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Airgas to Feature Advanced Fabrication Innovations at FABTECH 2023

Customers will be presented with methods to drive efficiencies and gain competitive advantages through Airgas’ innovations in automation, additive manufacturing, cutting, welding, safety and service.

Posted: September 3, 2023

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Airgas, an Air Liquide company, will showcase its comprehensive offer for the welding and fabricating industries at this year’s FABTECH Expo, held September 11 through September 14, 2023, at Chicago’s McCormick Place, Exhibit #B20020.

The Airgas exhibit will include a series of short talks, from Airgas team members on challenges in advanced fabrication, including 3D printing, what you need to know about implementing automation, sizing your laser gas system and more.

To help customers find efficiencies in their processes and learn more about new technologies, the Airgas exhibit will showcase a wide range of products and services, including:

Certified Low-Carbon Bulk Gases: 

  • ECO ORIGIN™ certified low-carbon bulk liquid argon, nitrogen and oxygen gases, that offers customers the opportunity to reduce their Scope 3 emissions by providing a complete product cycle offsetting with net zero emissions.

Automation and Cobots: 

  • BotX™ Cobot Welding System: A new model of the BotX cobot welding system, BotX XSR, adds new advanced welding processes, including superior performance on aluminum welding, and works without cloud connectivity. Available for rent, lease or purchase, both BotX models allow customers to quickly acquire easy-to-use automated welding and increase their production capacity.
  • OTC DAIHEN ECO-ARC 290: This production robotic arc-welding system comes standard with two 250kg headstock positioners for uninterrupted production robot welding. Its unitized base with fork pockets also allows for easy pickup and portability around a fabrication shop.

Additive Manufacturing:

  • FormAlloy DEDSmart®: This metal additive manufacturing solution from FormAlloy Technologies, Inc. will be on display using gases and equipment from Airgas, showing innovative approaches in additive manufacturing to harness the power of data by recording all build parameter data, exporting time-stamped data, and analyzing the data post-build to verify the build quality.
  • Würth Additive Group Kurtz Ersa Alpha 140: The powder bed fusion metallic 3D printer from Kurtz Ersa works with a wide range of metals including stainless steels, tool steels and nickel-based alloys.

Heat Treating:

  • Miller® ProHeat™ 35 Rolling Inductor: The ProHeat 35 rolling induction system is a simple and cost-effective heating system, delivering fast and consistent heat for pipe fabrication shops that weld pipe spools and vessels for the refinery, petrochemical, power and HVAC industries.

Laser and Cutting: 


  • ARCAL™: ARCAL gas cylinders come equipped with SMARTOP™ or EXELTOP™ valve technology to help improve productivity and create a safer work environment. The ARCAL line includes five ready-to-weld pure argon and argon gas mixtures, and provides welders with high quality shielding gas that allows them to produce better welds.
  • Unlocking the Hidden Cost of Welding™ (UHCW) Program: Customers can sign up for the UHCW program to help their welding operations stay competitive through continuous improvement. Digital Welding Efficiency Analysis™ (DWEA™), a monitoring solution that gives customers visibility into how they are performing in comparison to their goals and against their peers, will also be on display with live dashboards in the FABTECH booth.

Hardgoods and Safety:

  • Women’s PPE Collection on Airgas continues to build momentum around PPE products designed to fit women better and allow them to work safely, productively and confidently. Flame-resistant shirts and pants, footwear, welding helmets, gloves and more will be on display in the booth along with other safety products and PPE.
  • A wide selection of products from leading manufacturers — including RADNOR™ brand — that help support safety and productivity in the workplace will be available for hands-on review, including: welding safety supplies and PPE, plus welding consumables like wire, gas equipment, laser, MRO, grinders, abrasives, and more.

Matt Williams, Vice President Advanced Fabrication Markets – Business Development, commented: “We are excited to showcase a range of smart and user-friendly innovations that will help customers advance in their daily welding and fabrication processes. From cobotic welding and laser cutting to optimizing traditional welding, we are always looking to help our customers find ways to improve productivity, create efficiencies, work safely and create a better way to build the future.”

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