The Terminator MILLHOG Pipe Beveling Tool from ESCO Tool allows one person to setup, align and machine large pipe ends from 8-5/8 in ID up to 36 in OD. This pipe machining tool can bevel, face, and bore simultaneously to create precision end preps that are the foundation for producing precision welds.
The Terminator MILLHOG Pipe Beveling Tool from ESCO Tool rigidly clamps to the ID and uses a tracker to compensate for variations in wall thickness and a precision feed control to advance into the pipe.
POLISTAR flexible abrasive stars from PFERD can be stacked in several layers and aligned at an offset from one another so that the abrasive has optimal effect. Setup times are significantly reduced since pads can be changed without removing the arbor from the collet.
The fully automatic KASTOwin tube saw from KASTO cuts from the bottom upwards for considerably improved chip flow and reduced wear on the saw band.
The easy operating, fully automatic KASTOwin tube A 5.0 bandsaw from KASTO uses intelligent SmartControl that stores and handles all material data to automatically set all necessary parameters for each job.
The high production, fully automatic FLTA series is an affordable fiber laser tube cutting system from Horn Machine Tools that loads the tube into the cutting area and processes the cut parts without assistance from the operator.
The affordable, fully automatic FLTA series fiber laser tube cutting system from Horn Machine Tools offers a lower cost solution for high quality laser cutting.
Industry News

Is Your Plant Running in Place or Gaining Ground?

The deep-seated cultural change required by Lean manufacturing is difficult for many metal fabricators that are trying to become more competitive by attempting to apply certain Lean principles without a deeper understanding of the process itself and its parts. The willingness to transform firmly established business approaches is not easy, but it is a requirement for success that will pay dividends in the long run.

FABTECH 2016 Sneak Preview: Welding

The 2016 edition of FABTECH is on track to be one of the largest metal fabrication events ever at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas from November 16-18. This special sneak peek provides technical reviews of some of the equipment, power sources, positioners, systems and accessories that will be exhibited in the Welding Pavilion to help you get a head start on navigating the show floor and managing your time while you’re there.

Power Packed Two-Speed Magnetic Drill

The HMD917 portable magnetic drill from Hougen Manufacturing has a great power-to-weight ratio that gives metal fabricators more strength and torque to drill large deep holes in steel.

A Peak Behind the Curtain

The value of a major trade show is that exhibitors give you so many opportunities to gain a leg up on your competition. Here are some insights to consider so that the next event you attend will speak directly to your bottom line.

Next Generation of Tape Measures

New Magnetic Tape Measures from Milwaukee Tool have an improved finger stop mechanism that protects the user's fingers during retraction while maximizing stability during layout applications.

A Look Ahead: Five Air Quality Trends to Watch in 2017 and Beyond

Modern air quality systems are smarter, more efficient and more effective than ever before. If you’re looking into a new air quality system, be sure to consider these future-focused trends.

Glove Features Complex Construction for Heavy Duty Work

The high-end SmartShell BKCR4599 mechanic’s glove from Brass Knuckle delivers ANSI level 4 cut resistance in a very breathable, durable and flexible glove.

Magnetically Transfer Metal Blanks, Stampings and Parts

Ideal for automated station-to-station, press-to-press transfer or robotic pick-and-place applications, Transporters from Industrial Magnetics use powerful Rare Earth magnets that greatly reduce slipping and shifting of parts due to mill oil coatings, dust, dirt, rust or weld splatter.