Metal Forming & Fabricating, Turret Presses
Presser foot involves the steel stripper plate coming down, pressing on the top of the sheet before the stroke, then lifting back up and moving to the next location after the stroke. This is necessary for punching thick gage material, tight hole patterns, parts that have a tendency to bow, and holes with a smaller diameter than the thickness of the material. It helps produce higher quality parts and extends the life of tools by preventing them from breaking, but it also tends to slow down the machine due to the extra step in the stroke.
There is still a place for punching in fabrication, and here are some practices and applications to get the best performance out of your punching equipment.
Grinding Wheels, Tooling & Workholding
Manufacturers usually focus on cost per unit when presenting their abrasive products, rather than on how many total units are used or how those costs can tie up more time in labor-intensive operations. When shops accept the value proposition that time equals money, hard numbers to help them make the best decision can be found in structured documented cost savings programs that compare the abrasive or tooling costs, time, and the labor shop rate related to a variety of abrasive products.
Rather than focusing only on energy savings or reducing costs associated with large equipment, manufacturers that are looking for potential savings in their plants should take the time to investigate just how much money they could save by switching out an abrasive. In doing so, they should evaluate fully how labor costs tie into the equation.
Grinding Machines, Metal Cutting
Booth S-5007: The universal cordless straight grinder ASC 9 from Suhner is ideal for work with non-woven brushes and flap wheels. Typical work includes the removal of tarnishing and blending on matte surfaces. The reduction gears fitted in the machine deliver a high torque and consistent working speed, providing a uniform grinding pattern.
Suhner expands their product range with a complete series of four cordless compact grinders, consisting of the straight grinder ASC 9, the belt grinder ABC 7, the fillet weld grinder AKC 3, and the tube polisher ATC 7.
Industrial Cleaning/Waste Removal, Maintenance
Booth C-541: Ideal for cleaning rubber and plastic parts, bearings, bolts, transmission components, engine parts prior to assembly and plastic injection molds used in automotive, medical, pharmaceutical, aerospace, engineering and other applications, the Ultra 2400FA full-featured ultrasonic cleaner from Ultrasonic has a 24 gal main tank capacity and horizontal transducers for superior cleaning action without solvents.
Ultrasonic features their Ultra 2400FA, a full-featured ultrasonic cleaner with 24 gal main tank capacity and horizontal transducers for superior cleaning action without solvents.
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