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Every Gear is Here: Motion + Power Technology Expo

In October, the American Gear Manufacturers Association heads to Detroit for three-action packed days, representing suppliers from across the supply chain including gear companies, machine tools suppliers, and electric drive solutions.

Posted: August 28, 2023

Booth 3609 Helios’ Hera 350 CNC gear hobbing machine.
Booth 2905 HobSource offers a complete line of hobs for cutting, including gears, involute and parallel splines and worm gears.
Booth 3200 Gear Center KNG 350 expert with integrated automation from KAPP NILES.
Booth 3200 Measurement of a rotor at the analytical measuring machine KNM 4X from KAPP NILES.
Booth 2300 NMTA’s new CF26A cut chamfer machine will make its U.S. debut at Motion + Power Expo. (Image courtesy of Nidec Machine Tool America.)
Booth 3328 High pressure and low pressure accumulators from Reasontek Corp.
Booth 3209 Star SU will highlight its line of Louis Bélet precision tooling.
Booth 2526 The Unite-A-Matic Model 8600 OD inspection gauge.
Booth 2728 Klingelnberg and Gleason type bevel gear sets from module 1 up to diameter 2500 mm (100”) also with angle <>90° and hypoid.
Booth 2728 WELTER zahnrad produces spur-toothed or skew gear types with internal and/or external toothing and milled, slotted, shaped or ground toothing. Quality 3 acc DIN3967 are available.
KHK USA offers worm gears for all industrial automation applications.
Booth 2332 WD Bearings America’s RNN25V-2.

Those who manufacture anything that moves should attend the Motion + Power Technology Expo to discover the latest advancements moving the entire power transmission supply chain forward, including mechanical, fluid power, electric and hybrid technologies. During three days in October in Detroit, attendees can shop the latest technology, gear products, and services, and compare benefits and advantages side-by-side. 

The American Gear Manufacturers Association’s (AGMA) Motion + Power Technology Expo brings together in one place the latest advancements in gearing and all three power transmission sources: mechanical power, fluid power and electrical power. This is the place for businesses searching for gears, gear manufacturing, and power technology solutions.  

More than 300 exhibitors will conduct demos and host seminars, as well as offer technical expertise. Industry leaders such as Timken Power Systems, Meritor, EMAG LLC, Gleason Corp., Kapp Group, Nidec Machine Tool America LLC, and others will be showcasing products. 

With the latest demands for efficiency and power density, the solution for your company is often a choice that combines mechanical, fluid power, electric and hybrid technologies. Unmatched opportunities to make connections and shop for the latest products, services, and technologies for the highly focused motion and power system audiences are what make this expo so unique. Just a few days spent meeting with experts will keep your business ahead of the curve for years to come. 

The primary industries served by the expo include: 

  • Industrial
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Mining
  • Defense
  • Agriculture
  • Energy
  • Oil & gas

Find solutions in:

  • Mechanical Power
  • Gear manufacturing
  • Gearboxes
  • Cutting tools
  • Housing and shafts
  • Fluid Power
  • Hydraulic fluid
  • Control valves
  • Mobile hydraulic products
  • Seals, fittings and connections
  • Electrical Power
  • Battery manufacturers
  • Controllers
  • eAxle
  • Electric and hybrid drivetrains

Planned demos, networking, events and more: 

  • Learn industry best practices by attending nine educational sessions.  
  • There will be more than 50 speakers who will address common technical issues, creative solutions, business applications and more. 
  • The more than 300 exhibitors span the supply chain, including gear companies, machine tools suppliers, and electric drive solutions. Attendees will be able to watch manufacturing processes and experience products firsthand. Find new ideas at exhibitors’ booths and take them back to your shop.
  • There will also be 12 Solutions Center presentations at Motion + Power Technology Expo. 

All About Motion + Power Technology Expo 

As the leading authority in the gear manufacturing industry, AGMA started Gear Expo to bring together professionals and manufacturers who provide or need gear products, services and solutions.  

Gear Expo evolved into Motion + Power Technology Expo (MPT Expo) in 2019 and now encompasses all aspects of the motion power transmission supply chain including fluid, mechanical, electrical and gear power. MPT Expo is a one-of-a-kind, three-day event for manufacturers, suppliers, buyers, and experts in the power transmission industry. 

