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CERATIZIT Releases the Semiannual UP2DATE Catalog of Product Developments and Enhancements

This edition features three new products: the MaxiMill 273-08 face mill; the WPC – Change Drill; and the HyPower Rough and HyPower Access 4.5° hydraulic chucks.

Posted: November 7, 2023

CERATIZIT brings customers UP2DATE with advanced cutting tooling solutions.

In a direct response to evolving technologies and customer needs, CERATIZIT releases the semiannual UP2DATE catalog of product developments and enhancements. The fall 2023 edition features three new products designed to provide CERATIZIT customers with robust performance as well as reliable, precise, and cost-effective tooling solutions. Included in the company’s latest UP2DATE are the new MaxiMill 273-08 face mill, the WPC – Change Drill and the HyPower Rough and HyPower Access 4.5° hydraulic chucks.

Take a bite out of milling costs

To meet the demand for cost effective roughing of steel and cast iron, CERATIZIT has added the MaxiMill 273-08 to its high-performance MaxiMill 273 series. Double-sided, negative indexable octagon milling inserts with up to 16 cutting edges per insert set the standard for applications requiring short machining times with deeper cuts up to 6 mm.

The milling cutter is particularly well suited for automotive industry mass production where engine blocks must be milled on the cutting and mounting surfaces, for example. The MaxiMill 273-08 combines the advantages of negative indexable inserts that use both sides of the cutting edges with positive indexable inserts and their ideal installation position.

The ONKU 080608 indexable insert for the MaxiMill 273-08 is available with geometries and grades for machining steel and cast iron. The high insert thickness of the ONKU 08 Internal – Limited external distribution (s=6.5 mm) and the large corner angle of 135° improve stability and help make the system highly reliable, even with high chip removal rates and unmanned operation.

Change drills for cost-savings and sustainability

CERATIZIT has combined the advantages of its high-performance WPC solid carbide drill with the flexibility of an exchange system into its new WPC – Change Drill for quick changeovers and the lowest possible material usage. Consisting of a wear-resistant steel base body, the WPC – Change allows manufacturers to simply replace a PVD-coated carbide exchangeable cutting inserts clamped at the side with a clamping screw. The configuration makes changing the cutting insert quick and easy, even in the machine, without risk of incorrect assembly.

The base body of the WPC – Change features a cylindrical shank that is suitable for multiple uses with a clamping flat and through-coolant. Two face-side outlets direct coolant precisely to the cutting edge to reduce heat and tool wear. Exchangeable inserts can produce holes with diameters of 14 – 30 mm and hole depths of 3xD and 5xD on all machines.

The WPC – Change and matching WPC – Change UNI, suited for steel and cast-iron materials, are resource-friendly and cost-effective alternatives to solid carbide drills while still delivering the same performance.

High performance, high precision holding

The HyPower Rough and HyPower Access 4.5° hydraulic chucks offer stability and precision with low radial runout and strong clamping force. Special vibration damping reduces spindle load while extending tool life and ensuring exceptional part surface quality.

The HyPower Rough hydraulic chuck provides robust performance for roughing in high dynamic milling operations. Best suited to tools using an HA shank, the chuck provides outstanding performance in high temperatures ranging from 80°– 210° Celsius (176° – 410° Fahrenheit) during long milling cycles in excess of 240 minutes and boasts excellent process security and high chip removal.

For precision finishing, reaming and drilling applications, CERATIZIT designed the HyPower Access 4.5°  hydraulic chuck for the requirements of a wide range of markets, including tool and die production, aerospace and automotive manufacturing. Previously, only shrink-fit chucks could be used to machine certain components due to their small number of interference contours. However, the HyPower Access 4.5° – with dimensions exactly matched to those of a shrink-fit chuck (DIN contour with 4.5°) – now gives customers the advantages of hydraulic chucks for critical component processing.

Internal – Limited external distribution

For more information or to download the interactive, Fall 2023 UP2DATE catalog, click here.


Part of the CERATIZIT Group, CERATIZIT USA designs and manufactures high quality standard and custom tooling for the metalworking industry. With headquarters in Schaumburg, Illinois, CERATIZIT USA is a solutions and service provider for many different industry segments, including automotive, aerospace, and energy. With a highly specialized staff, expansive product portfolio and an International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) registration, CERATIZIT USA provides manufacturers with the complete application engineering, service and training support needed for maximum productivity and cost effectiveness.

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