The FlexFeed 84 Dual Semiautomatic Wire Feeder features digital meters with preset voltage and wire-feed speed. It displays actual voltage and current during welding and also offers four user memories to save repeated procedures. The system also allows the welding engineer to set passcode-secured limits and lockouts to control welding procedures.
The Flex Feed 84 industrial wire feeder from Lincoln Electric is ideal for heavy and general fabrication, construction, structural and heavy equipment applications and includes a built-in interface for hard automation.
The TransPocket's current consumption now automatically adjusts to the sinusoidal grid voltage. This makes the device highly energy-efficient, and minimizes disruptive repercussions in relation to the grid. (Photo courtesy of Fronius International GmbH)
The TransPocket 150 and 180 systems from Fronius use hand-held welding torches that can utilize electrodes with diameters up to 5/32 in and power sources that are also suitable for TIG welding up to 220 A.
Metal AM lowers total cost by creating highly intricate components that eliminate assemblies, are lighter and possess increased structural capabilities and product durability that perform at higher efficiencies and temperatures. Here is a lightweight combustion chamber for a European Space Agency communication satellite engine incorporating mesh geometry for advanced structural and thermal performance.
Here are five important aspects of the design and manufacturing process that everyone should understand to properly and successfully implement metal additive manufacturing within your company.
Reamers and anti-spatter combined are a good defense against premature consumable failure and poor shielding gas coverage (caused by spatter-blocked gas ports), and can help extend the life of front-end consumables.
Did you realize a contact tip often serves as a barometer of the overall effectiveness of the welding process by indicating how optimized it is – or isn’t? To prevent time consuming and costly issues with joint access, here are some important reasons why consumables must be part of the planning process when working with an integrator to design a robotic welding system.
Industry News

Intelligent Bending

This plant heralded a complete shift to all-electric tube bending technology to meet huge demand for their new product with an integrated tube processing system that merges robotic handling of the material to bend extremely long tubing in very short cycle times and almost double their manufacturing output from 1,800 units to 3,500 units a day.

How To Weld 3D Printed Parts

The 3D metal printing process is prone to capture microscopic inclusions and voids in the material. When these parts are welded, these micro voids coagulate into large bubbles of porosity that weaken the weld due to stress concentration in the area of the porosity. John DeLalio of EB Industries explains how electron beam welding can be used to address this issue.

The Machine Tool Goes Digital

As digital and virtual simulation optimize its mechanical, control and networking capabilities, the machine tool of the future will be redefined as a functional node in the broader network of the Internet of Things.

How Close is Close Enough When Trying to Achieve Positioning Accuracy?

Which is better: pneumatic or electric actuation? This review of the various options of each process, along with their advantages and shortcomings depending on application circumstances, can help you make more informed decisions about positioning design and selection.

External and Internal Thread Inspection Systems

External and Internal Variables Inspection Systems from Johnson Gage are ideal for NPT, NPTF, ANPT, and NGT Threads that are in accordance with the new ASME B1.20 Specification.

How Clean is Clean Enough? Evaluating Air Quality

Is your shop clean enough to fabricate components for medical devices? A proper diagnosis is necessary to solving an OSHA or FDA particulate problem. But before installing an air quality remedy, it helps to know your current particulate levels, exposure profile and airflow patterns. Let’s take a closer look at this evaluation process.

Durable, Comfortable Gloves Tackle All Types of Work

Performance, Performance Fingerless and Free-Flex Gloves from Milwaukee Tool feature breathable lining and mesh backing to help wick away moisture for all-day comfort, with high dexterity fingertips for extra control when handling small objects.

Intelligent Vacuum Generation for Every Application

The piCOMPACT23 all-in-one ejector platform from Piab has improved and intelligent blow-off functions, a split unit design, a self-adhesion control feature and IO-Link communication.