The ATLAS single-chain, batch atmosphere furnace from Ipsen is used to process parts for the oil and gas industry, along with the aftermarket automotive sector.
The VTC-805E Vertical Traveling Column Machining Center and VARIAXIS i-600 full simultaneous 5-axis Multi-Tasking high speed machine from Mazak bring high versatility and productivity to the production of parts used in oil and gas applications.
The Okuma MCR-A5CII-35x100 double-column machining center at Unisig is the largest double-column machine of its type in North America, with multiple heads that can process five sides of a large part in a single setup.
Version 4.0 Release 3 CAD/CAM software from Tebis can shorten cycle times by roughly 30 percent in laser cutting and trimming through improved NC point distribution in more compact programs.
Industry News

Shaping the Made in America Movement

A looming skills gap that must be filled. Robots taking away jobs. Shops fighting to keep jobs in our country. How about some promising news regarding our manufacturing sector?

Automatic Welding Helmet Increases Operator Comfort and Productivity

The Sentinel A50 automatic welding helmet from ESAB features Halo headgear and an ergonomic, low-profile design for improved weight distribution with five contact points.

Hybrid Machine Tools

The economies and production rates that are gained on metal parts produced by additive manufacturing processes can suffer when post-machining is required due to a sub-standard surface finish. That’s where these innovative machine tools come in: they combine additive and subtractive technologies to eliminate secondary operations. Here’s a closer look at how some of the newest systems do it.

High Pressure Vises for Milling, Grinding, Toolroom and Production

The full line of Arnold high pressure vises from Dapra provide controllable power and dependable clamping and are manufactured to precision tolerances with accurate standards to ensure reliability and long life.

Complete 3D Analysis of Tools and Parts

Walter HELICHECK 3D non-contact CNC measuring machine from United Grinding combines a transmitted light camera and laser sensor to scan, then digitize cutting tools and production parts. It then creates 3D models of those tools and/or parts that users can save, process, analyze and measure.

Heavy Duty Vacuum Disintegrates Concerns in Abrasive Blasting

Replacing manual removal of steel shot with vacuuming to handle ergonomic concern reduces unscheduled downtime by 80 percent, manpower by more than 50 percent and provides more efficient maintenance of cleaner environment.

Automated Barrier Panel for Robotic Welding Cells

An alternative to light curtains or area scanners, the Vertiguard Automated Barrier Panel from Rite-Hite Machine Guarding is ideal for small interaction points with single or double robotic cells, part assembly, and conveyor openings.

Transport Steel Coils and Other Loads Quickly, Securely and Safely

The Model LS Load-Stabilized Hoist from Engineered Material Handling is ideal for precise positioning of steel coils, mesh handling, and other shop applications.