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IMTS 2022: Tooling and Workholding Systems

Exhibitors will demonstrate products that allow for minimum setup and machining time; good tooling can give new capability to older equipment.

Posted: July 20, 2022

CERATIZIT USA will highlight several tooling innovations.
GROB will demonstrate several applications on the G350 Generation 2 Universal Machining Center.
Kaiser Manufacturing’s foam product protects expensive equipment such as tools and gauges.
Chain clamps from Lenzkes.
MQ150 and MQ160 quick release tools from Lenzkes.
The 3D-EdgeMaster measuring device from REGO-FIX.
Suhner’s ECONOmaster drilling units are suitable for medium-duty production cutting of light metal and other materials. Standard and custom models are available.
Tooling Innovations That Advance Manufacturing Success

In Booth W-431900, CERATIZIT USA (Schaumburg, IL) will highlight numerous tooling innovations that advance manufacturing success. These include the company’s new Dragonskin coating, multifunctional EcoCut tools and a four-flute solid carbide drill, along with an in-process machine monitoring and optimization system. Individually and collectively, these advancements help manufacturers enhance their quality, productivity and output.

CERATIZIT’s innovative Dragonskin multi-layer coating lowers heat and lessens tool wear. To prevent cutting edge waste and detect wear easily, the gold-colored TiN outer layer of the Dragonskin multi-layer CVD Ti(C,N)/Al2O3/TiN coating acts as an indicator. It enables users to identify wear clearly and index before a breakage while it prevents sharp cutting edges from going unused or an insert being discarded prematurely. In addition, a mechanical post-coating treatment produces beneficial residual stress in the coating for increased process security.

At IMTS, CERATIZIT will feature EcoCut and WTX-HFDS tools with the Dragonskin coating for further enhancement of their performance and wear resistance. The multifunction EcoCut solid-carbide and insert tools reduce setup time and increase productivity with support for four separate machining processes: drilling, with stationary or rotating tools or for turning face, inner and outer contours. EcoCut Classic, Mini and ProfileMaster versions address various diameters and bores for high performance in steel, stainless steel and high-temperature materials.

As the industry’s first four-flute solid carbide drill, the CERATIZIT WTX-HFDS sports an innovative pyramid-point geometry that distributes cutting forces equally to all cutting edges for longer overall tool life and precise, aggressive performance in steel and other materials. The Dragonskin coating reduces the coefficient of friction and heat. Optimal cooling via four continuous internal spiral coolant holes retains core stability for safe, effective performance and reduced tool costs, while four chip flutes provide secure and quick evacuation. Low burr formation on hole entries and exits eliminates the need for time-consuming secondary processing.

As part of Industry 4.0 digital connectivity and process optimization, CERATIZIT will also demonstrate its ToolScope system for digital monitoring and control of machining operations. The system records a continuous stream of signal data generated by machine tools during production, then visualizes the data for machine monitoring and adjustment. Real-time identification of deviations from process control enables automatic optimization of manufacturing processes. Such monitoring can prevent overloads, and machine protection immediately triggers an emergency stop for any impact collisions. Full capture of tool life and machining-time data clarifies tool wear and machine downtime, with full control of workpiece parameters to ensure part quality.

Part of the CERATIZIT Group, CERATIZIT USA designs and manufactures high quality standard and custom tooling for the metalworking industry. It is a solutions and service provider for many different industry segments including automotive, aerospace and energy.

Booth W-431900

GROB Systems to Demonstrate Challenging Machining Applications

GROB Systems, Inc. (Bluffton, OH), a global leader in the development of manufacturing systems and machine tools, will demonstrate in Booth W-431400 a range of 5-axis machining applications on its compact G350 Generation 2 Universal Machining Center. Attendees can see how GROB meets and exceeds the demands of aerospace, medical and die/mold machining, and personnel will be present to answer specific customer application questions.

GROB machining centers are made in the U.S.A. at the GROB Systems 400,000-square-foot full production facility in Ohio and can include advanced automation solutions for dramatically increased productivity. The GROB G350 on display will include a dynamic rotary table with a 200 rpm B-axis with infinite rotation, and a maximum rotation of 360° in the A-axis. This G350 Generation 2 machining center is equipped with a Siemens 840D sl control, 16k rpm spindle, 117-tool holding capacity, and an HSK-A63 tool interface. It will feature a pyramid fixture holding three parts at once — one each for an aerospace, medical and mold part.

