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OEM Will Demo Its Cobot Series and new Suite of Welding Robots at Westec 2023

Productive Robotics will highlight its Teach-By-Touch, 7-axis Cobots and its Robotic Welding Systems.

Posted: October 18, 2023

The OB7 from Productive Robotics automates repetitive welding tasks with zero programming required.

Manufacturers are looking for ways to build a skilled workforce that is equipped to meet current demand and help them remain competitive in a digitized industry. Productive Robotics’ 7-axis, OB7 collaborative robots are engineered to improve quality and speed up production rates from automated welding to repetitive tasks such as pick-and-place, CNC milling, deburring and grinding. The OEM will demonstrate its versatile cobot series and its new suite of Blaze welding robots at Booth #2023. Visitors will also be able to test drive Productive Robotics’ proprietary, “no programming” user interface by teaching a welding or machine tending job in just seconds.

“By eliminating programming and the need for an integrator, we’ve merged simplicity with safety so that employees with no experience can learn to run our cobots and robotic welders in minutes,” says Zac Bogart, president of Productive Robotics. “We’re able to put budget-friendly advanced robotic automation [designed and built in the U.S]., into the hands of small job shops and large manufacturers.”

Productive Robotics recently expanded its product line by introducing its new robotic welding series. In 2022 Productive Robotics launched its Blaze Duo and Blaze LF automated welding systems.  “We combined our teach-by-touch, no-programming software with recipes from a state-of-the-art power supply to equip employees with the capability to achieve perfect welds. We also eliminated robot jargon, tool points and vector angles.”

Blaze Duo’s automated doors separate two identical weld stations, minimizing downtime by allowing operators to safely set up one job while the robot is welding another part. Direct video monitoring, an unlimited library of welding recipes and a “no programming” drag and drop tablet controller allow the robot to learn any job in minutes, from simple to complex paths. Blaze LF provides fabricators with the capability to automate processing of both large and small size weldments. The model’s 8-ft.-long table gives manufacturers unrestricted access on all sides as well as easy loading and unloading of components.

Productive Robotics stand-alone Blaze Welding robot was released in 2023. It can be used with a customer’s existing table, fixtures and welder at half the cost of other systems on the market. Unlike 6-axis robots, the 7-axis Blaze Welding stand-alone system can maneuver around all sides of large or complex parts and fixtures, allowing it to perform more weldments in a single setup.

In September, the OEM added several more turnkey automated robotic welding systems. The Blaze Mobile package is equipped with a rolling stand, and can be used with or without a Miller 350 welder. With a reach of 100 in. the Blaze Max welding robot can accommodate a job shop’s stand or large table and its welder. The Blaze Max Mobile system includes a stand and is available with or without a Miller 350 welder. The Blaze MAX LF package is equipped with a Miller 350 welder and alternate table sizes. Blaze welding systems are available with an optional 8th axis, fully robotic positioner and can be upgraded. These turnkey packages are run by the OEM’s teach-by-touch OB7 Stretch cobot, engineered to run new, native welding software designed from the ground up by welders, for welders. Able to handle a mix of part types and high or low part volumes, all Blaze models can be used with the OEM’s rotary positioning table.

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