The EDAG Light Cocoon concept car is the visionary embodiment of a compact sports car with a completely bionically optimized and additively manufactured vehicle structure that is combined with an outer skin made from weatherproof textile material and a variable light design. (Photo courtesy of EDAG Engineering)
A functionally integrated, bionically optimized vehicle structure offers new potential for lightweight construction and greater manufacturing flexibility of automobiles.
An estimated 4.2 million employees now classified as exempt will become non-exempt because the new regulations significantly increase the minimum amount an employee must be paid to claim a white collar exemption. Effective December 1, 2016, exempt employees must be paid a minimum of $913 per week, or $47,476 annually. (Photo courtesy Poindexter Consulting Group)
Your shop only has a few months to prepare for the new government regulations that require employers to increase salary levels or pay overtime to millions of employees who are presently ineligible for such premium payments. Here are some insights into the challenges they may present that should be addressed without delay.     
Weld Mold 5551 flux-cored wire is well suited for extreme welding applications because of its higher physical properties and its performance ability to excel in higher temperatures. It is highly resistant to heat checking in environments where coolants are used, extremely abrasion resistant and tolerant of compressive loads. In addition, with a 30 percent higher deposition rating than typical flux-cored wire, it offers high weldability for general welding applications.
Costing about 50 percent less than comparable cobalt materials, 5551 flux-cored wire from Weld Mold retains superior hardness in temperatures up to 1,200 deg F.
The robust, compact VIS-P portable laser marker is air cooled for economical operation, with a standard marking area of 4.3 in x 4.3 in. As an option, it can operate without a PC by using the MarkAlone platform. It also accepts signals from PLC digital I/O for diagnostic output and control input, as well as Ethernet or serial connections.
The VIS-P portable laser marker from Automator America is ideal for marking metals, alloys, and anodized, painted surfaces of large, oversized components.
Industry News

Heat Treating Small Loads of Low Carbon Steel

The bench-style Red Devil RD7-KHE24 box furnace from Lucifer Furnaces is ideal for batch heat treating small loads of low carbon steel.

Gas Shield for Welding Titanium Prevents Oxidation

Weld Trailing Shields from Huntingdon Fusion Techniques ensure that the weld remains under an argon gas shield until the metal has cooled below its oxidation temperature.

Space-Saving Grinder Automation

A a new compact wheel changer from United Grinding provides more set up and part processing flexibility and boosts overall output through continuous uninterrupted machine operation on Walter Helitronic Mini Power grinding machines and Helitronic Diamond Evolution two-in-one eroding and grinding systems.

Solid Carbide Thread Mills for General Purpose Machining

Niagara solid-carbide thread mills provide cost effective, highly accurate production of Unified, National Pipe Tapered and Metric thread forms.

Upgraded Scanning Sensor for CMM Tactile Scanning

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence (North Kingstown, RI) announced that they have released their new HP-S-X1 series of compact probes for 3D coordinate measuring machine (CMM) tactile scanning. The HP-S-X1 product line features a new bearing system for better joint repeatability and …

Economical Recovery of Materials Removed from Carbide Grinding Processes

Used most commonly for all types of carbide grinding, HydroFlow Centrifuge Filter systems from Eriez, are also an ideal choice for tool and cutter grinding, glass and ceramic grinding, honing and microfinishing oil, vibratory finishing and wire drawing.

Machine Guarding Systems for Robotic Welding Cells and More

Machine Guarding Systems from WireCrafters are strong, reliable, and versatile physical barriers that easily integrate access doors or openings for material handling with system controls.

Mobile Tool and Die Cabinets for 5S and Lean Manufacturing

As one of the strongest tooling cabinets available, the FM-16828 Rolling Tool and Die Cabinet from Strong Hold Products features a one-piece 12 ga body with locking swivel casters and a push handle for mobility.