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Corporate Profile: HYDMECH Sawing Solutions

HYDMECH is a world leader in metal band saw and cold sawing solutions. Our innovative solutions are geared to meet the practical needs of our clients working in aerospace, automotive, steel service centers, metal fabrication shops, and other sectors. 

Posted: March 14, 2023


Customers can count on HYDMECH’s long-term support with premium quality parts, top-tier customer service, and reliable maintenance service. Building on nearly four decades in business, HYDMECH is the go-to company for industrial-strength cutting-edge solutions.

For example, KEITH Walking Floors is a family-owned business providing a wide range of pallet and bulk materials handling solutions for many sectors, including agricultural, manufacturing and recycling.

The company’s main production facility was experiencing a drop in productivity. They needed to replace one of the power saws that had been a workhorse of their production line for nearly 15 years; that saw was wearing out and required a prohibitive amount of maintenance to keep operational. To make up for work stoppages and slower productivity, the firm had employees working overtime to keep up with global demand.

Looking at different industrial saw options, KEITH Walking Floors’ management team came across HYDMECH. “We chose the M20-A-120 because we saw it could handle our production requirements better than what we had,” says KEITH Value Stream Group Leader Jimmy Drago. The M20-A-120 can miter cut from 90 to 60 degrees, making it ideal for large fabrication jobs like they would see in their plant.

“We’re very happy with our new saw,” Drago says. “Now we’re able to meet our capacity needs. We’re able to cut large bundles of material at long length. Previously, we would index material just two feet at a time and had to stop and start constantly. The M20 saw indexes 10 feet at a time, which shortens the process considerably.” 

Thanks to these improvements, the new equipment will ultimately pay for itself, Drago says. “We’re even able to pull some of the work off our other saws, leading to reduced labor costs and better efficiency.”

Even better, their company is confident that HYDMECH will be there for them whenever they need help. “HYDMECH gives great customer service,” Drago says. “We feel like they’ve taken the time to get to know our operation to serve us better.”

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