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Taylor Winfield Technologies, Inc.

Our Customers' Success Is Our Success

Founded in the 19th century, expanding throughout the 20th and helping to lead the evolution of advanced manufacturing in the 21st, Taylor-Winfield is among few enduring companies whose history parallels the birth of America as an industrial power and its rise and constancy as a global leader in manufacturing innovation and production.

Consider that Taylor-Winfield was founded in 1882, only a few short years after Bell patented the telephone and Edison introduced the light bulb – and a full twenty years before Henry Ford began manufacturing the Model T. In fact, Edison and Ford visited Taylor-Winfield in 1927 to witness the advanced welding techniques it had developed for Ford’s Model T.

As the 20th Century continued to unfold with the advent of lean manufacturing, the introduction of ISO standards and the emergence of robotics in manufacturing, Taylor-Winfield not only kept pace with industrial change, it was also a world-class innovator, becoming the first company to provide an automatic welding system for a continuous steel process plant. Taylor-Winfield also solidified its standing as a world leader in resistance welding by helping to write the standards in welding for the Resistance Welding Manufacturing Alliance(RWMA).

The through line to its longevity as an innovator is a culture of engineering second to none, with a focus on problem-solving, pushing equipment paradigms and a relentless focus on customer success. This culture is passed down from generation to generation of Taylor-Winfield’s engineers through a commitment to high standards, knowledge sharing and a willingness to solve challenges other firms won’t or can’t.

In the 21st Century, Taylor-Winfield Technologies is known internationally as a leader in innovative custom material joining solutions and automated parts production systems. Taylor-Winfield works with some of the most innovative companies in the world, such as SpaceX.

Despite our catalog of over 55,000 successful projects, the work we are most proud of is the work we will do next.

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Taylor Winfield Technologies, Inc.

3200 Innovation Place
Youngstown, OH 44509

Phone: (330) 259-8500

Sales Contact

Katie Denno

Phone: (330) 259-8516