Anyone who manufactures anything that moves will discover unmatched opportunities to make connections and see and try out the latest products, services and technologies. Attendees can compare benefits side-by-side and explore options in-person before making any purchasing decisions. 

Along with business getting done on the show floor, MPT Expo also offers exclusive educational opportunities designed for those just entering the industry to expert level industry members. 

A few of the topics include: Basics of Gearing; Integration and Trade-offs in Gear and Bearing Systems; Why Bearings are Damaged; and, Involute Spline Design and Rating, among others.  

Attendees and exhibitors alike can listen to subject-matter experts or sit in on one of the Fall Technical Meeting (FTM) sessions. During the FTM sessions, researchers from across the globe will provide the latest information on their peer-reviewed gear industry research case studies, testing results, and additional data that inform best practices for the gear industry.  

There will be five FTM sessions, each one lasting four hours, being held during the expo. Technical sessions include: Efficiency, Lubrication, Noise, and Vibration; Materials and Heat Treatment; Gear Wear and Failure; Manufacturing, Inspection, Testing, and Quality Control; and, Application, Design, and Rating. 

Pairing Proven Gear Hobbing Solutions with Comprehensive Automation 

Helios Gear Products (South Elgin, IL) will feature world-class hobbing solutions including the proven Hera 350 CNC gear hobbing machine, and the MSR rotary magazine with automatic loading at Booth 3609. 

Hera CNC gear hobbing machines support micro- to coarse-pitch gear manufacturing applications with world-leading technical features such as complete FANUC CNC and direct-drive torque motors, X-axis linear scales, easy-to-use (and train) dialog programming, and versatile unified automation systems. With globally competitive pricing, proven domestic support from the expert Helios team, and a unique combination of technical capabilities in a small footprint, the Hera machines offer both job shops and end-product gear manufacturers world-class hobbing solutions.  

Of the six sizes of Hera machines available, Helios will be demonstrating the Hera 350’s ability to produce high-quality spur gears, helical gears, and other hobbed profiles with a maximum pitch rating of 4.23 DP. Jeff Kamps, Helios customer and president at Wisconsin Gear & Machine, said: “We’ve cut our cycle times down from four hours to a 0.5 hour. It’s really been beneficial for Wisconsin Gear. With the shortage of people, it’s really made a big difference; we can still get a large volume of work done in a timely manner.” 

Advancing gear manufacturing productivity even further is the new MSR. This rotary magazine with automatic loading offers comprehensive, versatile automation by integrating manufacturing cells with operations such as gear generation, washing, deburring and laser marking. The MSR features stackable workpiece towers that offer more capacity than rotary conveyors and is offered with a variety of robotic loading options to feed up to four machine tools at a time for fully optimized gear manufacturing operations.   

Custom Gear Cutting Tools Enable You to Surpass Your Production Goals 
Hobsource, hobs, worm gears
Booth 2905 HobSource offers a complete line of hobs for cutting, including gears, involute and parallel splines and worm gears.

If you hob, shape, shave, broach or mill, HobSource Inc. (Mt. Prospect, IL) delivers quality tools and personal service you expect. Each tool is manufactured to exacting quality standards in ISO/QS facilities using the latest grades of high-speed steels and carbide, and state-of-the-art CNC equipment. If you demand performance, reliability and dependability from your tools and vendors, stop by Booth 2905 for more information. Your bottom line will be glad you did.   

Top of the Line Grinding Tools for Hard and Soft Finishing of Gears and Profiles  

On behalf of the coming Motion + Power Technology Expo in Detroit, KAPP NILES (Coburg, Bavaria, Germany) will showcase a virtual model of the Gear Center KNG 350 expert, several complementing grinding and dressing tools, as well as the newly developed analytical measuring machine KNM 4X. KAPP NILES will be in Booth 3200.  

Kapp Niles, grinding tools
Booth 3200 Gear Center KNG 350 expert with integrated automation from KAPP NILES.

