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The Smart Factory uses cyber-physical automation for tool management at every stage: from purchasing to programming to operation; from selecting, ordering and maintaining the proper tools for particular jobs to precise recommendations for cutting data to generating CNC programs for specific applications.

Posted: December 29, 2016

CoroPlus software from Sandvik Coromant helps machine shops prepare for the Internet of Things through a combination of connected machining and access to manufacturing data and expert knowledge that enables them to adjust, control and monitor machining performance in real time, from pre- to post-machining. The entire shop can be controlled via accurate on-site data dashboards, through the cloud and via integration with the user’s software and machine environment.

Connecting Tools for The Internet of Things
CoroPlus from Sandvik Coromant is a platform of connected tools and software that can send and/or receive data to reduce data waste and improve manufacturing processes from pre- to post-machining.

Integrated Digital Tooling Portal
Compatible with all mobile and desktop devices, My Pages from Seco Tools provides easy, round-the-clock access and transparency for every user in every part of the machining process, from the operator and programmer to purchasing.

Automated Tool Change Increases Machine Tool Capability
With a stop block that is custom made for each machine type so that it fits perfectly, the Alberti Leonardo electric spindle from Koma Precision can achieve speeds of 60,000 rpm while maintaining the spindle position and accuracy.

Robotic Tool Change System
Ideal for medium payload range automotive applications, the compact MPS 130 fully automatic tool change system from Stäubli is only 1.8 kg on the robot side and 1.1 kg on the tool side, with a maximum load of 100 kg and a bending moment of 900 Nm.

How to Test Stamping Lubricants Without Interrupting Production
The IRMCO iTool lubricant testing process is a servo press run, data collection program that allows for frictional forces, part measurements and deformation temperatures to be compared from different lubricants and also on different substrates.

Wear-Optimization App Helps Decrease Wear Rates and Associated Costs
The app from Walter USA enables users from any mobile device and operating system to identify all specific forms of wear on indexable-insert and round-tool solid carbide applications, from milling, drilling and threading to turning, grooving and parting.

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