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Rebuilding American Manufacturing, One Veteran at a Time

A perfect storm: One million veterans leave the service every five years as a projected two million manufacturing jobs go unfilled in the U.S. over the next decade due to lack of skilled labor. Guest columnist John Woolever of Donaldson explains how veterans are forging new careers in metalworking through Workshops for Warriors – and how manufacturers can put skin in the game with support.

Avoid These Costly Mistakes in the Welding Operation

Looking to improve productivity and reduce costs to be more competitive? The one key to getting ahead is reducing the time spent on non-value-added activities – i.e., any time spent not welding. Here are some of the best ways to reduce downtime.

Digital Work Instructions for Lean Manufacturing

Visual Knowledge Share is a multilingual and digital work instruction application that helps shops increase quality, profitability, and productivity and get the most out of their factory by displaying standardized, advanced work instructions while monitoring factory performance.

Time to Reconsider Holding Taps with Collet Chucks

The next time you think about setting up a tapping operation with a collet chuck the same old way you always have, you may want to think again. There are now tap holders designed specifically to mitigate the load imposed on the tap by essentially absorbing synchronization error.

Easy, Fast and Precise 3D Measurement for Wide-Ranging Tasks

The COMET L3D 2 sensor from Zeiss quickly delivers precise 3D data of components even in difficult ambient conditions, automatically recognizes changes in vibration and exposure, and offers high-end technology for exceptional data quality with maximum ease of use.

Smart High Pressure Coolant System

The VR8 Variable Volume High Pressure Coolant System from MP Systems uses only the required horsepower to make set pressure, and automatically adjusts the gallons per minute output to maintain desired set pressure.

How to Prevent Lift Operation by Untrained or Unauthorized Personnel

The Safety LiftLok System for vertical reciprocating conveyors from Wildeck includes passcode-protected digital keypad or key switch options to prevent lift operation by unauthorized personnel.

Heavy Duty Casters for Higher Loads

The 310 & 410 Kingpinless Series casters from W.T. Hight are constructed of high quality, heat-treated AISI 1045 laser-cut steel and feature a precision-machined raceway for improved ergonomics and superior strength in rugged and towed applications.