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Welding, Welding Automation, Robotics & Industrial Automation, Tube & Pipe

Welding, robotics and automation will be featured at Fabtech in Atlanta.

Posted: October 4, 2022

The new IRB 5710 six-axis industrial robot is the latest addition to ABB’s portfolio of large robots for complex manufacturing applications. It is powered by ABB’s new OmniCore controller V250XT, the latest addition to the controller family.
Bernard and Tregaskiss representatives will answer questions about the brands’ welding solutions and provide information on the companies’ technical and product support.
FANUC’s CRX-10iA Cobot welder
FumeVac FV-500-20 combines the functionalities of both traditional vacuum and rooftop dust collector units into a compact 2-in-1 floor level unit without the need for costly ducting of traditional systems.
HGG’s ProCutter 900RB accurately and affordably cuts precision profiles from 2-to-36-inch diameter pipe up to 42 feet in length, while integrating an automated material handling system.
Hobart filler metals will be paired with Miller power sources and Bernard guns for the live welding demonstrations.
Osborn’s Honey Badger Double Stringer Bead Brush features rigid construction and is perfect for root and hot pass clean up.
Pemamek Skytrack Photo
Robotmaster 2023 bridges the gap between CAD/CAM and robotics by enabling seamless integration between a user’s chosen CAD/CAM software and Robotmaster.
T.J. Snow is your one-stop shop for resistance welding.
Universal Robots’ UR20 is reimagined, redesigned, and rebuilt from the ground up.
Yaskawa Motoman’s ArcWorld Hinged Station meets space requirements in an extremely cost-effective manner.


Lightweight Fume Extraction MIG Gun Solution

ABICOR BINZEL (Frederick, MD) continues to add to their line of welding fume extraction solutions. The latest addition being the xFUME® PRO lightweight fume extraction MIG gun. ABICOR BINZEL will be in Booth C11645. The xFUME PRO is the next generation of fume extraction MIG guns from ABICOR BINZEL.

Improvements made to the front-end design and internal components decrease the weight by 20% and increase suction power and flow by 10% compared to previous models. That makes the xFUME PRO the lightest and most efficient xFUME fume extraction gun yet.

Our patented handle is designed to maximize airflow through the torch, while not compromising on ergonomics and comfort. The ball joint at the base of the handle allows the cable to move independent of the handle, meaning less weight for the welder to manipulate while articulating the gun.

Overall, the goal of the xFUME PRO is to improve the working conditions of the welder. Not only by protecting them from toxic welding fumes, but also by reducing the physical impact of welding day-in and day-out.

For optimal performance, pair the xFUME PRO with ABICOR BINZEL’s xFUME ADVANCED fume extraction units.

Booth C11645

Semi-Automatic  and Robotic MIG Welding Solutions

At FABTECH, Bernard and Tregaskiss (Beecher, IL and Windsor, ON, Canada) will share booths C12511 and C12711 with Miller Electric Mfg. LLC and Hobart Brothers LLC. The companies will showcase integrated welding solutions that provide cost, quality and productivity improvements.

Bernard will display its AccuLock™ S consumables for semi-automatic welding applications, while Tregaskiss will showcase its AccuLock R and AccuLock HDP consumables for robotic applications. These consumables systems have been designed to increase consumable life and productivity while decreasing costs.

Also at the booth, Bernard will feature its BTB semi-automatic air-cooled MIG guns. Operators can customize these guns with multiple handle, trigger and liner options, along with fixed or rotatable neck and choice of consumables, using the online configurator.

Tregaskiss will display its TOUGH GUN® TT4E and TT4A nozzle cleaning stations, which automate spatter removal to extend robotic MIG gun and consumable life and will also display its BA1 cobot air-cooled MIG gun. The cobot gun offers fast, simple installation and consistently delivers high-quality welds. Tregaskiss will also have its TOUGH GUN TA3 robotic air-cooled MIG guns available for visitors to learn more about. The guns are designed to maximize throughput on through-arm robots by offering outstanding precision and reliability.

