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3D Metrology Takes a Comprehensive Peek Inside

With the introduction of groundbreaking innovations and first-of-their-kind developments, job shops will find no shortage of 3D metrology laser scanner technologies available to assist them with precision measurements, and the ability to scan parts faster and with greater accuracy.

Posted: October 9, 2021

The xP offers a balance of the xR for resolution and the xS for speed so coverage and accuracy blend together for overall productivity.
The xS is best for large parts or expansive surface areas when data collection speed is top priority — extra wide laser stripe delivers double the coverage in a single pass, allowing users to collect data more than 65 percent faster.
The xR is suited for high-precision tasks or areas on a part with tight tolerances to capture data with up to 30 percent better accuracy and resolution.
The Absolute Scanner AS1 pairs best-in-class accuracy and data quality with an automation-capable data collection speed of 1.2 million points per second, as well as the first-of-its-kind interoperability between portable arm and laser tracker systems.


FARO Launches All-New Quantum Max ScanArm with Multiple Laser Line Probes
FARO® Technologies, Inc. (Lake Mary, FL), a global leader of 3D measurement, imaging and realization solutions for the 3D Metrology, AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction), and public safety analytics markets, has released the all-new Quantum Max ScanArm, the most advanced portable measurement tool that features three purpose-built hot-swappable Laser Line Probes (LLPs).

Designed to meet a variety of small and medium-sized measurement needs, the LLPs — xR, xP and xS — ensure that users are no longer forced to choose between speed, accuracy or resolution. Maximize value and productivity by more than 30 percent with the enhanced performance and scanning capabilities of the Quantum Max. Each LLP is enhanced with FARO CLR (Continuous Light Rectification) technology, which provides users the highest quality scan data on dark, translucent, and reflective surfaces, eliminating the need for sprays, time-consuming surface preparation, and cleanup while avoiding finished product contamination.

Quantum Max further enhances speed and accessibility with its kinematic mount that allows each LLP to be interchanged with seamless ease. The portable measurement arm is fitted with a small, light end effector, allowing users to better access hard-to-reach confined spaces while reducing operator fatigue.

Smart Factory ready, Quantum Max is fully compatible with FARO CAM2® Software and its Repeat Part Management feature, which allows guided inspection routines to be pre-programmed. Operators can now perform the exact same inspection routine, minimizing variability and maximizing repeatability.

“The new Quantum Max ScanArm exceeded our expectations,” said Clay Marsh, managing partner at Real Street Performance. “In our many years of industry expertise, we have learned that choosing the right LLP is not always a ‘one size fits all’ proposition. “There are parts or specific features or areas on a part where you need the most accurate scan possible. For other parts or areas, getting the job done quickly to maintain production speed is most important. The Quantum Max ScanArm solves for both.”

Scanner Features First-of-its-Kind Interoperability Between Portable Arm and Laser Tracker Systems
Hexagon’s (North Kingstown, RI) ground-breaking new laser scanner will make its North American debut at FABTECH, being held September 13-16 in Chicago. The Absolute Scanner AS1 pairs best-in-class accuracy and data quality with an automation-capable data collection speed of 1.2 million points per second and first-of-its-kind interoperability between portable arm and laser tracker systems. The AS1 is the ideal sensor in a wide range of application contexts, for instance on an automotive shop floor – the same scanner can be moved back and forth as needed between an arm used for interior quality control and a tracker setup in the pilot plant performing flush and gap inspection to achieve a more integrated and lower-cost quality process.

The AS1 is a modular blue laser line scanner that is the first in the industry to operate with both laser tracker and portable measuring arm systems. When used together with a Leica Absolute Tracker AT960 laser tracker, the AS1 can deliver scanning accuracy to within just 50 microns from up to 30 meters away, handheld or automated. For smaller applications, the AS1 scanner unit can be easily mounted to any existing current-generation Absolute Arm 7-Axis system, enabling precision scanning and hidden area inspection within a measurement volume of between 2 and 4.5 meters in diameter.

Tracker functionality for the AS1 is powered by a new handheld positioning unit, the Absolute Positioner AP21. The AP21 unit allows the AT960 tracker to pick up complete position and orientation information for the scanner. The AS1 can be quickly mounted to the AP21 using Hexagon’s patented kinematic joint — the same repeatable mounting system already found on Absolute Arm systems. This makes it possible for a busy shop-floor team to swap the same AS1 scanner unit on-the-fly from use on a tracker system to an arm system without the need for any time-consuming realignment or setup.

The laser scanning performance of the Absolute Scanner AS1 is built on the proven Systematic High-Intelligence Noise Elimination (SHINE) technology which enables extremely high-quality and high-accuracy data to be collected at full-speed on almost any surface type or finish at default exposure settings. This minimizes the need to constantly toggle settings during the measurement process, as well as the associated operator training needs.

The dynamic tracking performance of the Absolute Positioner AP21 unit means the newest Absolute Scanner is fully automation ready, allowing for high-speed blue laser scanning within automated cells and structures whether in-line, at-the-line, near-the-line or in the quality room – a vital functionality as industries prepare for the future of smart manufacturing.

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