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Safety Systems Safeguard Personnel and Machinery

These engineered switch products from Tapeswitch connect to machinery to safeguard the manufacturing process in accordance with safety standards and protecting assets, areas, personnel, equipment, and machinery.

Posted: October 22, 2012


These engineered switch products connect to machinery to safeguard the manufacturing process in accordance with safety standards and protecting assets, areas, personnel, equipment, and machinery.

For over fifty years, Tapeswitch Corporation (Farmingdale, NY) has manufactured and engineered switch mat products and systems for hundreds of safety, sensing, and signaling applications throughout the world’s leading industries. One application is where these switch products are connected to machinery to assist in the manufacturing goods in accordance with safety standards and protecting assets, such as safeguarding areas, personnel, equipment, and machinery.

In Booth E-5814 at IMTS 2012, one product line that offers these benefits is safety switch mats that are engineered to provide millions of actuations at any point and are fail-safe protected. Standard actuation forces range from 22 lb (100 nominal) to 66 lb (300 nominal) (Diamond Plate), engineered in accordance to the highest standards. The complete product line of standard safety mats includes abrasion resistant (ControlMatTM), puncture proof and impact resistant (ArmorMatTM), high impact, aluminum plated, heavy traffic withstanding heavy loads (Diamond PlateTM), and molded, parallel plate models ( SafetyZone).

Tapeswitch also custom engineers to specification, including sizes, large areas, different shapes, long lengths, various colors, different edges, different lead exits, curves and angles, and cut-outs, as well as build complete safety and sensing switch mat systems. We engineer high quality switch products that take on many forms and meet industry standards and specific applications at affordable prices. They have the shortest lead times for standard and custom built safety switch products.

Also being exhibited is the new compact safety interface controller, the PSSR-2. Its technology offers integrity monitoring of any presence sensing safety switch, mat, edge, and bumper product with a 6.8K Ω or 8.2 K Ω end of the line resistor. The PSSR-2 has a safety performance of CAT 3 SIL2 PLd, EN 13849 with built-in integrity monitoring for presence sensing safety mats, edges, and switches with a resistor. It has a manual and auto reset. There are three output contacts; force guided relays and two normally open (safety) one x normally closed (monitor) contacts.  It is 22.5 mm DIN rail mountable. This controller is ideal for any industry, including manufacturing, automation, material handling, metal working, fabrication, equipment, and entertainment.

Also being exhibited are pressure sensitive safety switch edges to safeguard areas, personnel, equipment, and machinery through detection, sensing, safety, and signaling. These safety edges offer a million actuations at any point, the most durable and reliable technology in the industry. They are manufactured and are available in different sizes, long lengths, profiles (low ¼ in overtravel (TS-6,8,16,18), medium profile 3/8 inch overtravel (TS-26), medium profile ¾ in overtravel (TS-46 and 48), immediate sensitivities (high – TS-47 & TS-57), actuation forces, front, side and angled actuations (TS-67), and bendable formed properties (FlexionTM), mounting options.

In addition to standard safety edge products, Tapeswitch Corporation custom engineers safety edges to meet the specifications of applications. The edges are connected into safety interface modules. These safety interface modules can control operation of single or multiple edges, detect faults, and are fail-safe. Together, they provide a complete safety system or solution.

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