Metal Cutting, Metal Forming & Fabricating
Keeping employees out of the hands of competitors helps to protect an employer’s know-how and trade secrets. On the other hand, most employees would rather not sign a non-compete, and agree to it only because they see no other option. Thoughtful employees, however, seek to negotiate aspects of the non-compete before signing. (Photo courtesy of U.S. Navy)
Non-compete agreements are increasingly a part of employment contracts and employment at will, and employers and employees must learn to deal effectively with them. Here are some key aspects of non-competition agreements that must be addressed, from both the employer and employee perspective.
Environmental Health & Safety
In too many cases, ergonomic studies are only ordered for processes that have already hurt someone. Even the most sophisticated human factors programs tend to measure a person's ability to do a job before they are hired (or more likely as part of a post-offer qualification), so the processes that are most likely to hurt someone tend to be addressed only after a human has been harmed — and a person's on-going ability to perform a job is seldom evaluated. In effect, even in the best circumstances, we only have a single snapshot of risk in an imperfect process. (Illustration courtesy of FAA archives)
Like so many things involving risk reduction in safety, trying to implement a safety system through statistical process control is theoretically possible, but practically impossible. Here's why.
Grinding Wheels, Tooling & Workholding
Booth N-22025: The new Tiger X flap disc from Weiler Corporation combines a triple split coat grain anchoring system, dual flap design and engineered abrasive cloth backing with intermixed ceramic alumina and zirconia alumina materials for a faster grind rate while increasing life.
Weiler Corporation, a leading provider of abrasives, power brushes, and maintenance products for surface conditioning, announces the launch of the Tiger X flap disc with industry-first technology for faster grinding and a longer life.
Indoor Air Quality, Maintenance
The white paper "Get To Know Ultrasonic Cleaners” is a comprehensive guide that explains technical concepts using charts, video and photographs that give insight into how ultrasonic cleaning works, its effectiveness, and benefits. Included topics cover the ultrasonic process, transducers and generators, cleaning procedures and solutions, types of contaminants, design considerations, types of cleaning units, and more.
As the proven advantages of ultrasonic cleaning grow, especially for 3D printed parts, this white paper from Omegasonics becomes a valuable tool for shops wanting to understand the technology and how it works.
Industry News

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Ultrasonic features their Ultra 2400FA, a full-featured ultrasonic cleaner with 24 gal main tank capacity and horizontal transducers for superior cleaning action without solvents.

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Here are the reasons why wet dust collectors are a safe and economical solution for manufacturing operations to use in preventing industrial dust explosions. 

Storage and Workspace Solutions for 5S Operations

Ideal for 5S operations in lean manufacturing, this heavy duty, durable 12 ga steel equipment withstands the toughest environments while keeping shop valuables organized and protected.