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Expand Machining Capability with Updated Tool-Manufacturing Software

In addition to a user-friendly design wizard, ANCA’s ToolRoom enables cutting tool manufacturers to expand into new markets with barrel shape ballnose (BSB) and large-radii double corner radius (DCR) endmill tool types that increase productivity.

Posted: April 8, 2021

User-friendly graphical interface on ANCA CNC Machines’ ToolRoom RN34 endmill package supports both static and dynamic views specially for catalog tools.
Large stepover increments contribute to faster cycle times and longer tool life. Replacing conventional ballnose and corner radius applications with the large tangential form radius simulates these applications, but the outsized cutting diameter is what saves cycle time and cost.
Designer-edge ballnose for aggressive nose section cutting.
The ToolRoom update includes new ToolTypes.

ANCA CNC Machines (Wixom, MI) completes the ToolRoom RN34 endmill package with barrel shape ballnose (BSB) and double-corner radius (DCR) tool types for high-accuracy endmill cutters (also known as circular-segment or high-feed endmills) the die mold, aerospace, general machining and power generation industries use for finishing. The upgraded software generates barrel and lens shapes and taper and oval forms with a larger-radius edge that permits greater stepover increments. This enables machining with a larger crossover pitch during pre-finishing and finishing operations, which improves surface finish as well as lowering cycle times and extending tool life.

Bringing these endmills together with the advantages of ToolRoom, such as iView and laser compensation, designer edge ballnose, variable helix and tool balancing sets tool manufacturers up with a complete solution and is unique to ANCA software. In addition, a special fluting operation ensures a constant hook angle all the way along the trajectory of the cutting edge, resulting in vibration-free tools that produce less wear and tear during machining.

Manufacturing complex, sophisticated endmills is made easy with wizard-based BSB design in ToolRoom, suitable also for catalog production.

Compensation methods are covered because ANCA supports manual, iView and LaserPlus compensation for all geometry. Both ball radius and tangential barrel form radius can be maintained within +/-0.002 mm using LaserPlus. This accuracy can also be maintained in batch grinding with automatic in-process compensation for large-volume production on machines with LaserPlus.

Wizard-based design also provides the option to scale tools and add operations like roughing or chip breakers. Wizard support is available for oval form, taper form and also a custom form for specials. A static view gives parameter inputs for geometry description, while a dynamic view visualizes the geometry as and when parameters are entered.

Other advantages for cutting tool manufacturers include:

  • iView and laser compensation for large-volume manufacturing.
  • Variable helix/index with radial margin option for fluting cycles.
  • Tool balancing for variable-helix/-index tools for chatter-free cutting.
  • Constant hook along cutting-edge trajectory (special flute from solid).

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