, and ROBOMACHINEs, will demonstrate its expanded CRX Cobot series in a variety of manufacturing applications in Booth S-338919. The CRX cobot series includes the new CRX-5iA, CRX-20iA/L and CRX-25iA. The new CRX cobots complement an existing line of CR and CRX cobots that now total 11 model variations able to handle products from 4-to-35 kg.

Designed for companies looking to increase their capabilities and overcome labor issues, the CRX cobots are extremely robust and able to run for up to eight years without maintenance. In addition, interactive programming enables users to teach points using hand guidance or a tablet interface with drag and drop icons. The cobots are very easy-to-use, reliable, and offer the flexibility to perform a variety of jobs including inspection, machine load/unload, packing, palletizing, sanding, welding and many more. The cobots can detect external forces in the workspace, stopping safely when making contact with a person or object. This technology allows them to work safely alongside people without the need for expensive guarding.

The CRX and CR series support several of FANUC’s advanced features including iRVision®.

HAIMER USA to Feature Industry 4.0-ready Technology

HAIMER USA (Villa Park, IL), the European market leader in high precision tool holders and the worldwide leader in tool shrinking and balancing for the metal cutting industry, will display many new high-performance machines, now available in the Industry 4.0 version for best communication on the shop floor. HAIMER will also feature HAIMER MILL solid carbide end mills and the modular milling system Duo-Lock®  with new cutting tool geometries for multiple materials and clamping options for milling and turning devices and accessories. HAIMER will be located in Booth W-431510.

HAIMER has already embraced the Industry 4.0 digital connectivity between tools and machines. This forward-thinking is reflected in the newest i4.0 machine series — adjustable for all types of tool holders and suitable for solid carbide and HSS tools. The wireless communication exchange helps optimize and customize shrinking parameters for machining processes in an error-free-data setting. Furthermore, each model of the i4.0 series comes with a 7” touch display and new intuitive software that provides a highly simplified, user-friendly interface with colored illustrated functions. This vital feature allows outstanding results with less experienced operators.

HAIMER shrink fit technology provides time savings per shrink operation, reducing the tool changing time to less than five seconds due to the precisely metered low-energy-consumption and contact-cooling systems. Delivering consistency of setup, and cost-effective, competitive customizable options, the Nano NG i4.0, the Comfort i4.0, the Sprint i4.0, and the Premium i4.0 grant the easiest semi-automatic shrinking suited for all-volume users. Likewise, the new high-performance Comfort Air i4.0 and Economic Air i4.0 provide a safe shrinking independent of the tool holder contour, with a delicate and clean air-cooling process — easily activated with a release-by-touch pneumatic brake for the air-cooling system.

The  HAIMER Microset VIO linear tool shrink is built on a sturdy cast iron design for absolute ease of use. The shrinking and presetting technology combination is an efficient and reliable process using the linear drive high-precision axis positioning for both the fully automatic HAIMER induction unit and the precise length adjustment. Changes to any shrink chuck, regardless of the holder brand, are possible, and the best results are achieved using HAIMER tool holders.

Creating the perfect combination of the Tool Dynamic balancing and Microset UNO Premium presetting machines, the Tool Dynamic TD Preset Microset integrates the high precision balancing spindle with a proven adapter system. Saving time and increasing accuracy because the tool does not have to be re-clamped, maximizes productivity in small and large workspaces alike — it comes with a convenient 27” multi-touchscreen user-friendly system via a separate control terminal.

HAIMER is distinguished through first-class hardware and straightforward handling of tooling technology. Whether it is presetting, shrinking, inspecting and correcting balance, or tool measuring — these new i4.0 machines offer a consistently rewarding performance to all who wish to benefit from an ideal ergonomic and digitally simplified operation.

The TNC7 is a New
Level of CNC Control

In Booth S-339449, HEIDENHAIN (Schaumburg, IL) will enter a new chapter in shop floor centered manufacturing by unveiling the new TNC7 in North America. This standard-setting CNC control supports users from initial design to final machining, from one-off jobs to serial production, and from simple slots to complex contours. Its groundbreaking control platform lets machine manufacturers adapt the user interface to their machines and offers dynamic development potential for even greater functionality.

