Filler Metals/Electrodes, Welding
Many welding operations standardize on one size of wire for every application to minimize confusion for welders and avoid overcomplicating inventory and training. However, this can be problematic if the shop welds a wide range of applications that vary by material thickness or joint type.
The time and energy it takes to make the conversion from smaller-diameter wire to a larger one could save countless hours and improve quality. Here are several initial steps that are necessary to make the conversion.
Laser Welders, Welding
Laser welding and aluminum cable cover with a TruLaser robot. With laser welding, overall tolerance, accuracy and finished part quality can be improved by either forming all sides individually or bending two pieces such that the bends on one part create the sides of the box and the second part creates the ends.
The competitive advantages of laser welding are generating all sorts of excitement as new advancements have minimized the initial investment required and offer a more affordable entry for job shops. 
Metal Cutting, Metal Forming & Fabricating
Machine tools and other shop floor equipment are suitable for FMV leases since they typically maintain relatively higher residual values. $1 buyout leases are frequently offered as a sales incentive that provide 100 percent financing and no down payment, enabling the shop to preserve cash. A $1 buyout lease also gives ownership of the equipment to the shop for tax purposes so bonus depreciation and interest expenses can be claimed. (Photo courtesy of Plant Machine Works)
For small to mid-sized job shops that are looking to acquire equipment, financing provides a way for them to preserve their capital, in addition to numerous other benefits. Here are five questions they must answer to determine the appropriate leasing option for their operation. 
It’s clearly good to be cautious when making marketing and sales assumptions about any group. Basing decisions on opinion, inaccurate information, or hearsay leads to misreading customers — and missed sales. 
Misreading customers costs sales. To prevent this from happening means doing battle with our assumptions, particularly those that influence how we think about customers and what we expect from them.
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