Indoor Air Quality, Maintenance
Flexible, easy-to-install fabric curtain walls effectively separate processing areas from clean/finishing areas. Curtain walls can easily be reconfigured to fit facility layout changes. They are less expensive to install than hard walls and create an enclosure seal just as or even more effective than a hard wall. Standalone, high-speed roll-up doors in the curtain wall allow efficient thoroughfare and minimize time the interior is open to the processing area.
The containment of dust and other air particulates generated by cutting, grinding and welding is one of the biggest quality and safety challenges in the metalworking industry. Problems caused by in-plant dust/particulates are a dangerous issue to ignore, so here are two cost effective ways to address them.
Additive Manufacturing Systems, Drilling Tools, Tooling & Workholding
The new QTD insert drill from Mapal is manufactured by additive laser melting in diameters from 8 mm to 32.75 mm with a new steel tool body design that has spiral cooling channels not usually used for small diameters. The tool shank is machined conventionally and the drill is additive laser melted. (Photo courtesy of Mapal) (first view)
The days when precision tools and additive manufacturing strategies could not co-exist are history.
Cutting Tools, Drilling Tools, Tooling & Workholding
The chamfer and thread relief geometry of the XTOP tap reduces the torques generated during chamfering operations and at the reversal point. In deep blind hole threads up to 3xD, chips can be optimally guided and sheared off without any problems in reverse motion, even with problem materials. (Photo courtesy of WEXO) (first view)
These special tools have been developed for increasing process reliability when machining problematic materials with higher ductility.
Automation/Robotics, Machine Controls, Metal Cutting
Using the same control system to manage both the axes of the machine tools and those of the robots in perfectly integrated synchrony makes both machines more responsive and significantly increases the performance of an automated plant.
The next step in the Internet of Things is here. These robots and the machine tools they tend can use a single controller for automated interaction instead of separate units operated by different kinds of software that must communicate through a fieldbus. Now the same control system can manage both the machines and the robots of an automated plant.
Industry News

Affordable Automated Cross‐Cutting System for Non‐Ferrous Metal

The fully automated TigerSaw 2000 cross‐cutting saw system from TigerStop is ideal for cutting aluminum extrusions, solid and hollow tube and pipe, and pack sawing.

Flexible Enclosure Welding

These new enclosures use advanced engineering polymers that are ideal for controlling particulate contamination in aerospace, automotive, biochemical, medical, food and beverage, semiconductor and nuclear welding applications.

Determining a Machine’s True Value

In addition to the purchase price, many other costs factor into the machine’s true cost to determine the long-term cost of ownership that decides whether investing in high-performance machining centers is a better business solution than a lower-cost option.

Quick Die and Mold Change

Hilma | Carr Lane offers state-of-the-art quick die and mold change systems that include quick-change clamps, die lifters, power units, magnetic systems and accessories.

Eliminating Defective Fasteners with 3D Inspection

As lightweight materials sweep the industry, fastener manufacturers have discovered how to overcome the problems of achieving zero defects through 100 percent inspection.

Integrated Drives Revolutionize Vertical Lathe Versatility

New high speed drives simplify the mechanical transmission systems of large rotary tables used on vertical lathes and smaller tables used on milling machines, improving machine accuracy and allowing smaller machine footprints.

The Making of a Visual Workplace

One of the key components to 5S workplace organization and the war on waste – and one of the most misunderstood opportunities for huge improvement – is the use of visual devices that clearly and precisely explain how to perform error-free work safely, smoothly, reliably, and on time. 

Tool Storage And Transport

Kennedy Manufacturing showcase their new CNC Series of carts, toolholder, carriers and drawer inserts.