The TNC7 brings new possibilities to users on the shop floor. Along with easy and intuitive operation, users enjoy support from a virtual simulation of the machined part and work envelope. It will be the basis of future control generations from HEIDENHAIN. Beyond its unmistakable new look and feel, the control features high-quality hardware components including a 24-inch full HD touchscreen monitor and an advanced, individually adaptable user interface. Its entire operating concept was redesigned from the ground up.

With this interface, users can achieve the best possible result with maximum speed and convenience. Different machining tasks call for individualized work environments, which is why users can adapt their screen content through personal favorites, their own home menu for a faster start. And thanks to its fast-operating speed, the control reacts immediately to data input.

The TNC7 enhances familiar Klartext programming with smart functions and newly developed graphical programming. Users can draw contours directly on the touchscreen and convert them into dialog guided TNC Klartext programming code. Cycles and older contour programs can still be used, including existing NC programs. A diverse package of functions, intelligent probing cycles, and graphical guidance for determining the position of clamping devices completes the next level of smart programming. 


KAAST to Showcase New V-Turn CNC 550 Vertical Lathe

Featuring high-speed turning in a fast, powerful, and compact machine, the high performance KAAST Machine Tools’ (Aldan, PA) V-Turn CNC series brings efficiency to your shop floor. Visit the KAAST team in Booth S-338460 for demonstrations of their 22” swing, Fanuc 0i-TF, 25 hp, vertical lathe; the V-Turn CNC 550.

Loaded with live tooling, C-axis, Renishaw HPRA tool setter, and +0° rotary tool, this vertical lathe has a 2-stage transmission with extremely high torque for heavy machining even tough materials. The 12-tool turret, coolant system, chip conveyor, and automatic lubrication round out this VTL. Take it home from the show and KAAST will cover delivery to your shop!

KAAST offers one of the most diverse and extensive lineups of machine tools in the industry. From mills and lathes to grinders and saws, and from brakes and rolls to presses and ironworkers, KAAST makes it easy to find the right machine for your application. We stand behind our machines with quick shipping of spare parts and excellent after-sales service. Need in-person training or installation? No problem! KAAST Machine Tools, Your Production Partner.

MCM USA to Display FMS Solutions

At IMTS, MCM USA Inc. (Chardon, OH) will display live and under power a portion of a Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) composed of CLOCK EVO horizontal machining centers, RGV pallet storage system, loading/unloading stations, machined parts washing unit and centralized tool storage and management system (patent pending), all of which enable maximum flexibility for real-time production.

The entire system is designed, built and installed by MCM as a ONE-SOURCE SUPPLIER. MCM, located in Booth S-338574, provides all the FMS items, starting from the machines in mirror right- and left-hand configuration to the super tool management system. The whole FMS is managed through the jFMX platform, the world’s best supervision and predictive maintenance software that allow complete unmanned operations and the optimal management and planning of all plant resources.

All of the above, combined with design, ergonomics, and attention to the green footprint, has contributed to making MCM a world leader for FMS solutions. About 85% of the machines produced in its 44-year history are inserted in FMS plants.

Mazak to Highlight Manufacturing Solutions for Every Shop

In Booth S-338300, Mazak Corp. (Florence, KY) will show manufacturers how they can move their manufacturing operations forward with the company’s latest innovations. Five pavilions will showcase solutions for job shops, advanced machining and high-production workflows. Among the 19 machines in the Mazak booth will be models from the company’s Ez, INTEGREX Multi-Tasking, new SYNCREX Swiss-Style and NEO Series in live, real-world production demonstrations.

Mazak’s affordable Kentucky-built Ez Series includes turning centers and vertical machining centers with compact footprints and numerous options. Mazak will feature the QT-Ez 8MY MultiTasking CNC Turning Center with an 8″ chuck and integral-motor spindle that handles a wide range of materials, along with milling capability and Y-axis functionality for single-setup processing of diverse parts.

Mazak’s INTEGREX Multi-Tasking machines transform complex part production with single-setup convenience and performance for advanced machining. They unify the processing power of multiple machine tools for DONE IN ONE® efficiency that easily accommodates automation and unattended versatility. Mazak will spotlight the INTEGREX i-450H ST Multi-Tasking Center.