Multiple machining demonstrations will be held throughout each day on the G350 5-axis universal machine, and three applications will be featured: an aerospace IBR/ blisk segment, a medical bone plate, and an injection mold.

Booth W-431400

Scan-to-CAD Process for Custom Tool Foam

Kaiser Manufacturing (Carol Stream, IL) is startup company near Chicago that designs and fabricates custom tool foam inlays for toolboxes, workstations, travel cases and reusable packaging. The process fills the need for a custom solution that is superior to hand-cut tool foam in both function and appearance. Kaiser Manufacturing will be in Booth W-432149.

“The problem we solve for our customer is how to create a custom foam inlay for their unique mix of tools and accessories,” said Nic Kaiser, operations manager for Kaiser Manufacturing. “No two shops have the same set up, so we introduced portable 3D scanners to quickly capture the layout for a full drawer of tools.”

The LED scanner captures a part profile or layout of 24 x 48 inches or more with an accuracy of 0.02 inches. The 3D files are converted to CAD and the design is machined in two-color foam to nest each tool and fit the specific workstation, case or drawer.

The 3D scanning kits are available on a rental basis, complete with a video tutorial, or as a turnkey service. This makes it convenient for customers to scan tool layouts in their own shops. No need to ship tools out, download or license software or purchase any equipment. It also saves engineering time compared to designing tool trays in house, and the finished product is more professional than hand-cut foam.

The two-colored material, called Kaizen Shadow Foam™, is a durable and closed-cell polyethylene that is dust-free, resistant to oils and solvents, and can be cleaned. It is a popular choice in lean manufacturing environments, 5S initiatives, and for FOD prevention.

“A lot of companies invest in top-quality tooling, gauges and other equipment but don’t protect that investment in the shop,” explained Chris Kaiser, the company’s founder. “When expensive cutting tools or collets or holders shift around in drawers, they are easily damaged. Proper storage reduces both damage and waste.”

Booth W-432149

Quick Setup Tools Saves Your Shop Time

In Booth W-431691, Lenzkes Clamping Tools (Christiansburg, VA) will showcase its chain clamps and quick release tools, among other products. Its chain clamps provide the fastest and safest way to hold round and bulky workpieces securely in place by low torque settings. The chain clamp is easy to adjust increasing productivity by reducing setup time.

Lenzkes’ MQ150 and MQ160 quick release tools offer exceptional stepless, vertical and horizontal adjustment. The unique arch shaped clamping arm provides multiple options about clamping position. The MQ 160 provides a greater stepless horizontal adjustment due to an elongated slot in the clamping rail.

With more than 45 years of experience and more than 100,000 satisfied customers worldwide, Lenzkes Clamping Tools is known for its high-quality workholding solutions. We assist companies involved in the metal and plastics industries review working principles, safety issues and reduce downtime in their facilities. With a variety of tooling available we can fit your company with a product that will be beneficial for your company’s individual needs. Products are applicable to machine tables/platen with t-slot and/or tapped holes and feature high clamping forces and quicker and safer changes.

The Lenzkes difference:

  • Clamping solutions for all types of machines
  • Strong clamping pressure for small clamping torque
  • Highly adjustable through integrated sliding plate
  • Fast clamping, short setup time, quick release action
  • Stepless adjustability horizontal and vertical
  • Upon request available free of charge on a trial basis

Booth W-431691

New and Expanded Product Lines to be Showcased by REGO-FIX

In Booth W-431822, REGO-FIX Tool Corp. (Whitestown, IN) will showcase innovations that extend the company’s Swiss precision beyond toolholding. Featured technologies include the 3D-EdgeMaster measuring device and MasterBar test arbors — two new product entries for setup and test measurement. Other spotlighted innovations are expansions to the company’s existing lines of internal coolant retrofit systems with additional flexibility for high-speed spindles and for turning centers along with the company’s new powRgrip® CoolBore collets that offer peripheral cooling in a form-fitting tool grip, and powRgrip Sealed Cap Collets to protect tools from contaminants and dust.