Booths C12511 and C12711

New Robotic and Factory Automation Solutions

FANUC (Rochester Hills, MI), the global leader in CNCs, robotics and ROBOMACHINEs will showcase a wide range of automation technologies including new CRX cobot welders at Booth C11637 and in the Painting Pavilion in Booth B5335.

FANUC’s new CRX 25iA cobot is extremely robust and able to run for up to eight years without maintenance.  On display will be the CRX-25iA welding cobot, which offers a 25kg payload and 1,889 mm reach. In addition, a CRX-10iA welding cobot will allow attendees to teach weld joints using hand guidance or a tablet interface with drag and drop icons. The easy-to-use CRX welding cobots support FANUC’s advanced features including iRVision®, Torch Angle Control, Touch Sensing and Thru Arc Seam Tracking (TAST).

In 2022, FANUC expanded its popular series of CRX collaborative robots with the new CRX-5iA, CRX-20iA/L and CRX-25iA. Now with a total of 11 CR and CRX cobot model variations, FANUC has a cobot to handle products ranging from 4-to-35 kg in applications such as welding, inspection, machine load/unload, packing, palletizing, sanding and more.

FANUC’s new M-800iA/60 high-accuracy robot equipped with an LS3Di-A Scanner will pass over an automotive panel to perform laser welds on coupons. A FANUC M-10iD/16S material handling robot will assist by loading and unloading the parts. Also featured is FANUC’s communication interface for a third-party fiber laser using high-speed I/O to ensure high-precision process control.

FANUC will also feature new factory automation. Its industrial PCs provide a powerful platform for custom developments in a wide variety of applications. FANUC’s CNCs are dedicated for laser machines. New CNC laser solutions provide a seamless connection. And new CNC Retrofit Kits upgrade machine tools to improve the performance of legacy machines.

Also from FANUC, in Booth B5335, a P-40iA paint robot equipped with the R-30iB Plus Mate controller will demonstrate painting metal furniture parts using integrated PaintPRO for cad-to-path programming to achieve easy offline teaching and file transfer to the robot. The system uses FANUC aux axis control with a table controlled by FANUC’s Purge Motor Box solution. This feature enables part painting with coordinated motion between the robot and the table’s rotation. The P-40iA robot has a 1,300 mm reach and a 5 kg payload, while offering a compact arm design that fits into small work areas.

Booths C11637 and B5335

Extraction Power for Multiple Stations in a Compact Footprint

Air quality conditions are an important part of today’s job shop environment, for overall health and attracting talented employees. High-Vacuum Source Capture Systems are one solution to combat the welder shortage. Hastings Air Energy Control, Inc. (New Berlin, WI) offers the FumeVac FV-500-20, a lean solution for all your dust and fume extraction needs. It combines the functionalities of both traditional vacuum and rooftop dust collector units into a compact 2-in-1 floor level unit with only minimal ducting, as compared to traditional systems. This system includes extraction of welding fumes using source capture ErgoMax MIG guns. Hastings will be in Booth C11857.

With your needs in mind, the FV-500-20 was designed to be a stationary or semi-mobile vacuum system with enough power to handle extraction requirements of multiple workstations in a compact design. The noise reducing cabinet allows for installation adjacent to the workstation. The FV-500-20 comes standard with two primary filter cartridges, a secondary filter cartridge (MERV-16), and an automatic filter cleaning system. The FV-500-20’s exhaust vent’s unique design also offers you the choice to evacuate or recirculate the filtered air as needed by simply connecting a 6” hose, duct, or the optional silencer.

Features and benefits include:

  • Complete control panel optimizes the vacuum extraction and the automatic filter cleaning operation — includes hour meter, fault indicator light, on/off main switch, start/stop buttons, manual/auto filter cleaning.
  • Switch, status light.
  • 450 ft² of primary filtration area with an extra 103 ft² of secondary MERV 16 filtering.
  • Operates 4 ErgoMax source capture MIG guns simultaneously, or up to 8 guns of intermittent operation with the FumeVac Auto-Valve option — actual number of guns depends on welding operating factor.
  • Acoustic design offers low noise levels — 80dB @ 5 ft.
  • Adjustable self-cleaning timer for light or heavy weld fume applications — compressed air pulse duration and frequency control.
  • Includes differential (primary and secondary) pressure gauges to monitor filter status.
  • Static pressure gauge (0-100”wc) standard.
  • Optional remote starting with weld current sensing (direct-connect or wireless).
  • Adjustable shut-down timer.
  • Optional silencer/muffler for in-shop exhaust applications.

