Sun Country Trailers tested the new consumables welding on the front-end of its 53 ft step-deck trailers. Here, 20 contact tips lasted for seven months, burning more than 7,000 lb of wire in the process.
Trailer manufacturer Sun Country proves Tweco Velocity MIG consumables can weather even the toughest high-volume spray transfer applications and pass with flying colors.
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The Intel® IoT Platform illustrates an end-to-end model of the foundation necessary for seamlessly and securely connecting devices, delivering data to the cloud, and delivering value through analytics. In the world of IoT, job shops, contract manufacturers and metal service centers will compete to make more money by being better at connecting data silos, processing data, communicating it and integrating everything together, all at once, into the faster delivery of better products.
On this playing field, anything that can be connected, will be connected. Those who can adapt to connecting will thrive. Those who can’t, well . . .
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Data is now all grown up, with new multi-dimensional capabilities and broader horizons. It serves like a compass, pointing the way for manufacturing growth. Shops must embrace Big Data in order to remain competitive. Those that make the most of the customer, product, and equipment data they capture, stand to improve their ability to innovate, please their customers, and bring more profitable products and services to market more quickly.
Big Data analytics is taking over manufacturing and providing a totally new dimension to the value of research and trend analysis. Instead of only reporting past activities, data now predicts future events, foresees risk and helps shops build and deliver not only better products, but a richer overall experience for their customers.
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In the Internet of Things, manufacturers must navigate through a complex landscape of challenges in order to provide unprecedented gains in agility, productivity, quality, responsiveness, risk mitigation, and economic value generation. Data analytics is the way to do this.
Data analytics is a key technology that is creating new frontier for manufacturers to uncover new insights that can speed their decision-making and improve their business performance.
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