Metal Cutting
MTConnect, the open-architecture machine communications protocol, can connect software packages to all types of newer and older machines for data-monitoring. Before using it, several preparations are required, including Ethernet and wiring, training, backup, introducing it to the staff, and determining how to handle all of the large volumes of stored data.
Thanks to the advent of many types of production software and hardware technology, along with the accessibility of telecommunications technology and the Internet, getting the most out of a shop-floor environment is just a mouse-click away.
Automation/Robotics, Welding
Standardized work procedures result in every part being the same from the pre- to post-weld cell, regardless of the operator welding it. This reduces the cost and potential liability of missed or defective welds, which can be staggering if a failure in the field happens. Although mistakes do happen, the earlier defects are detected, the less costly they are to fix. AWIM systems reduce costs by alerting managers and welding operators to potential welding mistakes in real time.
From the safe unloading of large parts to accurate assembly practices, AWIM systems add value to the welding operation from the beginning to the end of the process by generating valuable insights that improve quality, productivity and the bottom line.
Metal Forming & Fabricating, Press Brakes
The upper tool (punch) is selected based on its height, tool rating and shape. It is easiest to use the machine’s software to select a tool based on the part’s geometry, although it is also possible to make the selection with a side profile template or the tool itself, especially if a cardboard mock up exists. In some cases, it might be best to work with the tooling manufacture to create a custom tool.
Have you ever considered how standard tooling impacts the design of a part?
Alcoa employees load aluminum billets onto a truck outside of the Mt. Holly production plant in Goose Creek, South Carolina. Alcoa paid $384 million to settle charges of paying bribes to Bahraini officials to influence contract negotiations between a subsidiary of the company and a major government-operated aluminum plant called Alba. (Photo courtesy of Stephen Morton/Bloomberg)
The Department of Justice and Securities and Exchange Commission are ramping up enforcement of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act to the point that it is imperative that officers, directors and relevant employees of every manufacturer sit up, take notice, and become informed.
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