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Upgrade Your Shop’s Workflow with the Latest Material Handling Equipment

A higher quality of automated retrieval systems, robots, cobots, AMRs, and machine tending solutions are revamping material handling processes.

Posted: April 4, 2024

DENIOS US has received FM approval for its Rack Fire Protect non-occupancy buildings.
Matter Pro Warehouse Systems for large quantities.
The Matt Box Modular System for small quantities.
Piab offers the piCOBOT and piCOBOT L in complete FANUC CRX adapted versions.
Rite-Hite’s ONE Digital software platform helps unify material handling operations in industrial facilities.
Seegrid’s Palion Lift CR1 features a 15’ lift height and 4,000 lb. payload capacity.
Seegrid’s new Palion Lift CR1.
FM Approval for RFP Buildings Ideal for Hazardous Storage

DENIOS US (Louisville, KY) has received FM approval for its Rack Fire Protect (RFP) non-occupancy buildings. Fire rated for two hours at 2,192°F (1,000°C), they minimize the risk of fire spreading, making them ideal for the storage of flammable chemicals, lithium-ion batteries, and other volatile materials. The adjustable racking system can accommodate up to 48 drums or 12 IBC’s. Designed in Germany and proven in hundreds of installations worldwide, they are now manufactured in the United States for North American installations. A variety of standard sizes are manufactured in the Louisville factory with industry leading lead times.

The FM Approved mark is recognized and respected worldwide and is assigned by FM Approvals, an international leader in third-party testing and certification. The organization employs a five step worldwide certification process that is backed by scientific research, testing, and more than a century of experience.

Complying with various standards such as FM Approval 6049, NFPA, OSHA, EPA-CFR 40 and more, RFP buildings guarantee adherence to safety regulations. Featuring a bi-directional fire rating, they provide a robust two-hour fire protection system that maintains minimal temperature escalation on the external surfaces during an internal fire event. Each building is equipped with three-hour fire-rated roll-up doors that are FM approved and UL-listed. Each structure meets the requirements for the installation location (wind and snow loads). The roof drainage prevents water damage.

DENIOS engineers can aid in selecting HVAC technology to regulate the climate inside the RFP. HMI monitoring controls provide visual and audio annunciation in the case of a deviation in measured data, clearly presented on the easy-to-use touch panels. Multi-sensor fire detectors quickly and reliably detect smoke and fire for the fastest response. DENIOS offers wet or dry fire suppression systems that provide added safety. 

New Hoists Provide “Built Up” Capabilities at Less Cost

Engineered Material Handling, hoistsEngineered Material Handling (EMH) (Valley City, OH) has introduced its line of new EM Model HF Engineered Hoists. Specially designed for heavy service Class D applications such as steel service centers and heavy steel fabricators, EM Model HF Engineered Hoists provide traditional capabilities of specially “built up” engineered hoists, yet at a reduced cost.

EM Model HF Engineered Hoists provide a wide range of traditional features that users typically expect from a custom engineered hoist. That includes double reeving (8/2 and 12/2), providing true vertical lift. Half-depth drum grooves eliminate rope guides.

These hoists offer easy access to upper sheaves for easier maintenance. They offer standard closed loop flux vector VF hoist control, designed with Class F motor insulation. For durability and long life, users can count on 40,000 hours of B-10 life for hoist gearboxes and motors.

Among a variety of other traditional features common with engineered “built up” hoists, users can count on the hoists having rugged, durable motors and gearboxes with standard components, so that spare parts can be easily obtained when needed for maintenance.

EMH designs, sells, and manufactures a complete line of overhead material handling equipment solutions for loads of 25 lbs. to 300 tons, and serves a variety of industries with bridge, gantry, jib, free-standing, workstation, and crane kits, plus custom and standard wire rope hoists and end trucks. EMH is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

New Business to Serve the North American Metals Storage Market
Matter USA Corp, modular automated storage
Matter Pro Warehouse Systems for large quantities.

Matter SRL Managing Director Giuseppe Rotondi announced the formation of Matter USA Corp. (Houston, TX), the company’s new subsidiary for application engineering, sales and service for this major Italian builder of custom and modular automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) for the metals industry. Matter systems are found in mills, metal service centers and metals processing plants worldwide.

Matter systems comprise custom-designed Matter Pro automated intralogistics warehouses for automated storage and handling of large quantities of bar, profile, tube, billet, sheet and slab metal materials, as well as dies and other processing components. These automated warehouse systems are designed to optimize space by increasing the quantity of stored material per square meter, thereby maximizing the efficiency of handling and utilization of plant space. All Matter Pro systems are designed to customer specifications yet offer flexibility and myriad handling options.

Matter USA Corp, modular automated storage
The Matt Box Modular System for small quantities.

The Matt Box systems offer modular and multi-purpose automated warehouse concepts, designed for smaller quantities of material. They are the preferred option for job shops, smaller production departments and specialty metals distributors.

