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Grinding Machine Offers the Highest Quality from Every Angle at EASTEC 2023

MX7 ULTRA: The highest quality ANCA grinding machine from every angle will be on display at SME’s EASTEC 2023 Expo, May 16-18 2023.

Posted: May 12, 2023

ANCA’s MX7 Ultra, which provides the highest quality at every angle.
The ANCA MX7 Ultra with RoboMate, a universal loader for ANCA’s tool grinders.
ANCA, CNC grinding machines, MX7 ULTRA, Pat Boland, vertical integration, nanometer control system, servo control algorithm, Motor Temperature Control
The ANCA MX7 Ultra with RoboMate, a universal loader for ANCA’s tool grinders.

ANCA, a market leading manufacturer of CNC grinding machines, offers the MX7 ULTRA, which manufactures large volumes of endmills and other cutting tools with high accuracy and quality. The minute size of a micron is beyond the human eye, but in becoming even more precise and moving from micrometers to nanometers, ANCA will offer the highest accuracy and quality in the cutting tool in the market. New software, hardware and design features are combined to make advances in surface finish, accuracy, and controlled runout, to deliver batch consistency from the first ground tool to the thousandth.

The MX7 ULTRA includes:

  • nanometer control system
  • new servo control algorithm for smooth motion
  • system and mechanical upgrades that enhance stiffness and rigidity
  • in-process measuring, balancing and runout compensation for consistent accuracy
  • Motor Temperature Control – compensation for thermal expansion on the grinding spindle
  • specialist training support in how to grind industry leading cutting tools

Nanometre resolution
1nm resolution on linear axis and 1udeg on rotary axis to give the best surface finish without compromising cycletime

Rotary C-Axis
New mechanical design of the C-Axis to increase stiffness and rigidity, ensuring consistency and stability in grinding process

ToolRoom RN34 software
Software has the ability to design and manufacture complex high performance cutting tools to suit requirements for all industry types

Pat Boland, ANCA co-founder said: “The MX7 ULTRA is a significant development in precision machine design and will change the industry expectations for accuracy and tool life. Achieving these outstanding results has only been possible because of our extensive experience working with customers to manufacture the highest quality cutting tools over many years.”

Unlike its competitors, ANCA’s vertical integration means its teams can develop and manufacture their own machines from base to canopy — including controls and drive systems, design and simulation software and even machine monitoring software. Owning all the technology means engineers and designers can consider the entire machine as a single system when developing new solutions.

Discover the technologies you need — plus ones you didn’t know you needed — at EASTEC 2023.

“We’re excited to be participating in EASTEC 2023. ANCA has a very strong and extremely loyal customer base in the Northeast, and we love introducing them to our latest innovations. We feel our MX7 Ultra will make a big impact on the market in the East, a customer base that requires an extremely high level of accuracy, and we’re excited to showcase it live at EASTEC,” says Russell Riddiford, President of ANCA Inc.

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