This innovative, highly dynamic Ecospeed parallel kinematics machine tool from Dörries Scharmann has proven effective in productively machining aluminum structural components for the aerospace industry. The future will see more special, unique machine tools that are designed for specific applications. (Photo courtesy of Machining Innovations Network)
As digital and virtual simulation optimize its mechanical, control and networking capabilities, the machine tool of the future will be redefined as a functional node in the broader network of the Internet of Things.
Specifically designed for long service life in the harsh conditions of mining or quarrying, earthmoving and construction, the incredibly high hardness of AR plates is ideal for protecting critical components from excessive wear caused by frequent impact and/or sliding contact with abrasive materials, such as backhoe buckets and teeth, bulldozer blades and dump truck beds.
Here are some tips that make it easier to avoid cracks and prevent lost time and money when welding these incredibly hard plates.
This custom press brake tool consists of a pair of upper tool holders, connected by a bar, to create a large window. The bar attaches to one of the tool holders by a pivoting hinge, and the other end is held in place by a magnetic clasp. This tool allows a closed profile to be formed around the bar and then removed by releasing the magnetic clasp, pivoting the bar outward, and easily sliding the finished product free of the tool assembly. (first view)
With a bit of creativity and thought to overcome limitations, it is often possible to form closed profiles and other difficult parts with a standard press brake. Here are some tips on how to do it.
The weld pool in different processes may look different. For this reason, operators should be trained on “reading” the weld pool for the process at hand. There is no substitute for practice.
To gain more business in the face of a skilled labor shortage, fabrication shops need welding operators that are familiar with a wider variety of welding processes and materials and can take on new jobs to set their shops apart. Proper operator training plays a key role in reaching these goals.
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