These complete welding workstations have an ergonomic design that provides great operator comfort while being fully equipped with everything needed, from a shaded sliding eye shield and internal lighting to a fast flow gas purge system and an insulated torch feedthrough.
This off-the-shelf 10/10 chamber welds titanium with minimal oxygen in the weld area, reaching 10 ppm in 10 minutes to save gas and money.
Collets, Tooling & Workholding
The secuRgrip system from Rego-Fix has a TIR of 0.0001 in and enables manufacturers to preset their tool heights. Furthermore, users can modify their existing powRgrip holders for use with the system.
The secuRgrip anti-pull system from Rego-Fix Tool is ideal for aerospace machining of expensive castings and materials or complex parts.
Tooling & Workholding, Vises and Vise Jaws
The KontecKSX NC vise is ideal for simultaneous 5-axis machining because it fits smoothly into the Schunkmodular system for highly efficient workpiece clamping. This means the clamping pins of the VERO-S quick-change pallet system can be directly integrated into the base body of the 5-axis clamping vise. 
The Kontec KSX NC vise from Schunk USA provides a safe and secure hold, even for minimum clamping surfaces, between 0 to 250 mm. By using draw bar and base body extensions, the clamping range can be enlarged to 749 mm.
Cutting Tools, Tooling & Workholding
For bar feed manufacturers, process security in terms of good chip control and long reliable tool life is the key to an efficient production. To meet these needs, the CoroCut QD from Sandvik Coromant combines strong tools and inserts with rigid clamping and efficient coolant supply.
For deep grooves and parting off with long overhangs, CoroCut QD from Sandvik Coromant expands the offer of inserts and durable tools with over and under coolant, supported with plug and play adaptors for easy handling and efficient coolant supply.
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