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Heavy Fabrication Shapes Up to Meet Demand for Natural Gas

Chart uses its new heavy-duty plasma shape cutting machine to process a wide range of material thicknesses and sheet sizes ranging from 6 in x 6 in up to 10 ft wide x 40 ft long, cutting carbon steel up to 4 in thick, and processing aluminum and stainless steel in thicknesses up to 3 in.
Chart Energy & Chemicals installed an Avenger 3 plasma precision shape cutting machine from ESAB that added new beveling and marking capabilities and enabled the shop to slash its processing times, increase its capacity, and eliminate a second shift.

Heavy Fabrication and Structural Welding

The Victor ST400 straight torch offers greater reach in heavy-duty applications, such as construction equipment repair and cutting thicker plate. 
A review of some of the advanced power sources, quality-tested consumables, integrated solutions and other welding tools that can help industrial and structural fabricators work more effectively, both in the shop and on the jobsite.

Multitasking Machines

The Nakamura AS-200 High Performance Multitasking Turning Center from Methods Machine Tools features a single spindle, single turret in a heavy duty and compact machine for exceptional value. The standard package is well equipped with a powerful milling drive, together with a high-speed C-Axis and 82 mm stroke Y-Axis for accurate, finished parts.
Here is a review of some of the latest multitasking machines that can mill, drill, turn, thread, bore, or groove complex, contoured parts during one setup and offer shops the competitive advantage they need in market applications ranging from aerospace, oil/energy and medical to construction and general purpose fabrication.

Big Gains in Special-Form Slot and Groove Milling

Allied Specialty Precision Inc. achieves “done-in-one” production of sector gears – including the teeth. Gears are completed on a CNC turning center, not a gear shaper, using a form-ground Chip-Surfer slotting tool, not your everyday HSS gear gasher. Results: 10 to 1 reduction in cycle time, quicker delivery, and an 8 to 1 reduction in tool inventory costs for the application.  
These specialized tips from Ingersoll Cutting Tools cover virtually all holemaking and slot-milling applications, including special forms, have dramatically reduced form slotting time in moldmaking, gearmaking, heat exchanger fabrication and medical device manufacturing.

Back to Basics: How Air Gaging Works

Air gaging technology is continually improving as computer technology continues to evolve.  These systems can range from simple desktop readouts to full SPC computers with contour scanning capabilities.  As manufacturing requirements continue to become more complex, air gaging technology evolves to meet the demand.  For these reasons, air gaging will remain a viable measuring solution for generations to come.
Air gaging technology has its roots back over 70 years and is today a viable and highly reliable method for many applications in industries where a high volume of parts is produced or where the precision of hard-to-access dimensions makes other measuring techniques impossible.

The Cost, Common Culprits, Detection and Repair of Compressed Air System Leaks

In the highly competitive environment of manufacturing, a clean, dry, reliable compressed air supply feeding into the shop is critical to maintaining efficient and cost effective production.
An ongoing leak detection audit and repair program will quickly pay for itself through energy savings (and may even be subsidized by local utility incentive programs). Equally important, you will likely see benefits from reduced downtime and better running production equipment. All of these contribute to a stronger bottom line.

Anticipated Growth in Manufacturing Should Refocus Worker Safety

Of the 502,800 nonfatal workplace injuries that occurred in the manufacturing industry, nearly 30 percent occurred in the primary metal, fabricated metal products and machinery manufacturing sectors.
After adding nearly 570,000 jobs over the past four years, more growth is expected as production facilities re-shore to the U.S. Guest columnist Scott Corriveau explains why corporate executives, safety officials and equipment manufacturers must work together to identify unmet safety needs and prepare a new labor force for the hazards they may face.

Conveyor Technology for Material Handling Builders, System Integrators, Users

Siemens brings a full complement of solutions and services with its value proposition to the 
North American conveyor sector of the material handling industry.  
Siemens Industry offers an integrated drive system with Siemens motion control and drives products, along with communication protocols, that spans the range of drives, motors, gear motors and automation technology, plus machine safety, power supply and circuit protection.
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