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Superior MIG/Stick/Plasma Welding Gloves

The Caiman 1512 glove from Primax provides exceptional fit, comfort and performance for Stick and MIG welding operations, as well as many other tasks.

Posted: September 23, 2019

Booth B-18110: Fully insulated with wool, the Caiman 1512 glove from Primax is reinforced on the palm and index, sewn with 100 percent Kevlar thread and uses Kontour three-dimensional patterns for an anatomically-correct fit that delivers exceptional comfort and performance. A patent-pending Kontour Wrist design keeps the cuff from flaring open while welding. This glove is ideal for Stick/MIG welding, but its superior fit makes it usable for much more.

In Booth B-18110, Caiman® Gloves from Primax Mfg. & Trading, Inc. (La Mirada, CA) introduces a new line of welding gloves designed for the shop user. The Caiman reputation of top-of-the-line quality, innovative features and unprecedented comfort is evident throughout this new line, but at price points geared for the industrial user. The Caiman 1512 is a must-have glove that provides tremendous value and innovative features, such as Kontour™ three-dimensional patterns that create an anatomically-correct fit and delivers exceptional comfort and performance, a patent-pending Kontour Wrist™ design that helps keep the cuff from flaring open while in the welding position, fully insulated with wool – the best natural insulator available, strategically-placed reinforcements on the palm and index, and sewn with 100 percent Kevlar® thread. The 1512 is ideal for Stick/MIG welding applications but, due to its superior fit, can also be used for much more.

Caiman Gloves | Primax Mfg. & Trading, Inc., 16233 Heron Avenue, La Mirada, CA 90638, 714-523-2532,,

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