Matter’s team assists its customers with full analysis of their production process, then executes the design, engineering, build, test, installation, commissioning and after-sales service of its systems. Matter uses leading-edge software and automation components in its designs. In use, a Matter system offers its users complete data tracking on all materials and product bundles to further the efficiency and effectiveness of a company’s ERP.

Progressive Gripping, Lifting and Moving Solutions
Piab,piCOBOT®, cobot tool family,
Piab offers the piCOBOT and piCOBOT L in complete FANUC CRX adapted versions.

Piab (Hingham, MA) continues the journey to make its foremost cobot tool family available to all end users. The company offers the piCOBOT® and piCOBOT®L in complete FANUC CRX adapted versions.

Piab’s clever end-of-arm-tool piCOBOT has so far had almost a decade of prosperity on the market for cobot equipment. Parts of the success relate to the unit itself — its compact yet user-friendly design and unparalleled precision. And of course, its capacity. Despite its limited weight, only 1.5 lbs. (720 g), this EOAT is able to lift objects of up to 15.4 lbs. (7kg). In 2022, the success was followed by the even more powerful model piCOBOT L, with a lifting capacity of up to 135 lbs. (6 kg).

Since their respective premieres, both products have been suited to fit several different cobot manufacturers specifically, one of which being FANUC — a partner from some previous adaptations.

“Following our certified piCOBOT and piCOBOT L adaptations for FANUC’s CR4/CR7 and LR Mate 200 robots, it was natural to apply the same matched setup on their CRX range,” said Madeleine Sheikh, product manager of Piab Vacuum Automation division. “And it’s exactly where we have landed today — true plug and play.”

The new Fanuc CRX configuration is a full package including a software plug-in, mechanical interface, specified cabling and compressed-air hosing, which as a whole will support safe and easy-to-use cobot interaction for the end customer. Naturally, when it comes to Piab solutions, the setup is accompanied by an ever-expanding range of suction cups and accessories.

New Software Helps Improve Productivity, Energy and Safety
Rite-Hite, ONE Digital software
Rite-Hite’s ONE Digital software platform helps unify material handling operations in industrial facilities.

Rite-Hite (Milwaukee, WI) recently debuted Rite-Hite ONE Digital at MODEX 2024. Rite-Hite ONE is a comprehensive digital platform that empowers customers to optimize facility throughput, prioritize maintenance, mitigate safety incidents, reduce demurrage and act on meaningful data analytics from Rite-Hite’s line of smart, connected equipment.

Specifically, the Rite-Hite ONE Digital software platform helps unify material handling operations in warehouses, distribution centers, and other industrial facilities. In addition to connecting Rite-Hite’s smart-enabled high-speed doors and loading dock equipment (such as levelers, barriers, vehicle restraints and controls), it also collects and analyzes data from that equipment, helping facility managers and teams to see trends and make data-based decisions.

The new platform was developed based on extensive input from customers, including major manufacturers, distribution centers, 3PLs, and food processing facilities. As with leading Silicon Valley software platform introductions, Rite-Hite will release upgrades to its ONE Digital software on a regular basis.

New Height and Heavier Payload for Autonomous Lift Truck
Seegrid, autonomous lift truck
Seegrid’s new Palion Lift CR1.

Seegrid Corp. (Pittsburgh, PA), a leader in autonomous mobile robot (AMR) solutions for material handling, debuted its latest lift AMR, the Palion™ Lift CR1. This new lift truck addresses evolving challenges in autonomous material handling for warehousing, manufacturing and logistics customers.

The Palion Lift CR1 boasts an impressive 15’ lift height and a robust 4,000 lb. payload

capacity. Its innovative technology redefines the possibilities for warehouse automation, offering a flexible and scalable solution to meet the diverse needs of modern facilities.

The CR1 is the second lift AMR in Seegrid’s fleet, joining the Palion Lift RS1. Throughout 2023, the RS1 was successfully deployed in multiple, blue-chip customer sites where it is currently being used in live applications and delivering significant ROI. With CR1, customers can now gain the same benefits delivered by the RS1, but at even greater heights and with heavier loads —and with the added flexibility of a ride-on compartment.

Seegrid,Autonomous Lift Truck
Seegrid’s Palion Lift CR1 features a 15’ lift height and 4,000 lb. payload capacity.

“Seegrid is focused on providing AMRs with the most robust suite of automation technology available in the industry because we believe that is what is required to truly deliver autonomy that works,” said Joe Pajer, CEO and president of Seegrid. “The CR1 is just the latest example of our dedication to that mission.”

One of the features of Seegrid’s Palion Lift CR1 is the Advanced Autonomous Navigation, where the CR1 operates seamlessly throughout dynamic environments, navigating aisles and managing buffer zones with precision and safety. And by automating material handling tasks, the CR1 lift solution can streamline crucial operations, reduce operational costs, minimize the risk of accidents, and ultimately improve overall warehouse efficiency.

What’s more, the CR1 offers a scalable solution that adapts to environments, making it a steadfast solution for evolving business needs without disrupting day-to-day operations.

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