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IMTS 2022: Additive Manufacturing

View the latest improvements in materials and processes that are enabling more industrial additive manufacturing solutions than ever before.

Posted: July 19, 2022

DM3D printed the RS-25 engine nozzle liner for NASA’s SLS. The part was printed using its multi-nozzle DMD machine in collaboration with NASA MSFC, NASA ARC and NCAME, Auburn University.
TRUMPF’s TruPrint Green Edition is a highly productive metal additive manufacturing machine which employs a green laser for specialized applications, including the 3D printing of copper, copper alloys, gold and other precious metals. Photo: TRUMPF Group

DM3D Technology LLC (Auburn Hills, MI) is a leading solution provider for metal additive manufacturing technology. DM3D’s proprietary Direct Metal Deposition (DMDÒ) process is a laser-powder Directed Energy Deposition (DED) technology that uses a patented closed loop feedback control to enhance quality and maintain dimensional integrity of the parts. The company will be in Booth W-433020.

DMD builds fully dense functional metal parts ready for use in industrial applications. With its newly developed dual-head deposition technology, DM3D has doubled throughput and manufactured parts up to 10 feet in diameter, 10 feet in height and 5,000 pounds in weight. This dual-head deposition technology makes DMD ideal for large-part 3D printing using a variety of powder metals. Our proprietary process even allows printing multiple materials on a single component as well. DM3D is a full-service provider from product development to production services to building customized DMD equipment for its customers. With a full manufacturing facility (including design-engineering center, AM machines, CNC-EDM machines, CMM-quality control departments, FAA Certified Repair Center and more), DM3D is a one-stop shop for its customers in space/aerospace, defense, energy and general industrial industries. We are committed to providing our customers optimal value by reducing both the cost and lead time, while maintaining best quality for their products.

Booth W-433020

TRUMPF to Highlight the TruPrint Green Edition

TRUMPF Inc. (Farmington, CT) will showcase the TruPrint Green Edition, a highly productive metal additive manufacturing laser machine designed for specialized applications including the 3D printing of copper, copper alloys, gold and other precious metals. TRUMPF will be in Booth W-433037.

With a wavelength of 515 nm, the TruDisk 1020 green laser makes it possible to 3D print highly reflective materials such as copper, which can be extremely difficult or impossible to process with infrared wavelengths.

The TruPrint Green Edition can also manufacture parts made of copper alloys such as CuCr1Zr with a larger process window and higher productivity than traditional infrared laser metal fusion laser systems. TRUMPF will also feature a virtual showroom for participants to take a deep dive into the additive manufacturing products offered by TRUMPF and help to determine the right equipment for different application and part requirements. In addition, TRUMPF will display parts that demonstrate its laser metal deposition (LMD) and laser metal fusion (LMF) applications for the aerospace, space and medical industries.

Booth W-433037

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