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Expanded Service and After Sales Support Division Maximizes Plate Rolling Capital Equipment Investments

Davi Inc.’s expanded service boosts customer productivity and ensures plate rolling machine efficiencies and longevity.

Posted: November 2, 2023

Davi Inc., the largest global manufacturer of plate rolls, angle rolls and patented wind energy rolling machines, has significantly expanded its Service and After Sales (SAS) Division.

To ensure plate rolling machine longevity and the utmost in efficiency and productivity for its customers, Davi Inc. has significantly expanded its Service and After Sales (SAS) Division. This enhanced globally managed division will supply customers with even more all-encompassing service and support that includes expert machine installation, large readily available stocks of spare parts and accessories, immediate response to service needs, preventive maintenance programs, customized technical training sessions and more.

“Being available to our customers is core to our mission,” said Alessandro Soffritti, President of Davi Inc. and CSO of the DAVI group “We are always at our customers’ sides to provide support and develop plate rolling machine innovations which we continue to deliver for them.”

Immediately following the purchase of a machine, Davi customers receive fully comprehensive information in regard to the installation. Upon the machine delivery, they receive expert machine installation, start up and commissioning to ensure optimum performance. Following that, customers are given a warranty and the benefit of a large spare parts inventory available in the US.

Parts and accessories

Davi maintains four warehouses to provide customers accessories and spare parts. These warehouses and Davi partners located worldwide ensure that spare parts are delivered efficiently and in a timely manner to minimize customer machine downtime. Additionally, Davi has created 2-year and 5-year recommended spare parts kits, specifically tailored to a customer’s machines and for them to keep on hand at their own facilities.

To further enhance machine productivity, Davi offers a wide variety of accessories. These range from overhead and lateral supports to feeding systems, conveyors and robotics for automatic loading along with customized solutions for dedicated production needs.

Among accessories, Davi provides machine CNC upgrades to keep customer setup times as short as possible, while helping to boost productivity and repeatability. These upgrades also safeguard against inevitable software obsolescence.


As part of the SAS Division, Davi offers a full range of service to maintain customer machines and keep them in the best working condition to increase uptime . The company guarantees prompt service through its dedicated help desk, which provides assistance and addresses customer inquiries or issues with a team of over 50 field service engineers. Those Davi trained professionals perform on-site services, such as repairs, maintenance and technical support. All of which are available worldwide.

Starting this year, customers will further benefit from 24-hour-a-day telephone support, remote assistance and remote machine connections along with training for both machine operators and site maintenance teams.

Preventive maintenance

In tandem with its service support, Davi’s Preventive Maintenance Program (PMP) ensures the utmost support for Davi machines already in operation. Within the PMP, Davi offers different levels of preventive maintenance – training for preventive maintenance (1 or 2 visits per year); basic preventive maintenance (2 to 4 visits per year); and full preventive maintenance (4 to 8 visits per year). Davi’s technical experts will collaborate with a customer’s internal maintenance team to assess the suggested number of visits per year based on the customer’s goals and expectations.

Specifically for preventive maintenance programs, Davi’s service and after sales team includes a Preventive Maintenance Manager. This individual focuses on preventive maintenance programs and training for customers and their internal maintenance teams so they learn how to properly take care of plate roll equipment.

Training and the Shadow Program

Where and when needed, Davi provides training sessions specific to each customer’s needs as part of its service and after sales support. These sessions can entail one of the company’s dedicated engineers visiting a customer’s plant and training their machine operators.

Taking customer training to the next level, Davi’s Shadow Program involves the company working together in-person with customers to support their machines and operators. Davi service specialists will “shadow” machine operators to refresh their training and offer advice as to how to optimize the efficiency of both machines and any current plate rolling jobs.

The training covers CNC controls and programming optimization, instructing operators how to run machines in the auto mode whenever possible. Davi will also review a customer’s current machine parameters with operators to strengthen their abilities and comprehension of the plate rolling machine and the overall plate rolling process.

For more information and to download the Davi Service and After Sales Support brochure, please visit

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