The KNG 350 expert is based on a compact, set up-optimized machine concept and is intended for use in medium- and large-scale series production of external geared components with a diameter of up to 350 mm. The integrated loading device ensures the shortest non-productive periods and can accommodate both bored parts and shafts. The new functional and ergonomic machine design paired with the innovative and user-friendly interface KN grind supports the user during set up and optimization of grinding projects. High-performance technology options combined with application-specific aligning and measuring functions enable maximum precision and surface qualities on the workpiece. 

The analytical measuring machine KNM 4X is designed for high-precision measurements of gears, gear tools and rotationally symmetric workpieces up to Ø 450 mm.  

Kapp Niles, grinding tools
Booth 3200 Measurement of a rotor at the analytical measuring machine KNM 4X from KAPP NILES.

All guides and base plates made of granite are extremely stable in the long-term and have identically low expansion coefficients. Air bearings with emergency operation properties ensure perfect and wear-free guides without short-term errors. Air spring elements underneath the base plates safely shield from jolts and vibrations. Separate bases are not required. Non-ferrous linear and torque motors of the rotary tables ensure ultimate position precisions and path accuracy. Despite the compact design, spacious travel ranges ensure a tangential generating motion towards the base circle for any profile. Based on the requirements, different scanning touch probe systems can be used. The control cabinet can be arranged freely. 

KAPP manufactures non-dressable, electroplated CBN and diamond grinding tools for hard and soft finishing of gears and profiles. In addition, there are dressing tools for dressing of ceramic tools in the product line. Our tools have been rated among the top products worldwide for decades. They are used whenever the highest quality standards, performance and efficiency are required. 

KAPP NILES is a globally operating group of companies with high-quality and economical solutions for finishing gears and profiles and is partner for companies from numerous industrial sectors in the mobility, automation and energy segments. The perfect interaction between machine, tool, technology and metrology enables extremely precise machining to a thousandth millimeter.  

Extensive Line of Premium Metric Worm Gears 
worm gears, KHK USA
KHK USA offers worm gears for all industrial automation applications.

KHK USA Inc. (Mineola, NY), distributor of the market leading KHK® brand of metric gears, announces its extensive line of metric worm gears, manufactured to the highest quality standards by Kohara Gear Industry Co., of Japan. KHK’s large selection of worm gears are very quiet and provide smooth transmission of power and are suitable for a very wide range of applications where a large speed reduction is required in a compact space. 

KHK worm gear pairs are offered in many modules, numbers of teeth and reduction ratios. Available materials for worms include carbon steel (S45C), Chromalloy steel (SCM415), and stainless steel (SUS303). Worm wheels are available in cast iron (FC200), nonferrous metals such as phosphor bronze and aluminum bronze and engineering plastics such as MC901 nylon. 

All KHK worm wheels and most of the worms allow for secondary operations such as opening of the bore, adding of keyways, adding of tapped holes, and the reduction of the hub diameter or modification of the shaft diameter to be performed. KHK USA stocks products which have already had many of these secondary operations completed. 

Unique to KHK is the Duplex Worm and Worm Wheel pair. The Duplex Worm pair incorporates a worm with a variable pitch and a mating wheel. The variable pitch of the worm allows for it to be positioned in such a fashion that all backlash between the pair is eliminated when the worm is moved axially. KHK USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kohara Gear Industry.   

Nidec Machine Tool America to Exhibit New Machine  
Nidec, Gear chamfering machine
Booth 2300 NMTA’s new CF26A cut chamfer machine will make its U.S. debut at Motion + Power Expo. (Image courtesy of Nidec Machine Tool America.)

Nidec Machine Tool America (NMTA), a division of Nidec Machine Tool Corp., of Japan, will exhibit the newly developed CF26A gear chamfering machine at Booth 2300. The machine is capable of fully automatic full tooth defined chamfering of gears up to 260 mm in diameter. In addition, the companion ChamferX tools will be available for show attendees to review. 

“Nidec is excited to bring this new example of Nidec’s expertise in gear manufacturing processes, systems and tool engineering,” said Scott Knoy, VP of sales for NMTA. “The CF26A produces exactly defined chamfers on gears, from tip to root and through the root area as well. This is required by EV gears and most automotive transmission gears to reduce potential noise and provide consistent heat-treatment results.” 

