To meet the most demanding machining challenges, the TALENT 51 MSY CNC Turning Center from Hardinge comes standard with live tooling, subspindle and Y-axis that allows for part-complete operations.
Booth S-8119: Engineered with a triple stack turret with a tool changer, the C1 Multi-Process Turning Center from Hwacheon is a half turning center, half machining center with Y- and C-axis control that completely and precisely manufactures parts with complicated shapes in a single chucking operation.
The C1 Multi-Process Turning Center from Hwacheon Machinery uses a triple stack turret with a tool changer to handle a multitude of tools that allow for the precise machining of complex parts with drastically reduced setups.
Booth S-8319: The BX40i double-column (bridge-type) CNC machine from Hurco offers exceptional accuracy and outstanding surface finish capabilities for the mold market and aerospace industry.
The BX40i double-column (bridge-type) CNC machine from Hurco provides exceptional accuracy and outstanding surface finish for the mold market, aerospace parts, and any high speed machining application requiring tighter tolerances.
Booth S-8754: Live Remote Assistance from GF Machining Solutions allows customer-authorized remote diagnostics and inspection assistance to be conducted by either a field technician or the manufacturer using the system via the connection of the machine in the shop to a local GF Machining Solutions diagnostics center in real time.
In line with Industry 4.0, the rConnect central communications platform from GF Machining Solutions provides one more step toward the elimination of process downtime, improved machine performance and fully predictive manufacturing process and product quality.
Construction of the future state in metalworking begins with altering or changing the traditional way a shop selects and purchases equipment and systems.
The competitive advantage of the future lies in smart machines that aid in improving your shop’s entire production system, not just an existing process. This webinar will share some tips on equipment and systems that buyers of smart machines must look for.
Industry News

Clawing Back Offshore Work

Australian industry has discovered how this one-stop-shop facility has become a strategic reason not to automatically default to metal fabrication in low cost labor countries.

Tube & Pipe Fabrication: Welding

Here are some of the advances in tube and pipe welding equipment and accessories that are now available to help shops make money while meeting demands for more complex geometries, tougher materials, faster speed and higher quality.

Honing: A Winning Finish

From start to finish, the honing mastery of Nick Ferri is behind 57 national event NHRA Pro Stock victories and five championships, including back-to-back titles for 2015 champion Erica Enders-Stevens.

Self-Locking Taps Provide Holding Power That Lasts

Union Butterfield self-locking taps from Dormer Pramet are ideal for working with aluminum or other lightweight soft materials used in transportation, medical or industrial applications.

Next Generation of Tape Measures

New Magnetic Tape Measures from Milwaukee Tool have an improved finger stop mechanism that protects the user's fingers during retraction while maximizing stability during layout applications.

Compact Belt-Driven Spindle Direct Couples with Any Motor

The smaller size of the highly versatile InTronix Spindle from Gilman Precision leaves a smaller footprint that reduces the overall size and weight of any given machine.

Glove Features Complex Construction for Heavy Duty Work

The high-end SmartShell BKCR4599 mechanic’s glove from Brass Knuckle delivers ANSI level 4 cut resistance in a very breathable, durable and flexible glove.

Vertical Lift Reduces Picking Error Margin to Zero

The flexible OnePick integrated system from Modula offers fully automated, accurate and secure picking and replenishing of products.