Booth C11857

Hobart to Showcase Filler Metals with Live Demos

Hobart (Troy, OH) will share Booths C12511 and C12711 with Miller Electric Mfg. LLC, Bernard and Tregaskiss to demonstrate total welding solutions from the brands.

Hobart welding engineers and filler metal specialists will be available to discuss the applications and benefits of the company’s solid, metal-cored and flux-cored wires, as well as aluminum products. They will also be able to answer technical and product questions from booth visitors.

Hobart® filler metals will be paired with Miller® power sources and Bernard® guns for the live welding demonstrations.

  • FabCOR® Edge™ XP metal-cored wires offer best-in-class silicon gathering to simplify post-weld cleaning and minimize rework. The wires have balanced arc characteristics, high deposition rates and fast travel speeds to support good weld quality and productivity.
  • FabCO® Triple 7 gas-shielded flux-cored wires feature expanded mechanical properties so they are usable on T-1 and T-9 applications and offer the quality and versatility needed in a dual-gas flux-cored wire. An easy-to-remove slag and low spatter levels improve productivity and lower costs by reducing cleanup.
  • MaxalMig® 4943 aluminum wires and MaxalTig® cut-lengths are formulated to provide 25% higher ultimate tensile and shear strengths in the as-welded condition compared to 4043 products. They also offer low hot-cracking sensitivity and excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Quantum ArcTM 6 solid wires offer consistent wire feeding along with high deoxidizers for welding rusty or oily plates.

Booths C12511 and C12711

Check out the Latest Technologies to Increase Productivity, Empower Welders and Improve Weld Quality

Miller Electric Mfg. LLC (Appleton, WI), a leading worldwide manufacturer of Miller® brand arc welding products, will showcase its latest welding and safety equipment for the manufacturing, fabrication and construction industries in Booths C12511 and C12711.

“Miller is excited to return to FABTECH to showcase cutting-edge welding solutions that help manufacturers and fabricators of all sizes improve weld quality and add value through enhanced productivity,” says Dave Lambert, group president, ITW Welding.

Stop by the booths to take part in demos and see the newest welding technologies in Miller arc welding, automation and safety products, Hobart® filler metals, Bernard® Semi-Automatic MIG Guns and Tregaskiss® Robotic MIG Guns.

At the “Leave Your Imprint” interactive area, booth visitors can leave their unique weld on a steel fingerprint that will be displayed at Miller headquarters in Appleton, Wis.

Products with live demos:

  • Millermatic® 355 MIG welder: MIG weld up to ½-inch aluminum, stainless and mild steel, and ensure proper setup and parameter selection with an easy-to-use, 7-inch color LCD screen.
  • Multimatic® 255 multiprocess welder: Reduce downtime and increase productivity with MIG, pulsed MIG, stick, DC Lift-Arc™ TIG and DC pulsed TIG capabilities and a 7-inch color LCD display for proper setup and parameter selection.
  • Dynasty® 210 and Dynasty® 300 TIG welders: Unrivaled precision arc performance paired with a dynamic user interface to unlock advanced capabilities.
  • Deltaweld® systems with Intellx™ wire feeders: Take on more jobs with the Intellx family of feeders and Deltaweld system, with pulsed MIG capabilities for steel, stainless, aluminum and more to help reduce training time, minimize spatter and improve weld quality.
  • XR-AlumaFeed® SuitCase® wire feeder: Weld aluminum all day with portability, consistent feeding performance and a balanced, ergonomic gun design.
  • Hercules™ Welding System: Significantly boost welding productivity without the expense of adding more automation welding cells.

