Metal Cutting
A single-source automation supplier should be experienced in integrating auxiliary processes, like part identification, part deburr and inspection. They should also be familiar with overhead automation, robot end-of-arm tooling design and program development, the best ways to orient the machines and keeping the machines clear for easy access. (First view)
Matching the automation to the need keeps a shop competitive, which is precisely why the selection of knowledgeable and experienced suppliers is equally or potentially more important than choosing the actual equipment.
Nearly 80 percent of the costs associated with welding in the field are related to labor. By switching to Pulsed MIG and modified short-circuit MIG processes that increase efficiency with travel speeds that are three to four times faster than TIG or stick welding, field applications can significantly increase productivity without sacrificing weld quality.
Advances in welding technologies and processes can help fabricators address the shortage of skilled welders, shorter project turnaround times, the need to report and document weld quality, and other critical industry challenges that are impacting their profitability. Here’s how. 
Metal Forming & Fabricating, Press Brakes
Bump forming large radius parts can be the most cost-effective way for a shop to fabricate parts with large radii because no tooling investment is necessary and it is easier to form nearly any radius with a six-axis backgauge. Bump forming can also be used when square-to-round transitions in conical shaped parts are needed, such as the part shown here. (First view)
Is your shop having problems forming parts that require a large radius with a press brake? These four proven techniques can increase your part quality and eliminate scrap with minimal investment.
Environmental Health & Safety
A well-run manufacturing operation typically provides on-site safety training to the employees of contractors hired to do construction, maintenance, installation or repairs in or around their facilities. Furthermore, careful purchasing managers only send requests for quotes to contractors who properly train and supervise their own employees. (Photo courtesy of TAS Energy)
When an employee of a contractor is injured in a manufacturing plant, the owner of the plant becomes a prime target for a lawsuit. An indemnification agreement can be a shield of protection against this liability – if it is used properly.
Industry News

Welcome to the Internet of Things

On this playing field, anything that can be connected, will be connected. Those who can adapt to connecting will thrive. Those who can’t, well . . .

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Big Data analytics is taking over manufacturing and providing a totally new dimension to the value of research and trend analysis. Instead of only reporting past activities, data now predicts future events, foresees risk and helps shops build and deliver not only better products, but a richer overall experience for their customers.

Superior High Speed Aluminum Cutting Performance

The precision grinding techniques and specialized carbide grade of the Cast Master XL band saw blade from Lenox enable longer blade life and smoother cuts for shops that compete in the growing aluminum market.

Simple, Visible Inspection

Take a look at some of the latest advances in quality assurance software to help your shop remain competitive.

Ignored No More

Here are the reasons why wet dust collectors are a safe and economical solution for manufacturing operations to use in preventing industrial dust explosions. 

New Name for Enclosed Rigid Rail Fall Protection

Anchor Track from Rigid Lifelines can be easily customized to accommodate curves or slopes, making it perfect for anywhere fall protection is required.

Revolutionary Battery-Operated Lifting Magnet

The BEELiFT from DocMagnet uses push button technology, anti-demag safety mechanism to prevent accidental release of the load, a lithium-ion battery, external battery charger, low battery alarm, tilt sensors, and an auto-on function for remote operation.