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Can We Talk? Conversations Between Machines Get Deep (Part Two)

Across the emerging Smart Factory, connected systems are networking production processes from design to final delivery. Conversational programming makes it quick and easy for operators to generate programs at the machine, while other connected systems exchange and use information about tool management, batch processing/scheduling, machine monitoring, quality assurance and more.

Posted: June 10, 2019

Manufacturing Execution System software from Bystronic interlinks all individual manufacturing steps and guides sheet metal parts on their ideal path through the production process, creating digital transparency across the entire added-value chain of sheet metal products. All of the steps – from the incoming order through to the shipping of the completed product – are digitally recorded so that products can be manufactured according to defined timelines.

Part One of this two-part series explained how communication is the cornerstone of the digital thread in automation that connects processes from part design to after-sales support so that manufacturers can better understand their customers for competitive advantage. On the shop floor, an integral part of this connected manufacturing environment is driven by CNC controls that communicate deep process data extending from cutting tool performance to machine monitoring to ERP systems. As these controls become easier to use, they’re also becoming much more powerful. new control technology sweeps through the metal fabrication industry, making processes more accurate and shops of all sizes more productive by eliminating sources of waste. Take a closer look at some more of the latest innovations that are shaping the future of manufacturing:

Using Voice Input to Control Welding Systems
This voice control system developed by Fronius and their partners enables welders to use verbal commands to set amperage, arc length and other parameters without any interruption of the welding process.

Verification Software Drives Tasks on Remote Servers
Based on client/server scheduler architecture, the latest NCSIMUL machining module from Hexagon includes automation functionality that gives the user wider control for simulating, analyzing and executing jobs on other devices by communicating with distant servers.

Import Drawing Files and Solid Models from Customer Directly into the Machine Control
3D Import with 3D DXF technology from Hurco eliminates extra steps and is a huge time saver that automatically creates the necessary Transform Plane data blocks in conversational programming for five-sided machining programs.

A Connected Factory for More Efficient Production Management
Global Release 2019 software from Lantek uses AI, Cloud, machine-learning and other technological advances to obtain quality data for integral control and management of any cutting machine and process with global visibility to raise production levels, increase agility and reduce complexity.

Measurement Systems with Open Communications
Diameter, Ovality, Eccentricity, and Flaw Detection measurement systems from LaserLinc use OPC communications protocol that is compatible with Manufacturing 4.0 and IIoT to capture, modify and move data from different systems.

Cloud Communications Connect Machines and Systems for Automation
The LoopEdge computing platform from Litmus Automation can connect to various PLCs, robotic systems, CNC machines, and other industrial systems used for automating manufacturing processes.

Connected Manufacturing Bridges the Communications Gap
Smooth Technology, SmartBox IIoT connectivity and other innovative systems from Mazak help shops achieve full digital connectivity for process monitoring and optimization to compete in a networked manufacturing environment.

Videos Communicate Advanced CAD/CAM Practices
The CAMJam 2019 is a video archive and viewing guide of training sessions from MecSoft that answers machining questions from users on indexed and simultaneous 4- and 5-axis milling, turning, multi-axis robot machining and other programming techniques.

Remote Monitoring of CNC Machines from Handheld Device
Users of the Integrated Machine Analytics mobile app from Mitsubishi Electric Automation can do real-time monitoring and analysis of CNC functions on all MTConnect-compliant CNC machine tools in their facility to keep production on schedule and eliminate potential issues.

Advanced Machine Control and Part Traceability for the Smart Factory
Ideal for IIoT applications, the NX1 controller, HAWK MV-4000 smart camera, handheld HS-360 DPM reader and MicroHAWK ID-45 reader from Omron integrate machine control and part inspection operations seamlessly with quality management and safety systems.

Open Automation Standards Simplify Motion Control Machine Programming
Using software standards from PLCopen, engineers can quickly and efficiently implement complex motion and machine control in high speed multi-axis machining and other industrial automation applications.

Control Software Boosts Memory and Connectivity – At No Extra Cost
By offering greater functionality standard at no cost, PathPilot CNC Control Software from Tormach overcomes two of the biggest barriers in a CNC investment: cost and capability.

Smart Software Reduces Production Steps
Using a systematic approach to controlled tube manufacturing, t project software from transfluid connects CAD, BDE, ERP and shop intranet systems with tube bending machines and bending robots to make complex tube fabrication simple and safer and production less expensive.

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