Safety/training products:

  • ClearLight™ 2.0 Lens Technology: The most realistic view that’s clearer and brighter — before, during and after every weld — and a 3.0 light state that allows operators to keep their hood down between welds and non-welding tasks.
  • Hard Hat PAPR with T94iH-R™ helmet: Provides respiratory protection plus a higher level of head protection thanks to an MSA V-Gard® hard hat with a “V” design.
  • MobileArc™ Augmented Reality Welding System: Easy-to-use and portable, this hands-on augmented reality experience delivers highly realistic welding simulation for students.

Booths C12511 and C12711

New Abrasive Process Solutions Program Equipped to Solve Wide Range of Challenges

Saint-Gobain Abrasives (Worcester, MA), one of the world’s largest abrasives manufacturers, has introduced its new Norton Abrasive Process Solutions (APS) Program, which was established to help customers determine the optimal grinding or finishing solution for the application at hand, ranging from simple to complex, off-hand or automated, and for metal fabrication, production grinding and virtually any abrasives operation. Norton will be in Booth C13057.

The APS Program draws upon the vast knowledge of the Norton team along with access to 30 different machines, and a new state-of-the-art APS Robotic Automation Cell, which is at the core of the new APS Program located at the Higgins Grinding Technology Center in Northborough, Mass. The APS team provides abrasive process development, optimization, automation and in-house testing. APS services encompass the testing and optimization of new abrasives, improving quality and/or throughput, and trying entirely new and customized processes.

The APS Program is positioned to be an extension of the customer, where tests can be conducted so that customers do not have to re-assign limited in-house resources and pause their own production. “At a time when North American manufacturers need to deliver high-quality products faster, while stressed with labor shortages, we are thrilled to announce the new APS Program which can relieve some of their burden,” said Tony Landes, APS Lead, Norton | Saint-Gobain Abrasives. “The APS Program is uniquely setup to deliver a comprehensive array of services, including a quick response and short turnaround. The APS team can provide the broadest array of grinding and finishing process development solutions for any type of abrasive.”

The APS Automation Cell is capable of delivering abrasive-to-part and part-to-abrasive applications, wet/dry processing and uses a full range of abrasives such as coated, non-woven, thin wheel, bonded and superabrasives. Equipped with a verified turnkey solution, manufacturers can then contact an automation system integrator to implement the solution. This avoids costly trial and error at the integrator level.

About the Robotic Technology: The automation cell features an industrial robot with a 210-kg load capacity that allows the APS team to perform processes using nearly any size part or tool. The force sensor-capable robot performs in a multi-capacity role, meaning it is fitted with an end-of-arm gripper to allow for part-to-media processing, as well as tool changers that use traditional hand tools to perform abrasive-to-part processing.

An integrated robotic-centered process development system includes a programmable pivot table, 6-inch-deep coolant pans, abrasive tools, toolholders and radial compliant devices. Spindle motors and compliance slides as well as two heavy-duty grinding heads which have a 15 and 40 hp motor, respectively, are also in the mix. A programmable pivot head with dual belt and wheel is also offered. Belts, cut-off wheels, and grinding wheels for example, can all be accommodated on the stacked head for part-to-media applications that require heavy pressure such as casting cut-off and gate grinding. A side-by-side spindle head can use two belts and up to four radial wheels, which can produce high surface finishes by buffing or using filament brushes.

Booth C13057

The World’s First Collaborative Robot Comes to FABTECH

Novarc Technologies Inc. (North Vancouver, BC, Canada), a full-stack robotics company specializing in the design and commercialization of cobots and AI systems for robotic welding applications, will be showcasing their Spool Welding Robot (SWR) with its latest technologies including SWR+HyperFill® and fillet welding in Booth C12857.

Novarc’s SWR is the world’s first collaborative welding robot (cobot) designed specifically for pipe, small pressure vessel, and other types of roll welding. It increases productivity and shop capacity, delivering superior weld quality and improving welder ergonomics.

Novarc’s welding automation technology provides a solution for fabrication shops that lowers the cost of welding, increases productivity and achieves more consistent weld quality.

With the HyperFill option, fabrication shops can expand the capabilities of their SWR. The system increases heavy fabrication productivity by increasing weld deposition rates while delivering excellent weld quality.

