Automation/Robotics, Welding
Booth N-22058: The compact and rugged i-CUBE/X robotic hybrid laser sensing system from Servo-Robot integrates dual-laser range imaging with optional sound recording and ultrasound range detection for high-speed and precision measurement of metallic parts, identification of features and part location. Its dual cross-line laser measures precise 3D position and orientation in a single snapshot to decrease overall measurement cycle time.
Servo-Robot showcases their new Advanced Seam Finding Module, a user-friendly software package that provides vision to a blind robot in just a few steps and helps that robot produce only good parts.
Automation/Robotics, Power Sources, Welding
Booth N-18020: Designed for robot-assisted welding, the new TPS/i Robotics power source from Fronius makes the welding process considerably quicker, enhances the weld seam quality, minimizes the spatter that is produced, and continually collects information on the current status of the power source and on every weld seam to monitor, analyze and document the welding process. (Photo courtesy of Fronius International GmbH)
Fronius is launching their new TPS/i Robotics power source that is specially designed to meet the demands of robot-assisted welding.
Booth N-6074: The Warrior® 400i MV CC/CV from ESAB is a multi-voltage, multi-process welding system that is ideal for demanding applications where users require location and process flexibility, including fabrication, construction, pipeline, heavy equipment repair, ship building, power plants, maintenance and repair and rental.
ESAB will showcase their new Warrior 400i MV CC/CV welding system that can automatically accept three-phase primary power ranging from 220V to 460V±10 percent, 50 Hz or 60 Hz.
Metal Forming & Fabricating, Tube & Pipe Fabrication
Booth N-1032: Using state-of-the-art tube bending machinery and inspection technology, Sharpe Products provides custom pipe and tube bending, rolling, laser cutting and fabrication services on a variety of shapes and schedules of simple to complex parts.
Sharpe Products will showcase the custom pipe and tube bending and rolling services they provide that competitively meet the needs of many industries, including automotive, medical, furniture, and handrail applications.
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