Lathes, Metal Cutting
Making its American debut, the compact, economical HJ-250E horizontal CNC lathe from Okuma is 
excellent for machining parts for several industries.
The entry-level HJ-250E horizontal CNC lathe from Okuma provides stability, rigidity and accuracy for a variety of applications.
Metal Cutting, Turning Centers
The AS-200 Lathe JobShop Cell loads through the door, not through the spindle, allowing automatic loading of stock larger than the bar capacity of the lathe. The Nakamura-Tome AS-200 High Performance Multitasking Turning Center offers a single spindle, single turret in a heavy duty and compact machine for exceptional value.  The standard AS-200  is well equipped with a powerful milling drive, together with a high-speed C-Axis and 82 mm stroke Y-Axis for accurate, finished parts.  
The Lathe JobShop Cell from Methods Machine Tools features the new Nakamura-Tome AS-200 High Performance Multitasking Turning Center that is ideal for job shops wanting to incorporate automation in their turning operations.
Metal Cutting, Turning Centers
The QTU 250MSY from Mazak features a milling turret with a rotary tool spindle to perform Multi-
Tasking operations, a second turning spindle for Done In One® part production, Y-axis
functionality for off-centerline machining, an advanced integral spindle/motor headstock, special servo-driven turret,  spindle/motor headstock for extreme rigidity in heavy-duty machining
as well as high-speed, high-torque operations with zero backlash.
A full-circumference C-axis headstock break provides high-accuracy positioning to within 0.0001 deg.
The QTU 250MSY small footprint multi-tasking turning center from Mazak is ideal for machining high precision small parts used in medical devices, engine components and electronic enclosures.
Metal Cutting, Turning Centers
The L2100SY multi-tasking wedge type Y-axis CNC turning center from Hyundai WIA uses a latest-generation BMT top plate to increase tool performance and rigidity by securing each tool with four screws. Cutting is reinforced by all-axis box guideway design.
The L2100SY multi-tasking wedge type Y-axis CNC turning center from Hyundai WIA uses a high-precision spindle with elevated resistance to heat distortion for high accuracy in heavy duty cutting of demanding jobs.
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