Novarc’s SWR provides pipe fabrication shops servicing oil and gas, building construction, shipbuilding and other process piping applications with a collaborative welding robot solution that transforms the way clients can bid on jobs. Novarc automates the pipe welding process, working alongside a human operator, to increase productivity, weld quality and consistency, with the ability to recover clients’ capital investment within six-to-18 months.

Companies that have invested in the SWR have increased their pipe welding productivity to 200-to-350 diameter inches per shift on carbon steel pipes, and 569-to-998 diameter inches per shift on stainless steel and have dropped their repair rate to less than 1%. This gives Novarc’s customers the competitive advantage when bidding on jobs, and it increases margins on contracts already won.

Novarc’s solution is also helping the welding industry solve a huge problem: the severe global shortage of highly skilled welders affecting industries needed to construct the world’s infrastructure. Pipe shops serving these global industries require highly skilled welders, and according to the American Welding Society, this looming labor crisis will escalate to a shortage of about 400,000 welders by 2024. Novarc developed the collaborative SWR to minimize and help eliminate this bottleneck in construction by enabling welders to be more productive and efficient.

Booth C12857

New Compact Robotic Welding System to be Introduced at FABTECH

Pemamek LLC (Mason, OH), the North American subsidiary of Finland-based Pemamek Oy Ltd., is introducing its PEMA Skytrack in Booth C12557. The Skytrack is a compact robotic welding system to facilitate welding of transmission housing, gearboxes, drive units, hydraulic units, and more. The system features the PEMA WeldControl 300 Offline, a powerful control that enables the programming, simulation, and verification of workpieces at the work cell instead of at a CAD/CAM workstation. The Skytrack also features the intelligent PEMA Skyhook Positioner with integrated robot track. Movement on all axes is servo-motor driven and fully integrated with the controller for synchronous movement of the robot and positioner. This configuration helps maintain the proper axis or plane on the weld element so that it can be rotated and turned synchronously in the correct PA position for the best possible weld joint penetration and deposition. This gives manufacturers the ability to produce high quality parts while preventing worker fatigue and injury.

Additionally, the Pemamek team will be ready to discuss many large welding applications in a variety of industries, however a special focus at FABTECH this year is the updated VRWP-C compact robotic solution. This vision robot system is designed for flat micro panel welding. The system uses the WeldControl 200 Vision, enabling the operator to process welding paths automatically. The operator is positioned on a platform above the weld area for optimal view of the robotic welders working nearby. The VRWP-C can be installed and deployed quickly into any production line and automates several processes, freeing up personnel to handle other tasks. The VRWP-C has a standard working width of 16 feet, with a 20-foot module expansion if needed.

Pemamek will also give special attention to its laser scanning software for weldments and its dedicated expertise and technology for the offshore wind manufacturing sector.

Booth C12557

Discover the Latest in Resistance and Spot-welding Machines and Accessories
  1. T.J. Snow Co. (Chattanooga, TN), a leader in the specialized field of resistance welding machines and accessories, will again exhibit a broad range of products from Booth C12449, including:
  • SlimLine dual-gun production spot welder with advanced HMI and T.J. Snow’s “Track & Trace” feature that documents weld quality.
  • Size 2 Press Welder with low-inertia ram and MFDC power supply.
  • New-design heavy duty Rocker Arm Spot Welder with Entron EN6001 control and Unitrol’s “Soft Touch” pinch point operator protection system.

In addition to building its own line of resistance welders, T. J. Snow is a master distributor of TECNA spot welders manufactured in Italy and imported by the container load to meet the demand for quick delivery machines at attractive prices. TECNA has a broad range of stationary and portable spot-welding machines, ranging from small foot-operated rocker arms to large press-type welders and hand-held spot-welding guns.

On display will be a 20 KVA air operated TECNA Model 4647 variable throat depth rocker arm spot welder that is ideal for most sheet metal shops. TECNA’s extensive product line of hand-held portable spot-welding guns will be represented by the new 90 KVA Model 3183, which features MFDC inverter technology.

Because most portable spot-welding guns are suspended from overhead, T. J. Snow will display TECNA’s broad range of spring balancers of various capacities. In addition to being used with spot-welding guns, TECNA balancers are popular in many different industrial applications, including assembly lines and food service.

