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Mazak Optonics Partners with Tekmag

Mazak Optonics has announced a new partnership with Tekmag, an Italian automation systems manufacturer specializing in customized storage solutions.


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Material Handling Showcase

A Wrapper Tornado from TAB secures a pallet load at Ta Chen International. The orbital wrapper automatically wraps plastic stretch film 360 deg around and under an entire pallet load to create a unitized, secure load that also protects the cartons from weather, warehousing and transportation operations.
Here is the latest in orbital wrapping equipment, lift and other magnetic applications, portable storage solutions, reel and hose carts, and other systems to help your shop become more competitive.

Get Organized

To carry a large amount of fasteners or materials to the toughest jobsite or task, the Bucket Organizer Wrap from Milwaukee Tool integrates zipper pockets along the wrap for easy storage of larger sized tools and loose accessories, while 30 additional pockets can store a wide assortment of hand tools and materials. 
The Parachute Organizer Bag and Bucket Organizer Wrap from Milwaukee Tool efficiently carry a large amount of fasteners or materials to the jobsite or task.

Magnetic Trays for Tool Storage

Convenient for controlling and organizing foreign ferromagnetic objects, the Arsenal 5920 Magnetic Tray Organizer – Rectangle.
Arsenal 5920 and 5925 Magnetic Tray Organizers by Ergodyne are ideal for working with foreign ferromagnetic objects or those with daily FME and FOD hazards.