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Jonathan Wilkins

Jonathan Wilkins is the marketing director of EU Automation, Unit 3, Parker Court, Staffordshire Technology Park, Stafford, ST18 0WP, United Kingdom, 312-945-7361,,

Articles by Jonathan Wilkins

Destination: Utopia

As Industry 4.0 connects more sensors, combines digital twins with machine learning software and expands the use of data-driven automation, the continual reduction of downtime will slowly move manufacturers toward the promise of paradise.

Blockchain vs. the Tangle

Both services have potential in manufacturing for Internet-connected devices to securely complete transactions without human interaction, including machine tools. How do manufacturers determine which one to use?

Changing Business Models with the Internet of Things

How does your company create and deliver value? Guest columnist Jonathan Wilkins of industrial automation and controls equipment supplier EU Automation explains how technology is changing the way manufacturers provide customers with the reliability, efficiency and accurate cost prediction they need.

Vocal Power for Manufacturers

Since its release, Amazon has sold over 20 million Echo devices with Alexa, their voice activated assistant. It has changed the way we complete many daily tasks, from shopping to getting weather updates. But could it do the same for manufacturing? How will voice recognition technology improve manufacturing processes?

Three Wearables for Your Factory

Wearable technology can improve worker safety and comfort and contribute to productivity. It’s no longer just smart watches and fitness trackers . . . wearable tech is set to become a factory essential.

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