Most resistance welders are water cooled and T. J. Snow has developed a complete line of self-contained industrial water recirculators and chillers, one of which will be on display. These chillers, which are often available from stock, can serve the water cooling needs of a single machine or a complete plant.

Video screens will show a wide variety of special-design resistance welding machines. In addition, resistance welding experts will be available to answer questions.

Now in its 60th year, T. J. Snow Co. will continue its longtime tradition of helping customers succeed with the resistance welding process.

Booth C12449

Air Mini Beveller is a Great Addition to Your Fabrication Tool Box

In Booth C13264, Vessel Tools USA (Torrance, CA) will exhibit the SP-7252F, a small hand-held beveling tool which is great for use in tight areas. It is also great for deburring welds, beveling edges or for counter sinking for screw heads. It cuts circles with a minimum of 0.27” and material thickness of 0.1”; the free speed for the SP-7252F is 23,000 rpm. This tool will bevel steel or aluminum from .0-to-1.4 mm using either chamfering or radius blades.

When working with aluminum this tool works well because it moves the debris out in the front of the tool, cooling the metal as you work. The system works using a three-blade system, the cutting blade is in the No. 1 position. You can rotate the blade two more times when the No. 1 blade dulls down, turn the No. 2 blades into cutting position and then the No. 3 side so you will always have a sharp blade available. New three-blade sets are also available to replace all the blades when they are dull.

Booth C13264


ABB’s IRB5710 Robot Powered by the OmniCore™ Controller

ABB Robotics & Discrete Automation’s (Auburn Hills, MI) IRB 5710 is a key addition to ABB’s portfolio of large robots for complex manufacturing applications, delivering enhanced speed, accuracy, flexibility, and a more robust design, including integrated process cabling. Available in four variants, with payload options from 70-to-110 kg and reach options from 2.3-to-2.7 m, the IRB 5710 provides higher uptime for applications including material handling, machine tending, and high precision assembly applications in the electric vehicle battery production, automotive and the general industries. ABB will be in Booth C10937.

The IRB 5710 will be equipped with Integrated Vision and a part handling end-of-arm tool that picks and presents a metal part to a stationary pedestal spot welding machine, which will simulate placing spot welds on several sides of the part. The camera can identify the key features of the part to calculate a full 3D frame correction of its geometry, enabling the robot to present the part to the weld machine with unmatched precision. The demo highlights the accuracy and dexterity of the robot, and its enhanced capabilities that are possible with Integrated Vision 3D.

The IRB 5710 is powered by ABB’s new OmniCore controller V250XT, the latest addition to the OmniCore controller family. Featuring ABB’s TrueMove and QuickMove motion control technology, the OmniCore V250XT controller enables the IRB 5710 to offer class-leading speed, improving production capacity with lower manufacturing times. With excellent position repeatability (0.04-to-0.05 mm), path repeatability (0.1-to-0.14 mm), and path accuracy (1-to-1.2 mm), the IRB 5710 is more accurate than other robots in its class, delivering the highest levels of manufacturing quality.

Booth C10937

A New and Exclusive Double Stringer Bead Brush

Osborn’s (Richmond, IN) newest innovation, the Honey Badger Double Stringer Bead Brush, is unlike anything on the market. It’s 2x the life and aggression of our already proven and industry leading 4” TufBrush stringer bead brush. Osborn will be in Booth C11057.

Osborn’s Honey Badger Double Stringer Bead Brush is built of two sets of wire knots tight on a unique face plate and nut. Because of how its built, it will hit both sides of the root or hot pass at the same time cleaning out any slag or debris of weld. It has been created to benefit the pipeline, welding and metal fabricating industries by offering:

  • Long life
  • Faster cut
  • Less operator fatigue
  • Less effort

Osborn’s Honey Badger also establishes a new standard in the market as there are no other brushes comparable to it and its innovative construction.

