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Choosing the Best Hot Zone

While graphite hot zones have improved and gained more popularity in recent years, all-metal hot zones have maintained a strong demand in the industry. Compared to its alternative, all-metal hot zones are constructed using multi-layered, metallic shields consisting of molybdenum and stainless steel. 
This look inside the heat treating furnace examines the reasons behind the shift to graphite hot zones and identifies how shops can choose the best hot zone for their heat treating application.

What You Must Know About Filler Metals

Metal-cored wires offer distinct operating characteristics compared to other wires and, in many cases, can eliminate unnecessary pre- and post-weld activities like grinding or sandblasting.
Understanding these important details will help your shop decide whether a new welding technology is your best way to remain competitive or if a filler metal conversion your best next step. 

Visual Thinking for the Shop

A shop technician inspects a part using VKS visual instruction software. Quality data can be embedded into work instructions to appear at various frequency on the screen and prompt an inspection as the work is being performed. The visual instruction software can prevent the operator from proceeding to the next step of the process until they fill out and save their inspection form.
Every shop uses some sort of work instruction method, but the majority of the time it is not ideal. Now there is a new way to easily create and share work instructions, standardize best processes, reduce errors, increase efficiency, and most importantly, satisfy customers.

Finishing Strong

A reusable Flow-Thru Coolant holder allows coolant to flow from the abrasive disc brush center, instead of just being applied to the outer brush edge, for better lubricant dispersion that permits the brush to run at greater cut depths, faster feed rates and drastically reduces heat generation.
Advanced abrasive disc brushes can now be used in automated systems, CNC machining centers, transfer lines and robotic cells to deburr and finish parts online, without secondary set-ups, to produce reliable, consistent results in a cost effective manner.

Measurement & Inspection Profiles

Each of these Profiles shares a concise background of who the company is that sells that product, along with a brief discussion of their technical expertise and knowledge.

No Disruption Allowed

NUM helped to upgrade the CNC systems of vital machine tools at Fiat Powertrain’s engine manufacturing plant in Campo Largo, Brazil.
Take a look at how Fiat Powertrain upgraded the CNC systems of 20 key machine tools used on the crankshaft and cylinder block production lines of its engine manufacturing plant in Campo Largo, Brazil, without interrupting operations.

Safeguarding the Shop: Piping Job Shops for Oxy-fuel Efficiency, Safety and Performance

The safest cutting torch design available is a tip-mix torch in which the oxygen and fuel gas are mixed right at the tip. If there is a problem with the mix, a new tip can be installed to correct the problem. Also, if the fuel gas is changed, all that needs to be done is to change the cutting tip. There are tube-mix torches available in which the oxygen and fuel gas are mixed in a chamber between the handle and the head of the torch. 
Ensuring optimal oxy-fuel operations safety and performance is dependent on proper equipment selection and adherence to sound practices.

Revolutionary Battery-Operated Lifting Magnet

The BEELift uses a built-in degaussing feature for removing residual magnetism, as well as an option for a hand held wireless remote. The lifter comes in standard sizes of 500 lb, 1,000 lb, and 2,000 lb units.  
The BEELiFT from DocMagnet uses push button technology, anti-demag safety mechanism to prevent accidental release of the load, a lithium-ion battery, external battery charger, low battery alarm, tilt sensors, and an auto-on function for remote operation.