Saw Blades, Tooling & Workholding
Booth C-228: Ideal for improved cutting performance on aluminum and non-ferrous materials, the CAST MASTER XL bandsaw blade from LENOX combines precision grinding techniques and innovative tooth geometries with next generation welding technology to provide increased blade life and superior part finish in high-speed aluminum cutting applications
LENOX offers the CAST MASTER XL bandsaw blade for the rigorous needs of the growing aluminum market.
Tooling & Workholding
Booth S-4109: Ideal for repetitive machining of round or cylindrical work pieces such as valve bodies, flanges, pump housings and pistons, the new Chain Clamp from Lenzkes is the easiest, fastest and safest way to hold round parts. It does not have to be dismounted the chain links do not have to be taken out when clamping different sized parts.
The new Chain Clamp from Lenzkes is ideal for the machining of round or cylindrical parts, such as valve bodies, flanges, pump housings and pistons.
Metal Forming & Fabricating, Sawing Systems
The new TigerSaw 2000 from TigerStop provides an adjustable cutting envelope that can accommodate various saw blade sizes from 350 mm to 500 mm, pneumatic clamping for handling delicate material, an air over oil for improved cut quality, and a patent-pending lube misting system which follows the blade delivering lubrication at the cut point for increased blade life. 
The fully automated TigerSaw 2000 cross‐cutting saw system from TigerStop is ideal for cutting aluminum extrusions, solid and hollow tube and pipe, and pack sawing.
Environmental Health & Safety
In a visual workplace, floors do not exist simply to walk on or hold things up. They function: showing us where it is safe to walk, where materials are, and where we are supposed to work. Every section of the floor, every bench, work surface, hand tool, part, machine, rack, cabinet, and bin is equipped to make a contribution to the collective purpose that is beyond its mere existence, because now that item can visually communicate vital information to anyone and everyone who needs it as they need it. There are no exceptions.
One of the key components to 5S workplace organization and the war on waste – and one of the most misunderstood opportunities for huge improvement – is the use of visual devices that clearly and precisely explain how to perform error-free work safely, smoothly, reliably, and on time. 
Industry News

Waterjet Technology Improves Productivity

OMAX offers OMAX 80X and MAXIEM 1515 JetMachining Centers and the Intelli-MAX Software Suite.

Flexible Enclosure Welding

These new enclosures use advanced engineering polymers that are ideal for controlling particulate contamination in aerospace, automotive, biochemical, medical, food and beverage, semiconductor and nuclear welding applications.

All Over the Mapp

The next step in the Internet of Things is here. These robots and the machine tools they tend can use a single controller for automated interaction instead of separate units operated by different kinds of software that must communicate through a fieldbus. Now the same control system can manage both the machines and the robots of an automated plant.

One Source Fabrication Solutions

Mate showcases their new SuperMax tool coating, CleanBend Forming Technology, “Bevel Tang Style” Press Brake Tooling and 1 Micron Optics for fiber lasers.

Eliminating Defective Fasteners with 3D Inspection

As lightweight materials sweep the industry, fastener manufacturers have discovered how to overcome the problems of achieving zero defects through 100 percent inspection.

How HVLS Fans and Curtain Walls Improve Indoor Air Quality

The containment of dust and other air particulates generated by cutting, grinding and welding is one of the biggest quality and safety challenges in the metalworking industry. Problems caused by in-plant dust/particulates are a dangerous issue to ignore, so here are two cost effective ways to address them.

Curtains for Machine Guarding

Expandable REAR-GUARD perimeter guarding from North American Safety Products provides ideal barriers for welding and machine tool operations.

Sawing and Storage Technology for Metalworking Shops

KASTO features new, fully automated KASTOwin bandsaws and the UNITOWER tower storage system.