Grinding Machines, Metal Cutting
Cleco Vertical Grinders provide efficient and constructive use of productivity while allowing for quick and easy configuration to a variety of user preferences and applications. Featuring a superior rugged design, these grinders can also withstand demanding environments while still ensuring the highest level of reliability.
Ideal for maximum material removal in heavy fabrication, shipbuilding, rail and foundry and infrastructure applications, 3 hp and 4 hp Vertical Grinders from Cleco Tool can withstand demanding environments.
Grinding Machines, Metal Cutting
The Glebar GT-610 CNC can infeed grind the shape of the inner tube and maintain a ± 0.0002 in tolerance on the elliptical tip dimensions. It can grind three diameter features to within .0002 in, maintaining a TIR of 0.0001 in and producing a smooth 9 Ra surface finish on 304V stainless steel with a ± 0.001 in wall thickness. It can remove 0.012 in of stock for the majority of a part and 0.004 in off the tip geometry.
The advanced GT-610 CNC centerless grinder from Glebar makes the most precise inner and outer tubes for use by orthopedic surgeons.
Grinding Machines, Metal Cutting
Equipped with features that enhance the automation process, the GI-10NII CNC grinding machine is capable of simultaneous dressing and loading, fixed workhead construction, and greater X-axis travel to provide additional space for workpiece loading/unloading.
The extremely flexible GI-10NII from Okuma America is ideal for handling a variety of workpiece shapes in a simple data setting.
Grinding Machines, Metal Cutting
The double-ended spindle on the Walter Helitronic Mini Automation 5-axis universal tool grinding machine can accommodate up to three grinding wheels
per end to process end mills, drills, step drills, step tools, woodworking tools, profile blades and profile tools from 0.04 in (1 mm) to 0.63 in (16 mm) diameter on carbide, HSS,
ceramic, cermet or CBN materials.
Engineered for high-production volumes, the Walter Helitronic Mini Automation 5-axis universal tool grinding machine  has a robot loader that can handle up to 1,500 tools and an optional extension for a robot loader that can hold four additional pallets for up to 2,000 tools, providing a total production capacity of 3,500 tools.
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