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For running an unmanned lights-out operation, the BySpeed 3015 6 kW laser system from Bystronic Inc. incorporates advanced mirror detection that monitors and shuts down the resonator in case of a fault.

Posted: December 1, 2009


Bystronic Inc. (Hauppauge, NY) introduces an enhanced version of its BySpeed 3015 laser cutting machine for running an automated lights-out operation. Integral to the high efficiencies achievable with this state-of-the-art system is the equally new ByLaser 6000 resonator, a dynamic power package that delivers up to a steady 6 kW to the cutting head, ensuring consistently high-quality cutting across a broad range of materials.

The innovative design of the Bylaser 6000 watt resonator now incorporates advanced mirror detection systems: the End Mirror Sensor (EMS) and the Output Coupler Sensor (OCS).

These new features will automatically monitor the conditions of the two most important mirrors in the resonator and will shut down the resonator in the case of a fault. This is a key feature of maintaining continuous process safety, especially when running an automated lights-out operation.

Another new advanced feature of the Bylaser 6000 is the incorporation of a Magnetic Blower (MAG), which provides a wear-free and maintenance-free turbine blower which requires no lubrication or other maintenance tasks. This resonator already features revolutionary wear-free solid state power supply components that dramatically reduce maintenance and repair costs.

These exceptional features make the Bylaser 6000 the most technologically advanced and most cost effective 6 kW laser resonator on the market today.

Among the notable improvements to the BySpeed 3015 are a faster shuttle table, simultaneous nozzle cleaning and calibration during shuttle times, and a conveyor system for small cut drops. The BySpeed 3015 also features lighter, more agile front access doors and curved panels on the front covers for a sleek, more esthetically pleasing appearance. Other features include:

? Optimal cutting conditions produce precision high quality cut parts

? Maximum productivity due to quick change cutting head and fast shuttle times

? 30 percent faster piercing capabilities with Regulated Pulse Piercing (RPP)

? Optional additional material handling and automation solutions

Additional options include a new 3.75 in focal length cartridge that can increase feed rates by as much as 15 percent for material thicknesses less than 16 ga (.062 in) and an optional secondary outlet conveyor that can deposit drops directly into a metal drum.

Bystronic Inc. has offered customers single source service expertise for over 30 years. They provide innovative laser cutting, waterjet cutting and press brake systems, system software and comprehensive customer training and support. The company?s North American headquarters is located in Hauppauge, with other offices in Chicago, Los Angeles, Toronto, Canada and Guadalajara, Mexico.

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