Booth C11057

All-new 20 KG Payload Cobot in a Machine Tending Demo

Universal Robots (Ann Arbor, MI), the leader in collaborative robotics, will be showcasing the all-new 20 kg payload cobot, the UR20, in a machine tending demonstration in Booth C11045. The UR20 is reimagined, redesigned, and rebuilt from the ground up. Every detail from software to end caps has been strategically architected to deliver next-generation performance and quality, complimenting Universal Robots’ highly successful e-Series. UR20 is not just a bigger version of existing UR cobots; it’s the cobot redefined, boasting a brand-new joint design that increases all joint torques approximately 25% and joint speeds by as much as 65% with an increase in TCP speed of 100% (2 m/s vs. 1 m/s). The UR20 can handle heavier loads — up to 20 kg with a greater reach of 1750 mm. It’s the lightest robot on the market in its payload and reach class, weighing only 64 kg with a small footprint (Ø 245 mm).

UR20’s 1750 mm of reach introduces capability to work in large-scale workplace setups with greater distance between important location, making it a perfect fit for many tasks in metal fabrication such as stamping, cutting, press tending, grinding and welding.

The machine tending showcase is a collaboration between Universal Robots and SCHUNK, featuring the company’s new EGU-60 robot gripper in a dual configuration that also highlights a URcap (integrated software for plug-and-play configuration with the Universal Robots controller). The demonstration is a simulated machining operation where the UR20 loads and unloads workpieces.

Booth C11045


The newest model of Yaskawa Motoman’s (Dayton, OH) ArcWorld family of pre-engineered robotic arc welding work cells, the ArcWorld HS, delivers a highly flexible, compact and cost-effective option for integrating robotics into current weld processes. Ideal for replacing or supplementing manual welding, such as pre-assembly before welding in larger robotic work cells, this solution is designed for optimizing small- to medium-size part production for medium volume fabrication. Yaskawa Motoman will be in Booth C11217.

Requiring only 1.4 square meters (15 sq. ft.) of floorspace, the ArcWorld HS offers a hinged station (HS) design, allowing easy access for loading and unloading of parts. The work cell features a single fixture table with a 100 kg payload capacity and can process parts up to 550 x 500 x 1,050 mm in size. This cell is ideal for R&D and educational use as well as smaller production runs.

The ArcWorld HS features a single high-speed, 6-axis AR900 arc welding robot with YRC1000 controller. An intuitive digital weld interface for all power source brands is included. An integrated weld package includes either a Miller® Auto-Continuum™ 350 or Lincoln Electric Power Wave® R450 power source, wire feeder, wire spool holder and a variety of available torch options. Processes from the power supply are accessed by Yaskawa’s easy-to-use digital Universal Weldcom Interface, giving full control of welding parameters and settings from the robot programming pendant.

This solution offers overhead LED lighting and is enclosed with sheet metal and light-reducing polycarbonate for arc and spatter protection. A built-in extraction hood for fume filtration and four-button operator panel with E-stop also come as standard.

The ArcWorld HS is safeguarded and has a completed risk assessment compliant with ANSI/RIA R15.06-2012, and other relevant ISO and CSA standards. The robot controller’s Functional Safety Unit uses “stand still” monitoring for the robot and safety signals. All work cell doors are safety monitored.

The workstation, including the robot and safety fencing, come attached on a common base with integrated cable management for easy shipping and installation. Easy-open, safety-interlocked side panels allow for easier robot programming and equipment access.

Additional optional features are available, including a light beacon (3 color), Digital TouchSense, gas flow rate meter, gas flow sensor, and a torch cleaning station (with or without wire cutter).

Booth C11217


Bridge the Gap Between CAD/CAM and Robotics with Major Software Updates

Hypertherm Associates (Hanover, N.H.), a U.S.-based manufacturer of industrial cutting products and software, offers a major version update and new name for its Robotmaster® offline programming software for robots: Robotmaster 2023. Robotmaster will be in Booth C10827.

Robotmaster 2023 bridges the gap between CAD/CAM and robotics by enabling seamless integration between a user’s chosen CAD/CAM software and Robotmaster. This automatic integration eliminates the need to import and sync data for a 75% reduction in programming time. It also eliminates the programming errors that can happen when using a manual process.

