A TITAN H2 vacuum heat treating system with two-bar gas quenching from Ipsen satisfies the strict legal requirements of the medical industry.
Because the fully open OSP control from Okuma allows for complete customization, Moser Engineering was empowered to innovate an app on their own.
The SyncMaster system from COE Press Equipment allows operators to control many of their servo feed, straightener, and coil reel setups and functions from a single touchscreen.
The TruMatic 6000 fiber punch laser machine from TRUMPF rapidly laser cuts, punches, forms and engraves sheet metal up to 0.25 in thick for scratch-free processing and superior quality when cutting delicate curves and tight radii.
Industry News

Press-Cription for Success

Here are some of the latest advances in press operations that can help shops increase their productivity, improve quality and safety, and reduce their operating costs.

Ultralight Robotic Resistance Welding

Ideal for use on 80 kg capacity robot models and high density welding cells, FlexGun UL from Centerline Windsor is available in X, C and Pinch base designs that boast total gun weights under 155 lb.

High Productivity CAD/CAM Software

To optimize workflow, users of VERICUT V8 CAD/CAM software from CGTech can quickly access only the menu choices and functionality they need at the time with minimal mouse clicks.

Chamfer Blending of Holes Made Easy

By blending and radiusing sharp edges and removing microburrs on chamfered holes, the specialty Flex-Hone for Chamfer Blending tool from Brush Research Manufacturing eliminates stress risers caused by the chamfering operation.

Why Use a CT Scanner?

This technology can inspect the interior structure of injection molded, cast, forged or fabricated parts made from metal, plastic, polymers, composites and 3D printed products, without causing any harm or destruction to the objects themselves. And that’s only the beginning.

Proteins: A Cutting Edge Clean Technology Additive for Metalworking Fluids

How can a shop reduce their operating costs when they face the challenges of machining difficult-to-cut metals and temperature-resistant super alloys, improving employee safety, and being more environmentally friendly? One solution lies in proteins . . . yes, that’s right, proteins.

How to Prevent Lift Operation by Untrained or Unauthorized Personnel

The Safety LiftLok System for vertical reciprocating conveyors from Wildeck includes passcode-protected digital keypad or key switch options to prevent lift operation by unauthorized personnel.

The Culture Shock of Safety First

They might come as a shock to some accountants, but the productivity gains, cost savings and other returns on investing in a safety-first culture are very real to the people who spend most of their days on the shop floor. After identifying safety trouble spots and investing in automated equipment that provides as inherently safe a workplace as possible, we have reduced workers' compensation claims to near zero.