The unique capabilities of the innovative AURA collaborative robot, the Rebel-S SCARA robot and the Racer5 robot from Comau demonstrate the ever-changing future of automation in a variety of applications.
The unique software architecture of FASTSUITE Edition 2 digital factory software from CENIT can easily program robots and/or machine tools by using the process geometry defined on the workpiece and the available technology packages.
The Powerfoil X3.0 industrial ceiling fan from Big Ass Fans is equipped with SmartSense technology that eliminates the trial and error of finding the ideal air speed when temperatures change.
The smallest foundry robot in its class, the flexible IRB 1200 Foundry Plus 2 from ABB Robotics reduces cycle times for precision die casting processes used on smart phone cases and other electrical components.
Industry News

Low Cost, Easy to Use MES Software

BellHawk uses barcode tracking and mobile computer technology to track the receipt and put-away of raw materials, their conversion into finished products through a sequence of operations and the packing and shipping of finished products to customers.

Intelligent Gas Cylinder Capabilities

The EVOS DCi gas cylinder valve from Linde Gases delivers live data on cylinder location and gas information, including gas type, volume of gas, rate of gas usage and even cylinder temperature.

New Literature for Welding Applications

Targeted at various welding industries, this new 52-page catalog from Dynabrade features a diverse line of air tools, abrasives and accessories for all types of grinding, blending and finishing needs.

Cutting Edge Inspection Software for Cutting Tools

The PG1000 REACTION software from Euro-Tech performs complex custom image analysis by finding patterns and shapes and overlooking excessive glare from too much directed light, shadows, irregular or broken shapes.

Roughness and Optical Shaft Measurement, Wireless Capabilities

Mahr Federal features the MarSurf PS 10 Roughness Measuring Unit and the MarShaft SCOPE 250 plus, along with their extensive wireless data transmission capability.

Proteins: A Cutting Edge Clean Technology Additive for Metalworking Fluids

How can a shop reduce their operating costs when they face the challenges of machining difficult-to-cut metals and temperature-resistant super alloys, improving employee safety, and being more environmentally friendly? One solution lies in proteins . . . yes, that’s right, proteins.

How to Prevent Lift Operation by Untrained or Unauthorized Personnel

The Safety LiftLok System for vertical reciprocating conveyors from Wildeck includes passcode-protected digital keypad or key switch options to prevent lift operation by unauthorized personnel.

Automated Turret Punch Press Loading

FS Tower Series cell stocker systems from Murata Machinery provide a compact design, quieter system operation, multiple-stack operation to cater non-standard parts and the latest technology FMS-dedicated controller.