To add REGO-FIX precision to setup measurements, ergonomic 3D-EdgeMaster centering devices shorten setup time and ensure part accuracy in an IP67-compliant shockproof and splashproof design for demanding applications. Designed to set zero points, probe reference edges and workpieces, calibrate measuring paths, center machine axes and determine bore centers, these new devices feature repeating accuracy of ≤0.01 mm. 3D-EdgeMaster is available in metric and inch sizes and with short or long probes, all individually serial numbered, with fully traceable inspection and performance certification for demanding industries.

Shops can minimize spindle-damage risks and maximize process reliability with MasterBar test arbors, available with HSK, steep-taper ST, BT and CAT interfaces for correct machine tool setup and spindle precision with every use. Ground to the same exacting specifications as REGO-FIX toolholding products and supplied with full technical certification, these devices check spindle runout, spindle and arbor alignment, and arbor length to boost part quality, reduce scrap and recheck for changes in runout and parallelism after a crash.

Hi-Speed reCool quickly and easily retrofits high-speed and high-frequency spindles up to 40,000 rpm for precise internal coolant delivery at 100 bar maximum pressure with emulsion and oil-based coolants. This patented solution makes full use of high-performance equipment, with a ceramic coating for reduced friction and support for ER(M) 11 and 16 sizes in 3-to-10 mm tool shank diameters.

Now turning centers can benefit from the increased productivity, longer tool life and greater chip-evacuation efficiency with the quick-installing internal coolant conversion of externally threaded reCool for internally threaded live tools. Designed for lathes up to 12,000 rpm, this solution supports 100 bar maximum pressure with emulsion or oil-based coolants and 3-to-20 mm tool shank diameters. A copper-like coating reduces friction for higher performance.

For the highest gripping force of any REGO-FIX coolant collets, form-fit powRgrip CoolBore Collets deliver high-pressure peripheral coolant for optimized chip removal in medium- to high-performance applications. These collets change out quickly with other powRgrip coolant collets and provide maximum coolant output pressure for PG 25 (including short collets) and PG 32.

Shops that machine ceramics, sintered carbide, graphite, glass and other complex materials can protect their tools from contaminating chips and dust particles with powRgrip Sealed Cap Collets. These quick-change collets provide ultra-low total system runout of ≤3 µm at 3 x D, with equally high vibration damping for long toolholder life and consistent performance. Also available with optional cooling channels, these completely closed heads and sealed caps are a must with today’s demanding materials.

Booth W-431822

Drilling Units for Value-priced Production Use

Suhner Manufacturing Inc.’s (Rome, GA) ECONOmaster® line of drilling units are affordably priced at under $3,500 for the basic unit, in stock for immediate delivery or customizable to suit the particular operation. Suhner will be in Booth W-431205.

This economical solution is ideal for multiple materials such as light metal, wood, composite, plastic and foam. Because these units are entirely produced at the Suhner factory in Rome, Ga., response times for delivery and customized construction are minimal, said the company’s division manager, Lee Coleman.  “We recognized the need to bring our global technology to a local level, here in America, and the ECONOmaster is a key step in that process,” he said. Suhner is based in Brugg, Switzerland, with plants and distribution centers worldwide.

The ECONOmaster drilling unit features low power and air consumption, adjustable motor housing, adjustable total stroke up to 4”, hydraulic feed control cylinder, J33 taper spindle end, 0-to-1/2” drill chuck, electric front and rear position limit switches, belt tensioner and chrome-plated quill. Basic unit weight is 45 pounds.

Other key features include adjustable feed stroke of ½-to-3”, 400 pound thrust at 85 psi, operating pressures to 110 psi, TEFC/IP56 protection, standard 230V/460V, concentricity of .003” TIR, speed ranges to 9,600 rpm and an air connection retract/advance of 1/8”-27 NPT.

ECONOmaster drilling units can be supplied with an adjustable stand, inline vertical configuration and multiple spindle heads for medium-duty production drilling, with many other spindle options and toolholders available.

Booth W-431205

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