The Terminator MILLHOG Pipe Beveling Tool from ESCO Tool allows one person to setup, align and machine large pipe ends from 8-5/8 in ID up to 36 in OD. This pipe machining tool can bevel, face, and bore simultaneously to create precision end preps that are the foundation for producing precision welds.
The Terminator MILLHOG Pipe Beveling Tool from ESCO Tool rigidly clamps to the ID and uses a tracker to compensate for variations in wall thickness and a precision feed control to advance into the pipe.
POLISTAR flexible abrasive stars from PFERD can be stacked in several layers and aligned at an offset from one another so that the abrasive has optimal effect. Setup times are significantly reduced since pads can be changed without removing the arbor from the collet.
The fully automatic KASTOwin tube saw from KASTO cuts from the bottom upwards for considerably improved chip flow and reduced wear on the saw band.
The easy operating, fully automatic KASTOwin tube A 5.0 bandsaw from KASTO uses intelligent SmartControl that stores and handles all material data to automatically set all necessary parameters for each job.
The high production, fully automatic FLTA series is an affordable fiber laser tube cutting system from Horn Machine Tools that loads the tube into the cutting area and processes the cut parts without assistance from the operator.
The affordable, fully automatic FLTA series fiber laser tube cutting system from Horn Machine Tools offers a lower cost solution for high quality laser cutting.
Industry News

Rotary Shear Accurately Cuts Plate at Maximum Line Speed

The Delta Rotary Shear from Delta Steel Technologies with low maintenance, increased productivity, continuous line speeds and longer blade life.

Wire Feeders: From Basic to Advanced

Using the right wire feeder for the job is more important than many realize, because it ensures that welding operators spend more time welding with less downtime due to poor wire feeding. Here are some factors to consider to match the most appropriate wire feeder to the application.

Rugged Three-Wheel Belt Grinder

The Burr King Model 760 with optional variable speed motor controls allow the user to achieve the right speed to control temperature and cutting action.

A Peak Behind the Curtain

The value of a major trade show is that exhibitors give you so many opportunities to gain a leg up on your competition. Here are some insights to consider so that the next event you attend will speak directly to your bottom line.

Next Generation of Tape Measures

New Magnetic Tape Measures from Milwaukee Tool have an improved finger stop mechanism that protects the user's fingers during retraction while maximizing stability during layout applications.

Convenient Clean Air Solution for Welding, Cutting and More

The DustHog PNP cartridge dust collector delivers a combination of high performance dust and fume collection in a convenient package that reduces installation and service time while saving energy and operational costs.

Splash Goggle/Face Shield Combo Does Not Fog

Vader Combo from Brass Knuckle is ideal for jobs with extreme temperature fluctuations or any wet, moist conditions.

Conveyor Stacking System for High Speed Blanking of Steel and Aluminum

The MULTI-VAC conveyor system from Atlas Technologies can provide single, double or triple stacking stations and a reject and inspection station for blanking steel and aluminum with a single-design sheet piler, operating under identical parameters.