Mazak’s new SYNCREX Series of Swiss-style machines brings legendary Mazak performance and quality to higher volume small precision machined parts. SYNCREX machines come in four bar capacities ranging from 20-to-38 mm. The machines are available in 7, 8 and 9-axis configurations.  A 9-axis model with full B-axis contouring is also available. SYNCREX machines feature the new MAZATROL SmoothSt CNC Control which provides fast, easy job setups.  Mazak Swiss Set-up Assist along with the Mazak Dynamic Chip Control features help reduce setup times and part production.  Mazak will highlight these optional features at IMTS.

Among its several next-generation NEO Series machines at IMTS, Mazak will showcase the HCN-6800 NEO Horizontal Machining Center and the VARIAXIS i-800 NEO Machining Center. NEO Series machines sport fully redesigned enclosures, best-in-class standard and optional equipment and improvements throughout to provide fast, optimal solutions for an even-wider range of part-production applications.

For example, the HCN-6800 NEO features upgrades to its spindle, table and magazine including a new standard 43-tool drum-type magazine that reduces tool exchange times. The VARIAXIS i-800 NEO sports a powerful CNC, faster machining cycle times, expanded workpiece capacities and more automation options. It comes equipped with Mazak’s MAZATROL SmoothAi CNC.

Every Mazak customer receives MPower, the industry’s most-comprehensive machine support program. MPower provides single-source access to end-to-end support for the lifetime of every Mazak machine, including 24/7 phone support, onsite service, technical training and 97% same-day shipping of parts orders. Attendees can also learn how Mazak Capital Equipment Financing makes it easy to add the capabilities they need for success, with one-stop factory-direct financing in four simple steps and credit approval in as little as 24 hours.

Scotchman Industries: The Right Equipment Gets the Work Done

A complete range of general to heavy-duty metal fabrication machinery from Scotchman Industries (Philip, SD) will be presented at booth N-236408. Live equipment demonstrations will showcase the features, benefits, cut quality and how the right equipment gets the work done.

Cold saws to be featured include:

  • CPO 350 w/Digital Quick Stop Measuring System – 14” manual cold saw with digital length gauge
  • CPO 350 PKPD VS – 14” variable speed semi-automatic cold saw
  • CPO 350 with AutoLoader – fully automatic sawing system with bundle loader option
  • CPO HFA CNC – hitch feed automatic saw CNC for unlimited cut length settings
  • SUP 600 – large capacity precision upcut nonferrous saw
  • GAA 500 CNC DT20 – precision CNC controlled upcut automatic saw for cutting nonferrous at 90° with 20 mm drill tap

Ironworkers to be featured include:

  • DO 95 – American-made dual operator ironworker machine has a hydraulic system designed with two pumps allowing two operators to use the machine at the same time and ensures that both operations have full hydraulic pressure and speed. The DO 95 has a 95-ton capacity punch and a 9” throat depth, which can punch a 1-3/16” hole in 1” material. Other workstations include a 24” flat bar shear, rectangle notcher, angle shear, and a tool table that accepts a wide variety of tools.
  • 5014-ET Ironworker – The world’s first and only 50-ton hydraulic ironworker with a revolving 3-station turret punch. The innovative revolving turret accepts up to three different punch sizes that can be changed in seconds reducing setup time and increasing productivity. This American made hydraulic ironworker features 50 tons of pressure and can punch a 13/16″ hole in a 3/4″ plate. Other workstations include a 14” flat bar shear, rectangle notcher, angle shear, and a tool table for using a large variety of additional tools.

Hydraulic press to be featured:

  • PressPro 66 Hydraulic Press – 66-ton workshop press has a movable cylinder (left-right) and an in-height adjustable working table. This heavy-duty hydraulic press is industrial-grade and ideal for assembly, straightening, fabrication, quality control, maintenance, product testing, bending and forming.

Scotchman Industries’ complete line of products includes: hydraulic ironworkers; circular cold saws; band saws; tube and pipe notcher/grinders; hydraulic presses; manual measuring systems, and programmable feed and stop systems.

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