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60-ton Electric-drive Press Brake Added to LVD’s Product Line

Dyna-Press 60/20 offers flexibility in tooling. It can be outfitted with universal, Wila or U.S. style punches and universal, LVD or U.S.-style dies.

Posted: November 6, 2022

LVD’s Dyna-Press 60/20.

LVD Company nv adds Dyna-Press 60/20 to its line of Dyna-Press high-speed electric-drive press brakes. The 60-ton machine provides two meters of working length and a five-axis backgauge to handle a wide range of applications at bending speeds up to 25 mm per second. A 60/20 Pro model is equipped with LVD’s Easy-Form® Laser system for greater control of the bending process to achieve high output at a high level of quality. The Pro model also offers an optional custom-made crowning system.


Dyna-Press press brakes consume low electricity and deliver fast cycle times to bend more parts per minute more efficiently at a lower cost per part. A streamlined design uses two heavy-duty ball screws to drive the force transmission from the servomotors to the pressing force of the ram. Fewer components means less maintenance.


Dyna-Press is built to ensure accuracy across a broad range of small-to-medium-sized bending jobs. The machine can be used for air bending, coining, hemming and bottoming.

Dyna-Press 60/20 offers flexibility in tooling. It can be outfitted with universal, Wila or US style-punches and universal, LVD or US style-dies. The Pro version offers pneumatic Wila clamping for the European market and hydraulic clamping for the U.S. market.

The 60/20 Pro is available with a crowning system custom-made for each machine, designed to distribute the appropriate force thus ensuring the bend angle remains consistent over the full length of the part.

Like all Dyna-Press models, the 60/20 is easy to operate with minimal training. The 15-inch Touch-B touch screen control features an intuitive graphical display.  Operators can create 2D designs and simulate in 3D on the screen. The controller is compatible with LVD’s CAM software, CADMAN®-B.

Dyna-Press press brakes are available in 24, 40 and 60 tons. Dyna-Press 40/15 Pro and 60/20 Pro offer enhanced technology. Dyna-Press 40/15 Pro can be combined with an industrial robot to create a compact, high-speed robotized bending cell (Dyna-Cell) for automated bending operations.

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