Ideal for measuring malleable materials in medical devices with uncompromising accuracy, the Zero-Force Metro Length Gauge from Heidenhain can measure extremely sensitive materials without fear of product deformation.
Using optical encoder technology to maintain thermal stability and a high accuracy of ±0.2 µm, the Zero-Force Metro Length Gauge from Heidenhain is ideal for measuring malleable materials in medical devices.
The MarVision MM 320 video measuring microscope with image processing capability from Mahr Federal is well suited for measuring and/or dimensioning geometric elements of bone screws, hip joint implants, knee endoprostheses, and other medical parts.
The MarVision MM 320 from Mahr Federal accurately inspects small medical parts down to miniaturized electronic components with extreme measuring precision.
The ATOM non-contact optical linear and rotary incremental encoder system from Renishaw combines miniaturization with leading-edge dirt immunity, signal stability and reliability. Its filtering optics use Auto Gain Control and Auto Offset Control for exceptional signal stability and dirt immunity that is ideal for medical applications, inspection and metrology. (view one)
The ATOM non-contact optical linear and rotary incremental encoder system from Renishaw delivers unrivaled metrology performance and class-leading accuracy, with low Sub-Divisional Error (SDE), low jitter and long-term reliability.
Ideal for measuring medical instruments, the ultra-accurate LEGEX 4 CNC coordinate measuring machine from Mitutoyo surpasses conventional CMM performance with world-leading accuracy in length measurement of E0,MPE = (0.28+L/1000) μm.
The LEGEX 4 CNC CMM from Mitutoyo can measure ultra-precise molds, aspherical lenses and parts for medical instruments, and calibrate master gages for research institutes.
It once took the quality manager at Orchid twelve hours to measure a lot of 200 parts. A week later, the same job was programmed on the IM system and he was able to measure the same 200 parts within 30 minutes.
By measuring up to 99 dimensions in less than three seconds, the machine shop of this medical manufacturer realized immediate return on investment in their new system that inspects small, tight-tolerance components – and anything else, from milled parts to dimensions on laser marking.
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