In addition, the new Robotmaster version allows for the creation of libraries that provide a more convenient way to store and re-use robotic cell components. Users can easily preview and select components within the library and save modified or proprietary components for later use. This will reduce the cost of building and editing a cell by approximately 50%. Jobs that used to take an hour will now take 30 minutes.

Software developers have also added several customer-driven improvements. These improvements support the latest CAD formats, and include enhancements to the CAM modules, UI (user interface), and UX (user experience) to facilitate the creation of trajectories and further improve programming.

“We listen carefully to feedback from Robotmaster customers and are always working to make our robotic programming software even easier and faster to use,” said Miguel Morales, an applications engineering manager for Hypertherm Associates’ Robotmaster brand. “The features will empower CAD/CAM users to transition their processes to robotics knowing they can program their robot with confidence.”

“Robotmaster 2023 improves upon an already powerful and intuitive user interface to make robotic programming easier and faster,” said Carlos Marcovici, Eng., director of RobotM-Br, a Robotmaster distributor in South America. “The new functionality is very focused on delivering on customer needs and requests, and processes like deburring, trimming, polishing, welding, milling. The new bridge, for example, gives our users flexibility in their programming workflow. Whether they wish to use a CAD/CAM package for path trajectory creation or leverage Robotmaster’s integrated path generation functionality Robotmaster is part of the solution.”

Booth C10827


New Pipe Cutter Automates and Streamlines for Total Process Productivity

HGG Profiling Equipment Inc.’s (Houston, TX) new ProCutter900 RB adds full logistic process on a small footprint to its ProCutter pipe-cutting machine family. Along with an ability to accurately cut precision profiles from 2-to-36-inch diameter pipe up to 42 feet in length at an affordable price, the new RB Series integrates a totally automated material handling system on a small footprint. With the infeed conveyor, raw material is continuously fed into the machine, cut, and profiled with a pantograph cutting arm, and then systematically moved out parallel to an offload storage cutting table. The total process is automated and streamlined for next level productivity, while HGG’s unique integrated two-point fume extraction system optimizes operator safety and dramatically reduces smoke buildup in the shop. Of special interest this year, HGG will be featuring ProCutter900 RB in Booth C12763.

ProCutter900 RB offers fabricators the same cost-saving benefits as other machines in the ProCutter pipe-cutting machine family (ProCutter 600 and ProCutter 900), including precision accuracy to dramatically reduce grinding, fitting, and welding time after pipe profiles are cut. ProCutter900 RB machinery also integrates the same components, including proprietary HGG software for easy 3D parameter-based part profile programming and work preparation, a three-jaw chuck for secure pipe positioning, a durable pipe support and cutting bed with roller bed for easy pipe loading and unloading, a rugged and durable machine frame, a cutting trolly with biaxial cutting head using plasma, and an easy-to-use operator interface with graphic touch-screen navigation.

Proprietary HGG software is a distinguishing technology feature of ProCutter900 RB. Profile cutting parameters such as root, kerf, and divergence can be programmed to provide perfect fit-up.

Equipped with both oxy-fuel and plasma, all ProCutter pipe-cutting machines (ProCutter 600, 900 and 900RB) cover a wide variety of materials, sizes, and wall thicknesses. For unique shape profiling (e.g.: partial joint penetration), ProCutter machines provide constant and efficient weld preparation despite existing plasma limitations for tilting. With their capability to perform more intelligent shape profiling, all ProCutter machines easily and automatically switch from groove weld preparation to a fillet weld preparation (no extreme beveling needed) once the beveling limitation is exceeded.

HGG is a leading supplier of pipe cutting machines, robotic profile cutting lines and associated cutting equipment solutions around the world. HGG maintains subsidiaries in the Philippines, China, India, the Middle East, and most recently in the United States. HGG Profiling Equipment, an HGG subsidiary now located in Houston, Texas, provides comprehensive sales and service support for the company’s growing customer base in the Americas. HGG Profiling Equipment serves an array of industry customers in steel construction, piping process industries, offshore/onshore, crane building, shipbuilding and others.

HGG’s new customer support and service center in Houston, Texas, is currently showcasing its ProCutter600, specially designed for cutting complex tube and pipe profiles up to 24 inches in diameter.

Booth C12763

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