Using the Nidec cutting-edge tool design simulation software, specific defined chamfering shapes are created including tooth root and complete edges up to 1 mm or more. The CF26A uses generating cutting with the specifically designed ChamferX cutting tools, eliminating burrs in the tooth and end face. The CF26A removes end-face burrs remaining from gear hobbing. 

NMTA offers a wide-ranging lineup of gear manufacturing machines: gear hobbers, gear shapers, gear grinders, gear shaving machines, gear skiving machines, and gear chamfering systems. A Nidec group company, Federal Broach & Machine of Harrison, Mich., is the distribution and service company for Nidec gear-cutting tools.   

One Source for Accumulator Products and Flow Control Solutions 
accumulator products, Reasontek
Booth 3328 High pressure and low pressure accumulators from Reasontek Corp.

Based in the U.S., Reasontek Corp. (Brea, CA) is a leading manufacturer of accumulator products and an expert in flow control solutions. The company will be at Booth 3328. Major products include high pressure and low pressure accumulators, surge suppressors, pulsation dampeners in carbon steel and stainless steel. 

Standard products are ASME coded, NB registered with U stamp. Various applications including hydraulic lube oil, oilfield, water and chemical services with custom design options.  


  • High Pressure RAS: 1L to 15G, 2,000/3,000/5,000 PSI, carbon steel, stainless steel 
  • Low Pressure RAL: 2.5G to 15G, 250-750 PSI, carbon steel, stainless steel 
  • RPK PULSEKUSHON: 40G to 150G, 250/500 PSI, carbon steel, stainless steel 

Accumulator Service: Parker/Hydac accumulator repair and rebuild.  

Star SU Highlights Louis Bélet Precision Tooling  
Star SU, Louis Belet precision tooling
Booth 3209 Star SU will highlight its line of Louis Bélet precision tooling.

As the exclusive North American representative of Louis Bélet SA (Switzerland) Swiss cutting tools in North America, Star SU (Hoffman Estates, IL) will display its line of high-precision drills, end mills, thread and gear cutting tools including hobs and skiving tools in Booth 3209. This includes solutions for micro-machining applications within the medical, automotive, aerospace, watchmaking and general machining sectors. 

The Louis Bélet product line expands the dimensional range of the Star SU portfolio of round and gear tooling to include micro tools as small as 0.05 mm and specials down to 0.02 mm for Swiss style machining, as well as extended offerings in the area of fine pitch gear cutting tools.   

Star SU will also be showcasing its variety of gear cutting tools including solutions for chamfer and deburring, hobbing and milling, as well as scudding cutters manufactured to produce gear and spline teeth for reduced cycle times and tool costs. 

Additionally, the company will be showcasing its full offering of machine tools for producing gears and other fluid power components. This includes interactive demonstrations or displays on FFG Modul Vertical Gear Hobbing; Chamfer, Deburr and Rolling of straight or helical gears or shafts; Profilator Scudding® machines; and Star Cutter NXT 5-axis grinder for cutting and sharpening gear tools. 

Star SU, which is the marketing, sales and service partner for Star Cutter Co., offers a comprehensive line of products and services that enables customization of each cutting and tool grinding operation from cutting speeds and feeds to automation and tool coatings.  

OD Gear Inspection: Quality Lab Approved, Shop Floor Abused 
United Tool, inspection gauge
Booth 2526 The Unite-A-Matic Model 8600 OD inspection gauge.

United Tool Supply (Cincinnati, OH) is an industry leading gear inspection gauge manufacturing company. The company will be at Booth 2526. Among its many products is the Unite-A-Matic MODEL 8600, which is setting the standard for flexible external gear inspection. It measures OD 0 mm-to-225 mm. 

Features include: 

  • +/- .001 MM repeatability 
  • Sealed Digital Readout System with inch/metric capabilities 
  • Cushioned gauge head for consistent gauging between operators 
  • Roller bearing platen locator 
  • All O.D. ball, pin, or specialty anvils are interchangeable 

Options include: 

  • Output port for data collection 
  • Wireless data collection 
  • Turret style gauging (DOB/DOP, Minor, Major) 

Another model is the Unite-A-Matic MODEL 2000, which is the evolution of bench-top pinion and sun gear inspection. It measures OD 0 mm-to-75 mm. 

