Considerations for Consumables in Robotic Welding Applications

Did you realize a contact tip often serves as a barometer of the overall effectiveness of the welding process by indicating how optimized it is – or isn’t? To prevent time consuming and costly issues with joint access, here are some important reasons why consumables must be part of the planning process when working with an integrator to design a robotic welding system.
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Before You Automate That Welding Operation

No shop can benefit from welding automation if the operation simply consists of moving a bottleneck from one department into another. To avoid missing out on the overall productivity and efficiency a robotic weld cell can deliver, these four challenges must be addressed before automating the welding operation.

Top Ten Things to Consider with Through-Arm Robotic MIG Guns

Through-arm robotic MIG guns don’t require a mounting arm like conventional robotic MIG guns do. They provide a smaller work envelope that is ideal for working in tight spaces. Here are the top factors in selecting, installing and maintaining a through-arm robotic MIG gun. 

A Week in the Life of An Online Data Management System

We can now measure, store and analyze up to 7.5 million weld sessions per day. By automating functions that were once done manually, a shop can save countless hours and provide real transparency into their drivers of productivity, quality and cost control.

Improving Automation with Welding Information

By providing archived data that can be used to lower costs, a welding information management system helps improve the productivity and quality gains offered by automation. This technology helps shops make the most out of their investment in welding automation, increase their competitiveness in the marketplace, and improve their profitability.

Using Welding Intelligence Designed for Pipe Fabrication

Pipe shops now use electronic dashboards to replace pieces of paper that once traveled with spool joints across the floor and through the weld testing process.


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Senior GM of Yaskawa Motoman Receives Award

Dean Elkins is honored with the 2016 Engelberger Robotics Award for leadership in the robotics industry.

Preco Receives Order for Flexible Hybrid Multi-Laser System

The Brazilian Senai Institute of Laser Innovation has ordered a $1.8 million SL-8600 hybrid laser/MIG system based on Cartesian machine tool motion for laser welding, additive manufacturing and more.

Yaskawa Motoman is Reaccredited by IACET

The accreditation period for Yaskawa Academy extends for five years on all programs offered or created during that time.


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Welding Automation & Robotics

Take a closer look at some of the newest advances in data management, systems integration and automation, robotics and more that can help make your welding operations more productive and profitable.

Compact Robot for Arc Welding and Machine Tending

The IRB 1660ID from ABB Robotics features a stronger, more rigid upper arm for heavier weld torches and improved wire feeding control near the arc to guarantee high volume production.

Maximize Gas Cylinder Economy by Changing Switching Ranges in the Field

The 547 Series High Pressure Switchover from CONCOA can fully deplete gas cylinders while accommodating applications that require continuous delivery of gas with varying high and low outlet pressures.