Quick-Grip CNC Collet Chucks from Royal Products reduce collet change-overs to ten seconds and provide a gripping range of 1/16 in that accommodates large variations in workpiece diameters. Their extremely short lengths maximize the Z-axis capacity of a lathe and offer ultra-precise accuracy guaranteed to 0.0002 in TIR.
Quick-Grip CNC Collet Chucks from Royal Products enable shops to improve their production times and accuracy while eliminating change-over problems associated with standard collets. 
With excellent vibration dampening and precise run out accuracy, the TENDO Platinum toolholder from SCHUNK works in configuration with the machine spindle and the cutting tool to reduce wear and damage and provide concentric clamping and ultimate tool performance in almost any milling, drilling, and reaming application.
The TENDO Platinum toolholder and TENDO-TECH line of toolholders from SCHUNK provide concentric clamping for minimal run-out and superior vibration dampening for almost any milling, drilling, and reaming application.
The 1/16 in thick ZIP+ XTRA cutting wheel from Walter Surface Technologies easily cuts through steel or stainless steel in heavy duty applications with an exclusive, patented rib design that reduces friction on the surface for faster and cooler cutting.
The ZIP+ XTRA cutting wheel from Walter Surface Technologies uses an exclusive, patented rib design that reduces friction on the surface for faster and cooler cutting in the most demanding applications.
The LASERTEC 65 3D involved in the research uses laser deposition welding to build up parts. It can lay down two different powdered materials during the 5-axis process, which is more than ten times faster than powder bed technology, and build parts up to 500 mm diameter with undercuts and no supporting structure. It can also create parts with internal channels with its continuously monitored and measured laser build up process.
A LASERTEC 65 3D hybrid is being used to research additive and subtractive manufacturing of gears.
Industry News

The Additive Manufacturing Factory of Tomorrow

This modular integration of machine technology and plant architecture is an Internet 4.0 promise of new levels of quality, flexibility and increased performance in additive manufacturing, as well as a radical new approach to the design of process components that could ultimately create faster and more economic industrial production solutions.

Gas-Shielded Flux-Cored Wires Lower Manganese Emissions Even More

FabCO Element 71C and 71M wires from Hobart are ideal for welding in shipbuilding, structural steel, heavy equipment manufacturing and general fabrication. 

Milling and Turning Automotive Parts on One Machine

The Mikron MILL P 800 U ST from GF Machining Solutions machines parts complete to eliminate transfer-related part run out and errors and increase finished part quality.

Finishing Aluminum

Enduro-Flex 2-in-1 TURBO finishing flap discs from Walter Surface Technologies use a high-tech blend of self-sharpening grains and cooling agents for ultra-high removal and blending rates without causing surface discoloration on steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

One Step Closer to the Factory of the Future

As the Factory of the Future learns how to manufacture parts as seamlessly as possible, portable metrology is making major inroads for machine control in large robots used for assembly operations that previously involved very expensive fixed tooling, multiple operators, and many days to accomplish these tasks. 

Take a Virtual Tour of Gilman Precision

Take a ‘walk’ around their shop, learn about their machines and in-house capabilities.

Guard Rails for Impact Protection

The new Wilgard XT, MT and LT guard rail systems from Wildeck allow shops to choose the level of impact protection they may need for different areas in their facility.

Handle Sheet Metal with Care

FIPALIFT vacuum tube lifters from FIPA allow a single person to safely lift, transport, and precisely position up to 639 lb of structured, smooth, oily, dry, non-magnetic, and even hot sheet metal with minimal physical exertion and without the risk of dents, scratches, or exposure to paint-impairing substances.