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Vertical Tilt-Frame Saw Makes Any Straight or Miter Cut

The 8-Mark-II is an all-mechanical, universal, metal cutting, band saw machine capable of making any conceivable straight or miter cut, 45 deg right and left.  The capacity at 90 deg is 18 in x 22 in for the standard column. 
The enhanced 8-Mark-II saw from Marvel uses a 5 hp motor controlled with a variable frequency drive. 

Centricut Consumables for ESAB PT-36 Torches

The patented SilverLine electrode features a hybrid copper / silver weld joint that delivers performance equal to a solid silver electrode for a fraction of the cost. Advanced cooling features reduce its operating temperature to maximize the hafnium pit depth and slow its wear rate to extend electrode life. CoolFlow technology improves cooling to help maintain the size and shape of the nozzle orifice for longer life. 
These new electrodes and nozzles replace the original XR consumables in the torch and are guaranteed to perform as well as the ESAB units.

When Automation Meets DIY

Superior uses two Makino PS95 vertical machining centers for some of its one-off jobs. Their high-speed spindles and through-spindle coolant can run a faster feed rates and take heavier cuts with longer tool life in a smaller footprint. (first view)
Take a look at how this automated machining cell from Makino gave Superior Machining & Fabrication the tools to grow their capacity and increase into volume production.

A New Look at Stainless Steel Machining

Runners are the heart of all hydropower machinery. They are very sophisticated water wheels made of stainless steel that can weigh up to 15 tons and spin at up to 1,000 rpm to generate electric power. For hydrodynamic efficiency and dynamic balance in service, all finished runners must be accurate to 0.010 in with a 32µ finish. 
Canyon Hydro sped up deliveries by two months – without raising machining costs – with a last minute processing switch and a new multipurpose mill that roughs out 4,500 lb of chips in one-third the time of conventional face mills.  

Advances in 3D Metrology and Automation

The IK 5000 QUADRA-CHEK PC software system from Heidenhain quickly measures and determines part profiles within desired tolerance zones by comparing the actual measured part to a three-dimensional model within the PC software, making inspection a breeze on coordinate measuring machines.
Our yearend review of some of the current advances and application capabilities in measurement and inspection technologies.

The Art of the Machine Tool Rebuild

An advanced CNC retrofit package based on NUM technology doubles the accuracy of Klingelnberg SNC 30 hob sharpeners. (first view)
An advanced CNC retrofit package gives a new lease of life to hob sharpeners by doubling accuracy and immensely increases machine productivity.

Safety in the Digital Age: Regulating Worker Use of Distracting Devices

There are many good reasons for crafting policies for reducing distraction but, in the end, workers must exercise significant self-discipline in maintaining the appropriate levels of focus. As with any regulation, restrictions placed on distraction can have unintended consequences and may even lead to greater risk. 
The dangers of distraction while working have garnered a great deal of attention. Distraction increases the risk of injury, but taking the appropriate steps to reduce distraction are neither easy nor simple. Much thought must be given to the consequences, fairness, and practicality of any regulations aimed at reducing the risks associated with worker distraction.

Shop Vending of MRO Items

The VLM180 Vertical Lift Modules can reach a height of up to 40 ft with the option to ascend in 6 in increments, within the elevated racking systems. It lifts and stores parts, equipment and supplies up to 500 lb per tray. 
The TX750, AutoLocker FX and Vertical Lift Modules from AutoCrib deliver never-before-seen capabilities to store, track and manage MRO inventory.