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Monitoring the Process

area scanner, laser tracker, touch probe, laser scanner, optical profiler, Exact Metrology

Automated measurements of workpieces in machines are progressively more important in today’s manufacturing processes, resulting in shorter production times and fewer interruptions. What’s more, there is more confidence when it comes to the measurement process.

3D Metrology Takes a Comprehensive Peek Inside

3D metrology, FARO, FARO Technologies, portable measurement tool

With the introduction of groundbreaking innovations and first-of-their-kind developments, job shops will find no shortage of 3D metrology laser scanner technologies available to assist them with precision measurements, and the ability to scan parts faster and with greater accuracy.

Easy-to-Use Arm-Mounted Laser Scanner

Hexagon’s RS6 laser scanner

Exact Metrology offers the RS6 laser scanner, which collects data at full speed regardless of part geometry, for use with the Absolute Arm cobot. The scanner is easily removed from the arm while probing and can be remounted in seconds with no time-wasting recalibration.

Nanometer-Level Motion Control for Micromachining

ALIO’s 5-axis laser gimbal and Scanlab's XLSCAN

As micro-processing quality requirements become more demanding, legacy systems don’t always meet accuracy and repeatability specifications. Built around ALIO’s 5-axis laser gimbal, 6D Laser’s integrated infinite field of view (IFOV) system increases processing speed while eliminating errors from field stitching.

Easy-to-Use Laser Weld Monitor

Amada Miyachi America’s 7-pound MM-L300A laser weld monitor

Amada Weld Tech’s MM-L300A laser weld monitor improves weld performance by giving operators real-time feedback on production errors such as gaps between parts, missing parts, over-penetration, incorrect focus, and cover gas absence. The unit’s software simplifies setup and analysis.

High-Performance Height Gauge

Mitutoyo America Corp.’s QM-Height Series measures height, height difference (step), inside/outside widths, inside/outside diameters, circle pitch, and free-form surface max/min heights to ±(2.4+2.1L/600) μm. Simple-to-use control panel enables most measurements to be made with one keystroke.

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