WD Bearings America to Highlight Range of Gearbox Bearings  
WD Bearings America, gearbox bearings
Booth 2332 WD Bearings America’s RNN25V-2.

In the dynamic and fast-paced gearbox industry, achieving optimal power density is of utmost importance. As the vital component connecting various moving parts within your gearbox, bearings play a critical role in ensuring smooth and quiet operation while maximizing overall efficiency. Improperly selecting gearbox bearings has severe negative consequences — excessive noise, vibration, heat generation, and reduced reliability impact both the performance and efficiency of your gearbox. 

Optimized bearing designs and advanced manufacturing processes guarantee superior performance even in the most challenging conditions. In addition to their primary function, gearbox bearings can boast key competitive advantages. Primarily, they reduce friction and vibration, leading to improved power transmission efficiency. For your customers, this means energy conservation, lower operating costs, and increased overall productivity. Meticulously tested and verified bearings ensure consistent mounting and installation performance for your maintenance teams to streamline their processes and reduce downtime. 

WD Bearings America LLC (Indianapolis, IN) is proud to highlight in Booth 2332 a comprehensive range of gearbox bearings exemplifying excellence and reliability. We are a technology-focused group of companies with global reach. We specialize in R&D, manufacturing, sales, and service of high-quality bearings to cater to the needs of gearboxes and unique industrial applications. Our team has hundreds of years of combined experience and more than 20 years of experience manufacturing our own line of products. 

The WD Team of Engineers works closely with you to understand your unique requirements and tailor solutions specific to your challenges. With our application engineering services, we ensure the correct bearing selection and installation giving you a competitive advantage in a challenging marketplace.

Manufacturer’s Gear Wheels Used Worldwide in Demanding Applications
WELTER zahnrad GmbH, gear wheels
Booth 2728 Klingelnberg and Gleason type bevel gear sets from module 1 up to diameter 2500 mm (100”) also with angle <>90° and hypoid.

WELTER zahnrad GmbH (Lahr, Badem-Württemberg, Germany) manufactures all type of build to print gears and face coupling from small to maximum diameter 2500 mm (100”) in all industrial, off highway applications:

  • Bevel gear sets (Gleason and Klingelnberg)
  • Spur, helical and herringbone gears
  • Turbo-Gear sets
  • Hirth- and Klingelnberg face couplings
  • Worm gear sets and worm gear boxes

Large focus is on 5-axis soft- and hard-milling of gears which gives almost unlimited possibilities. We manufacture spiral and curved bevel gears in almost all possible desired qualities and versions:

  • From the contract processing up to assembly-ready system components.
  • From precision wheel set ups to highly stress able clutch teeth.
  • From batch sizes of one to a few hundred.

For demanding applications (as well as the load capacity analysis) the flank geometry is of essential importance, as well as noise and temperature behavior. We would be glad to support and accompany you in the calculation and design stages, as well as the analysis of possible types of construction or assembly. Our specialists are ready to support you using the powerful software packages KISSOFT® and KIMOS®.

We are also producing:

  • pinions
  • pinion shafts
  • wheels
  • ring gears

And a wide range of special parts of:

  • spur-toothed or skew gear types
  • with internal and/or external toothing
  • and milled, slotted, shaped or ground toothing
  • Quality 3 acc DIN3967 available

We are able to fabricate diameters and shaft lengths up to 3000 mm on modern machines built by the leading providers of cutting machines – reaching the highest requirements in toothing and surface quality. The usage of necessary profile characteristics such as profile crowning, tip and/or root relief, root radius, etc. ensure a quiet run for the special range of applications. This will give you a crucial advantage, e.g., regarding increasing demands for reduced noise emissions.

Motion + Power Technology Expo 2023 (formerly Gear Expo)
Detroit, MI – October 17-19, 2023

Huntington Place Convention Center
1 Washington Blvd.
Detroit, MI 48226

Exhibit Hall Hours
Tuesday, Oct. 17 9 a.m.-6 p.m.
Wednesday, Oct. 18 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
Thursday, Oct. 19 9 a.m.-4 p.m.

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