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Decrease the Risk of Infiltration by Executing Cybersecurity Measures

The metalworking industry should utilize cybersecurity solutions to safeguard the increased amounts of work they are storing on the cloud.

Posted: October 19, 2022

ECI now offers the M1 ITAR cloud-based platform.
Cloud ERP software from Global Shop Solutions protects against cyberattacks.
MxD equips U.S. manufacturers with the digital tools, cybersecurity, and more to build every part better than the last.
ProShop SAFE is a cloud-based ERP file management system.

According to the Netwrix 2022 Cloud Security Report, cloud adoption is accelerating in the manufacturing sector: organizations report that they expect 52% of their workloads to be in the cloud by the end of 2023, up from the current 35%. Speedy implementation could cause security gaps. Software companies comprehend the need and requirements of the metalworking industry. Shore up your networks to reduce attacks on areas such as data, identity and infrastructure.

ECI Software Solutions Launches ITAR Solution for Manufacturers

M1 ITAR is a cloud-based platform from ECI Software Solutions (Fort Worth, TX)  for manufacturers who serve the U.S. government’s aerospace and defense needs to assist in maintaining compliance with the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). Leveraging Microsoft Azure for U.S. Government and AWS GovCloud (U.S.), M1 ITAR helps manufacturers grow their business capabilities and maintain data in a secure cloud environment. With ECI’s M1 ITAR solution, manufacturers can build and maintain relationships with defense organizations while ensuring they offer secure and compliant services.

ECI’s M1 is an award-winning enterprise resource planning solution built specifically for small- to medium-sized discrete manufacturers across various industries. For users who offer their products and services to the U.S. government, M1’s ITAR solution will help avoid potentially costly and disruptive compliance failures. ECI will also offer services to help mitigate concerns with products, data and support.

Cloud-based ERP Software Protects Against Cyberattacks
Global Shop Solutions, software, cybersecurity
Cloud ERP software from Global Shop Solutions protects against cyberattacks.

Global Shop Solutions (The Woodlands, Texas), a leading provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for manufacturers, recently celebrated the fifth-year anniversary of its Cloud ERP product. An investment of high importance to customers, the adoption of Cloud ERP greatly surpassed the five-year forecast. The software is designed to make technical support easier and reduce the total cost of ownership for manufacturers. Cloud ERP simplifies the software through increased speed, improved accessibility, stronger security, automatic data and systems backups and more.

Cloud-based ERP software offers many advantages, starting with lower system costs. With cloud-based ERP, companies can maintain ERP at a very reasonable price because the ERP vendor performs these tasks for the customer. Another advantage is the ability for employees to access their company’s ERP system from anywhere, including at-home workstations or in real time at multiple facilities.

In 2017, about 25 percent of new Global Shop Solutions customers opted for cloud-based ERP. Currently, about 65 percent of new customers choose that route. These numbers will continue to climb, in large part due to security concerns.

“With cyberattacks increasing in the manufacturing market, cloud-based ERP costs less to protect the integrity of the system, especially for smaller manufacturers who can’t afford to have IT or security experts on staff,” said George Thuo, director of cloud technology for Global Shop Solutions. “Our Cloud ERP helps customers avoid malware attacks because it’s protected with the best technology. Going forward, ERP providers will have to integrate security into their product, and the cloud is a great option.”

MxD Cyber Marketplace Facilitates Compliance with Cybersecurity Regulations
MxD, software
MxD equips U.S. manufacturers with the digital tools, cybersecurity, and more to build every part better than the last.

MxD (Chicago, IL), the national digital manufacturing and cybersecurity institute, offers the MxD Cyber Marketplace, an entry point to the cyber journey for small- and medium-sized manufacturers. It offers tailored solutions to address a manufacturer’s cybersecurity needs. It also assists current and potential suppliers to the U.S. Department of Defense and other entities to comply with federal cybersecurity requirements.

“As the National Center for Cybersecurity in Manufacturing, we are charged with elevating the cyber readiness of all U.S. manufacturers — most of which are small companies with few employees who wear many hats,” said Chandra Brown, CEO of MxD. “Streamlining the process to incorporate cybersecurity protections means more SMMs will have the ability to increase their security, even with limited time and resources.” The marketplace will add cybersecurity assessments and tools as new resources become available.

ProShop SAFE™ File Protects Sensitive Data and Facilitates Data Security Compliance
ProShop, software, cybersecurity
ProShop SAFE is a cloud-based ERP file management system.

ProShop USA, Inc.’s (Bellingham, WA) ProShop SAFE (Secure Access File Ecosystem) from ProShop ERP will be a secure, innovative cloud-based ERP file management system that enables companies to achieve multi-dimensional, roll/user based data security compliance to multiple standards such as NIST 800-171, CMMC, ITAR, HIPAA, SOC, GDPR and ISO-2700X. ProShop SAFE ensures that only authorized users have access to specific files and folders managed through the unified credentials and authentication of their ProShop login. Combined with ProShop’s GovCloud hosting suite of features, ProShop SAFE dramatically limits a shop’s Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) footprint and thereby simplifies and economizes compliance efforts, as well as protecting other sensitive company and customer data. Future versions will streamline marking of CUI, CTI, FCI, etc.

ProShop SAFE is a managed encrypted file store (end to end, and at rest) that securely and seamlessly translates into the browser experience. User-definable File Access Security Groups within the User Module of ProShop enable security administrators to define permissions of all folders and files within the file store, and provide read/write/execute, or forbid access, to any configuration of approved folders, subfolder, and files. When a ProShop login is authenticated via a user’s ProShop credentials and 2 Factor Authentication (if enabled), the files and images are immediately available and visible in the ProShop browser interface. The user can view and manipulate those files with the secure cloud file store and in-memory of the device, without the need for them to be downloaded to the user’s device. This limits the storage footprint of CUI information within a shop and makes it considerably simpler to achieve CMMC and ITAR requirements for control of CUI. When the ProShop session is closed, the file store is immediately removed and access to any files within it is terminated.

In many ERP systems, files may be stored in a database which requires that anything beyond simple viewing of a file in the browser must include downloading the file to the local device. That adds significant risk, cost, and complexity to the process of meeting CMMC Level 2 requirements. Conversely, in ProShop SAFE, files are stored in human readable and browsable file structures and are access-controlled across all folder hierarchies. It even allows access to subfolders housed within upper-level folders without providing access to the upper-level folder itself. This level of control is essential for safe and effective management of files that employees need to effectively perform their jobs.

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