Lathes, Metal Cutting
Tongtai MT Series has twin spindles and two individual machining areas.  The turrets and spindles are designed parallel to each other.  This design makes parts that usually need two processes to be finished on one machine. The work area on the main foundation of the lathes has two individual working areas with separate bed structures to decrease the transfer of harmonic vibration, contributing to excellent machining accuracy and high quality surface finishes.  The compact design allows for a short cutting flow from start to finish, which enhances machining rigidity and heavy cutting ability.  
Ideal for small automotive parts that are typically made within 60 seconds, Tongtai MT lathes from Absolute Machine Tools is designed for precision turning, high production volume, automatic production, and insertion into mass-production lines.
Metal Cutting, Turning Centers
The TUE-100 Vertical Turning Lathe utilizes a field-tested design that capitalizes on the identical ram cross section to support the railhead for increased precision. Cutting performance is improved through the two types of bearings used to support both the radial and axial loads of the table, along with the high quality cast iron bed, specifically designed for efficient chip removal.
The TUE-100 vertical turning lathe from Toshiba showcases the highest rapid rate available in its class with feed rates up to 2,000 mm/min that reduce cycle times and increase productivity.
Lathes, Metal Cutting
The Okuma LOC650 4-axis turning center used in the process applies tandem Seco multi-tooth, chaser-style threading inserts that are pushed through to direct cutting forces back into the machine. The stability and precision of the lathe, combined with the 4-axis design and this unique thread-cutting process, provides great results up to 7 in diameter in both accuracy and productivity. 
A LOC650 horizontal lathe from Okuma uses Thread Chaser inserts from Seco Tools to accurately thread oil coupling pipe in a cycle time of less than one minute.
Metal Cutting, Turning Centers
The new milling turret design on the Puma GT2100 series turning center has a bevel drive gear and air /oil cooling.  The BMT55P turret (Puma GT 2100M) tooling is strongly fixed to the turret with four bolts and keys to provide powerful machining performance with high efficiency, high rigidity, and a high precision internal drive system. Stable performance is guaranteed even after extensive milling work. Rotary tool speed is 5,000 rpm with a 7.5 hp rotary tool motor.
Compact, easy to operate Puma GT2100 series turning centers from Doosan are ideal for roughing, finishing, castings, grooving, threading, peck drilling and more.
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