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Derick Railling

Derick Railling is a product manager at Hobart Brothers LLC, Email

Articles by Derick Railling

What to Know About Stress Relieving After Welding

With the proper process, oil and gas industries that require components to maintain corrosion or cracking resistance can have peace of mind that elevated service temperatures or multiple repair cycles won’t cause damage.

Welding High Strength Steel

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about the process of welding this material, along with insights to help you improve your weld quality and increase your productivity.

How to Increase Productivity with Self-Shielded Flux-Cored Wire

What if you could obtain high quality welds outdoors without the productivity slowdowns associated with changing stick electrodes? Self-shielded flux-cored wires allow welders to continue working without interruption. These wires have changed and improved from what was available several years ago, but you must understand how to select the best wire for the job.

Wire Feeding Issues? Consider These Common Causes First

Though welding operators often assume that the filler metal is the source of a wire feeding problem, it’s important to consider other common causes before taking any corrective steps. Don’t assume that cleaning lube off the wire or adding more lube is the answer. While there are many potential causes to poor wire feeding, many of them have simple solutions.

Small Steps, Big Savings: Filler Metal Storage & Handling

Here are some insights into proper storage and handling of stick electrodes, solid wires and tubular wires (flux-cored and metal-cored) that can help you achieve the best welding performance, minimize downtime and reduce operating costs.

Understanding AWS Classifications

As with any part of the welding operation, greater knowledge can lead to greater welding performance. Regardless of the filler metal being used for the job – stick electrode, solid wire or flux-cored wire – understanding AWS classifications can help welding operators know the performance that they will gain from a given product and the way it is best used.

Reduce Moisture-Absorption and Cracking Risks with Seamless Wires

Not every welding application requires the benefits that higher priced seamless wires provide. But when moisture must be controlled to help minimize the risk of hydrogen-induced cracking in demanding high-strength applications – and with it, costly repairs or potentially catastrophic weld failures – seamless welds are the ideal solution for the job.

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