Complete control of welding parameters at the weld joint saves time by reducing trips to the power source, a benefit that can help improve productivity, safety and weld quality – especially on expansive jobsites.  
Faced with a growing shortage of skilled labor and demands to complete jobs faster than ever before, contractors must do something to maximize their productivity. What is the answer? 
Metal Forming & Fabricating, Press Brakes, Panel Benders
Flakes from the oxide layer that have come from the part and accumulated on the tooling and machine during the bending process. Fouling might occur when forming hot-rolled steel with heavy scale on the surface, or any mild steel part that has been laser-cut using oxygen assist gas or an oxy-fuel cutting process. These parts leave metal flakes on the tooling and machine during the bending process that cause excessive abrasion which can rapidly damage tooling and machine alike. Periodically wiping down the tools and machine with an oiled rag to remove metal flakes is about the most important thing to do to prevent undue wear and tear.  
Press brake tools are the only parts of the machine that ever touch the finished parts being formed. The best precision CNC press brake cannot produce good products with poor tooling, and bad tooling makes all the good hardware in the process – including the machine operator – useless. 
Chucks, Collets, Tooling & Workholding
A Unilock zero-point clamping system uses air pressure plus die springs to drive clamping pins against a tapered clamping knob that is attached to a base plate, fixture or directly to the workpiece for easy palletization of single or multi-chuck applications.
The way we machine parts has changed significantly over the years. Now it’s time to change how we think about workholding too.  
Indoor Air Quality, Maintenance
Ambient systems clean the air for the entire facility and capture weld smoke that source capture methods may miss. 
You already have source capture systems in place for your welding operations. Do you also need an ambient air quality system? If your air isn’t as clean as it should be, you might want to consider it. 
Industry News

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From metal service centers in the U.S to industrial plant contractors in Turkey, fabricators everywhere are discovering how 5-axis waterjet cutting capabilities can be used to grow their business in heavy industrial applications. 

Fittings for Closed Cooling in Harsh Welding Environments

Liquidline fittings from Eisele include flame-retardant and abrasion-resistant ProWeld hoses made of polyether-polyurethane that can be used for high stress conditions.

Precision Grinding With Graphical Monitoring

The special controls used by thread grinding machine tool builder Mikromat keeps their machines simple to operate as they get faster and more precise to meet complex aviation, aerospace, marine and automobile applications.

Welding & Fabrication Catalog

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Automating GD&T Principles and Practices Into Inspection

The advanced software in these new shop floor inspection systems integrates geometric dimensioning and tolerancing parameters into the measurement process to improve the assessment of functional precision in the parts being measured. 

Air Flow Amplifiers Extract Dust and Fumes with No Moving Parts

Vortec Air Flow Amplifiers available in multiple sizes can easily adapt from extraction and ventilation of fumes and gases to blow-off applications, such as drying of parts, cooling of moldings, castings, and food products.

Hearing Conservation: Fit Testing for Heavy Fabrication

Fit testing advances hearing protection at the steel mill: even the best earplugs won’t work — if they’re not properly worn.

Magnetic Trays for Tool Storage

Arsenal 5920 and 5925 Magnetic Tray Organizers by Ergodyne are ideal for working with foreign ferromagnetic objects or those with daily FME and FOD hazards.