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Introducing the Future of Aerospace Manufacturing with Dynamic 9D LADAR on an AGV

Automated Precision Inc. now offers Dynamic 9D LADAR mounted on an Autonomous Guided Vehicle for use in aerospace manufacturing inspections.

Posted: November 7, 2023

API has launched a transformative approach to aerospace manufacturing inspections with the Dynamic 9D LADAR, which is mounted on an AGV.

Automated Precision Inc. (API), a global pioneer in dimensional metrology solutions, is proud to announce a transformative approach to aerospace manufacturing inspections with its Dynamic 9D LADAR mounted on an Autonomous Guided Vehicle (AGV).

The aerospace sector, known for its rigorous quality standards and precision manufacturing requirements, has long sought ways to automate its processes for faster, more accurate data collection. API’s Dynamic 9D LADAR, representing the world’s fastest and most precise non-contact measurement system, is the answer to this industry’s call.

When integrated with an AGV, the 9D LADAR system offers unparalleled flexibility and coverage across the manufacturing floor, navigating autonomously and adjusting its measurement height as needed. With an impressive 25m range and a scanning speed of 0.2 seconds/cm², this non-contact system captures both dimensional and surface geometry data with unmatched precision.

Joe Bioty, President of API, commented, “The integration of our 9D LADAR with AGVs represents a significant leap forward in aerospace manufacturing. This innovation not only ensures the highest levels of accuracy but also streamlines operations, enhancing productivity and efficiency.”

Key Benefits of the 9D LADAR System for Aerospace Manufacturers:

  • Unparalleled Accuracy: With 3D accuracy of 25 μm + 6 μm/m (2 sigma), the system guarantees precision in every scan.
  • Efficiency through Automation: By eliminating manual inspections, the system reduces potential human errors and allows skilled workers to focus on more intricate tasks.
  • Seamless Integration: The system can be effortlessly integrated into existing manufacturing processes and is compatible with third-party metrology software.
  • Boosted Productivity: Rapid, precise, and automated inspections lead to increased measurement throughput, resulting in cost savings and enhanced performance.

API Metrology’s commitment to innovation is evident in this groundbreaking technology, set to redefine aerospace manufacturing inspections. With a global presence and dedicated customer support, API ensures that aerospace manufacturers worldwide can leverage this state-of-the-art technology.

9D LADAR on an AGV

About API
For more than 35 years, API has pioneered advancements in laser-based metrology equipment for industrial inspection and calibration. API is continually developing products to deliver innovation and automation to the manufacturing floor.

API’s advanced 6DoF Laser Trackers, Scanners, and 9D LADAR provide customers with tools to complete complex production tasks with next-level speed and efficiency. Our customers can perform in-line inspection, automated measurement, and precision robot verification to increase production and decrease costs.

API is a partner to our customers, providing Integrated Metrology (iM) solutions for real-world manufacturing environments and automation.

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