Fully automated SpinMeld systems from Coldwater Machine are ideal for joining steels, aluminum, cast or sintered metals, magnesium, brass, carbon fiber composites, ceramics with mixed metal connections, and dissimilar combinations of these materials.
Think this technology has leveled off? Think again. Some of the latest advancements include integral-motor roller cam-style turrets, 90 deg-configured turrets, enhanced lower turrets, direct-drive milling spindles and servo drilling tailstocks. And that's not all.
The move from conventional turning to helical milling allowed this job shop to feed faster, take lighter cuts, raise the material removal rates but not cutting forces, and transform a nasty turning job into a moneymaker.
With its human-machine interface and user-friendly touchscreen controls, the CL-960 6 kW Fiber Laser from Cincinnati Incorporated uses advanced laser cutting capabilities to process thin material faster while cutting up to 3/4 in thick steel.
In the hyper-competitive metalworking business, some job shops with only a few employees still use separate homegrown systems or one very old program that is not very efficient in managing and reconciling their manufacturing and financial operations. They still shy …
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Innovative Robotic Roll Forming System

The 3D Rollforming Center from data M Sheet Metal Solutions uses an integrated hexapod robot to produce high strength steel or aluminum alloy profile sections that vary in height and width, a COPRA ProfileScan Desktop measurement device for quality control of profiles, and COPRA FEA RF design and simulation software to validate the roll forming process.

Taking Shape: Structural Fabrication

Here are some of the latest advances in welding and plasma cutting equipment, fixturing, materials and PPE that can help welding operators increase their productivity, improve quality and safety, and reduce their operating costs in the fabrication of large, heavy, robust parts.


The leading manufacturing event on the West Coast returns to the Los Angeles Convention Center on September 12-14 and this special Show-in-Print provides technical reviews of some of the machinery, tooling, systems and accessories that will be exhibited to help you navigate the show floor and manage your time while you’re there.

New Multi-Function Tool for Swiss-Style Machining

The extremely versatile, multi-function G6 six-edge turning insert from Carmex fits one holder and delivers high productivity, cost efficiency, and a smooth surface finish even in hard materials when threading, grooving, parting, and back and front turning a range of diameters from small, thin wall applications up to 2.5 in.

CT-Based Coordinate Measuring Machines

The METROTOM CT-based coordinate measuring machine from Zeiss is ideal for flexibly measuring and inspecting a wide range of applications involving dimensional size and material density in one X-ray scan, including hybrid parts made from different materials such as plastic, ceramics or composite materials, as well as magnesium, aluminum and steel.

MQL Systems for Shops that are Tired of Dealing with Coolant

Ideal for the near-dry machining of steel, stainless, titanium, Inconel, tungsten and more, the compact, highly durable and modular Miquel pump from DropsA can be retrofitted to a machine tool’s existing coolant piping and mixed and matched with a compensation valve, independent solenoid control or both to optimize MQL for wide range of lubrication requirements.

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