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Innovative Automated Technology Increases Efficiency in Aluminum Welding

Ideal for manufacturers of trains, road tankers and chemical tanks, shipbuilding and aerospace components, the ARCLINE PP automated welding process from Linde Gases features a positively energized tungsten electrode for constant cathodic cleaning of the welding area to reduce the risk of inclusions and minimize the need for pre-weld cleaning.

Field vs. Shop: What’s the Best Welding Process for Structural Steel Fabrication?

Whether structural steel welding is taking place in an indoor shop setting or outdoors in the field is a factor that either introduces or eliminates a host of elements, including wind, the enemy of shielding gas and the welding processes that rely on it. Here are some insights to help you choose the right structural steel fabrication process for a field application or for shop welding.

Tips for Successful Aluminum MIG Welding Repairs

With its low melting point, the presence of an oxide layer on its surface, prone to burn-through with a difficult-to-control weld pool, aluminum can be somewhat tricky. Here are some insights that will provide you with the best course of action to take for making a repair.

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