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John Zaya

John Zaya is the product manager-workholding for BIG DAISHOWA. Email

Articles by John Zaya

Move Beyond Standard Tooling

Considering where a standard item’s functionality ends, there are endless possibilities. Yet even when budgets, and in some cases physics, get in the way, the only true limit is one’s imagination.

Is the Vise Dead?

Even though it has been around forever, does the vise have limitations for shops in a competitive marketplace? Do you need to reinvent the wheel to reduce some of its limitations? To evaluate the vise’s viability in today’s manufacturing operations, we need to uncover the most efficient way to apply it.

Stabilizing Parts in Three Scenarios

Stabilizer systems that adjust quickly, adapt and stack easily, and quickly integrate into existing setups can really pay off by removing the difficult-to-diagnose part movement that makes fine finishes, tight tolerances and clean welds unattainable.

Zero-Point Workholding Systems: A Creative Solution for Many Manufacturing Operations

Think zero-point clamping workholding systems are only applicable to machining processes like milling? Think again. Because these systems can solve two of a shop’s toughest problems – repeatability of location from one fixture or workpiece blank to another, and quick transfer of work from one work area of the floor to another – the savings in setup time plus increased accuracy adds up quickly in a variety of operations.

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Houston, Texas
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March 1 - 2, 2023
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March 29 - 30, 2023
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