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What You Must Know About Calipers

This primer on various measurement processes by George Schuetz of Mahr Federal shows you how to match different caliper designs with selected applications to prevent measurement errors from creeping in.

Comparative ID/OD Gaging

Part two of our series on various measurement processes examines the factors that must be considered when selecting ID/OD comparator gages.


Calipers: Products

Digital Universal Caliper for ID and OD Measurement

With its broad range of measurement accessories, the Multimar 25 EWR Digital Universal Caliper is a versatile and configurable caliper for ID and OD measurement. Unlike standard calipers, both measuring arms of the 25 EWR can be moved along the beam to function like a beam-gage and provide well-balanced weight distribution, even with small dimensions. The application range can be easily extended by reversing the interchangeable measuring arms. The digital display is always in the operator‘s line of vision due to the patented mounting fixture of the measuring arms and attachments provided.
The Multimar 25 EWR Digital Universal Caliper from Mahr Federal is ideal for measuring outside and inside dimensions, narrow collars, external and internal tapers, dovetails, grooves, distances between hole centers, for centering shoulders, scribing parts and more.

Wireless Data Transmission Built Into Digital Calipers

With a sleek new-look, MarCal 16 EWRi digital calipers are easier to read with a large clear digital display, and include a number of advanced features, such as lapped guideways, a reference system that retains the zero position setting, and a number of product options and accessories. 
16 EWRi Digital Calipers from Mahr Federal use internal MarConnect transmitters and MarCom software for economical implementation of secure wireless data transmission.

Lifetime Warranty on Precision Electronic Measurement Instruments

Selected electronic calipers, electronic indicators and electronic micrometers from Fowler. 
Fowler/Sylvac now offers a lifetime warranty on select measurement tools.