Metal Forming & Fabricating, Waterjets
Jacquet Midwest uses a dual head 5-axis EDGE X-5 waterjet cutting system from Jet Edge to process full 10 ft x 20 ft plates of stainless steel (up to 12 in thick) and nickel alloy (up to 2 in thick). The rare capability of dual 5-axis cutting services on the system distinguishes the company from their competitors. (second view)
From metal service centers in the U.S to industrial plant contractors in Turkey, fabricators everywhere are discovering how 5-axis waterjet cutting capabilities can be used to grow their business in heavy industrial applications. 
Environmental Health & Safety, Hearing Protection
At steel mill complexes, the ambient noise levels are often high. Localized levels can reach 105 decibels (dBA) in areas where 6 ft circular saws cut steel beams, or even 106 dBA near the electric arc furnaces.
Fit testing advances hearing protection at the steel mill: even the best earplugs won’t work — if they’re not properly worn.
Metal Forming & Fabricating
Machine operator Randy Duckworth processes steel parts more than one inch thick on the FlatMaster 120 parts leveler in the Birmingham plant of O'Neal Manufacturing Services. The parts are cut from plate by laser or plasma machine and vary widely in size and shape, often with openings as well. Parts run on the machine include those used for Small Track Type Tractor bulldozers built by Caterpillar.
Flattening a warped steel part that is nearly two inches thick is extremely difficult, even with a flattening press and a lot of experience. But for a heavy fabricator that uses one of the largest parts levelers in North America, it’s just a matter of setting a few parameters in the control and feeding the problem part into the machine, which hits it right on the first pass. 
Industry News

A Little TLC Means a Lot to Press Brake Tooling

Press brake tools are the only parts of the machine that ever touch the finished parts being formed. The best precision CNC press brake cannot produce good products with poor tooling, and bad tooling makes all the good hardware in the process – including the machine operator – useless. 

Green Welding Machine Line Expands

Forney has also introduced a complete line of nearly 130 new soldering products to round out its full-service product lines for the auto enthusiast, farm and ranch customer, industrial/consumer welder and the do-it-yourselfer.

Precision Grinding With Graphical Monitoring

The special controls used by thread grinding machine tool builder Mikromat keeps their machines simple to operate as they get faster and more precise to meet complex aviation, aerospace, marine and automobile applications.

Welding & Fabrication Catalog

Weiler's new catalog is available in both print and online versions and features the new Tiger X flap disc.

Automating GD&T Principles and Practices Into Inspection

The advanced software in these new shop floor inspection systems integrates geometric dimensioning and tolerancing parameters into the measurement process to improve the assessment of functional precision in the parts being measured. 

Clean Air Gun Reduces Weld Fume and Smoke

Bernard’s redesigned Clean AirFume Extraction Gun has a crush- and snag-resistant vacuum hose that maximizes maneuverability and limits hang-ups on nearby equipment or fixtures.

Curtains for Machine Guarding

Expandable REAR-GUARD perimeter guarding from North American Safety Products provides ideal barriers for welding and machine tool operations.

Magnetic Trays for Tool Storage

Arsenal 5920 and 5925 Magnetic Tray Organizers by Ergodyne are ideal for working with foreign ferromagnetic objects or those with daily FME and FOD hazards.