In many shops, the submerged arc welding application involves restricted space or confined parameters that make equipment flexibility a necessity. With built-in fork pockets and caster wheels, the SubArc Portable Welding System can move the entire system to the workpiece. Easy positioning of the weld head to the point of the weld on the workpiece is possible through use of an integrated motorized column, manual telescoping boom, cross slides and 360 deg column rotation that contributes to the system’s ability to reach where the weld is needed.
The self-contained SubArc Portable Welding System from Miller Electric is a ready-to-weld system that contains the power source, column and boom on a mobile platform.
Roughing operation with titanium: without Safe-Lock, the tool pulled out of the standard shrink fit chuck and broke at ap = 2xD. With Power or Heavy Duty Chucks and Safe-Lock from Haimer, it was possible to reliably mill full slots at ap =
2xD. (Photo courtesy Heller / Haimer)
The importance of the tool holder is still understated in roughing and heavy duty machining, where metal removal rates are absolutely crucial for productivity. But now, using special shrink fit chucks with drive pins and spiral grooves in the tool shank, it is possible to perform high-feed full slotting up to 2xD (50 mm) or more in difficult to machine materials.
Pipe welding in Ohio with an SAE-300 MP Engine Drive Welder. The engine-driven SAE-300 MP Pure DC Generator Welder from Lincoln Electric responds to the rough conditions in pipeline construction, delivering consistent power and maximum control no matter how hot or cold, how long the pipeline or how tough the job.
The engine-driven SAE-300 MP Pure DC Generator Welder from Lincoln Electric stands up to rough conditions on the job site and delivers consistent power and maximum control, no matter how hot or cold, how long the pipeline or how tough the job.
Ideal for larger and heavier wall pipes, the WI-3000 Weld Inspection System for Large Pipes from Xiris is able to detect critical defects that are difficult to find using other forms of testing equipment, such as fit-up (mismatch), raised/ sunken welds, deflection and freeze line defects.
The Tube and Pipe Weld Monitoring System from Xiris Automation remotely monitors live TIG, plasma or laser welding processes by simultaneously seeing all features of the torch tip and/or weld arc, its surrounding environment and its position relative to the tube/pipe weld seam.
Industry News

Plug and Play Plasma Cutting

Ideal for steel fabrication used in HVAC manufacturing, the Plasma RED “plug and play” plasma cutting system from Soitaab cuts ferrous, steel and aluminum materials in thin to medium thick plate sizes up to 2 m wide and 6 m long.

FABTECH 2016 Sneak Preview: Welding

The 2016 edition of FABTECH is on track to be one of the largest metal fabrication events ever at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas from November 16-18. This special sneak peek provides technical reviews of some of the equipment, power sources, positioners, systems and accessories that will be exhibited in the Welding Pavilion to help you get a head start on navigating the show floor and managing your time while you’re there.

Power Packed Two-Speed Magnetic Drill

The HMD917 portable magnetic drill from Hougen Manufacturing has a great power-to-weight ratio that gives metal fabricators more strength and torque to drill large deep holes in steel.

Advanced Tooling for Punch Press, Press Brake, Laser Cutting Operations

Take a closer look at Ultra QCT Quick Change Tooling, CleanBend Press Brake Tooling, One-Micron Fiber Laser Lenses and more from Mate Precision Tooling.

Next Generation of Tape Measures

New Magnetic Tape Measures from Milwaukee Tool have an improved finger stop mechanism that protects the user's fingers during retraction while maximizing stability during layout applications.

Coolant Filter Serves as a Modular Solution for Abrasive Machining

The base model of the SVF Series Grit Guard coolant filter from Sunnen has twin and quad cartridge filters that can be augmented with magnetic separator, paper bed filter and chiller. Both 55 gal and 110 gal units are compatible with water or oil-based coolants and designed for performance, reliability, and maintainability.

Glove Features Complex Construction for Heavy Duty Work

The high-end SmartShell BKCR4599 mechanic’s glove from Brass Knuckle delivers ANSI level 4 cut resistance in a very breathable, durable and flexible glove.

Magnetically Transfer Metal Blanks, Stampings and Parts

Ideal for automated station-to-station, press-to-press transfer or robotic pick-and-place applications, Transporters from Industrial Magnetics use powerful Rare Earth magnets that greatly reduce slipping and shifting of parts due to mill oil coatings, dust, dirt, rust or weld splatter.