Marine Shipyard Invests in Vision Welding Portal

To increase their capacity and meet regulatory and customer demands, Senesco Marine uses a PEMA flexible hi-tech twin robot welding gantry automation system for welding double bottoms and subassemblies.
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Automatic Generation of Weld Programs from CAD Models

Robotmaster off-line programming software saves Groupe Gravel time and money by generating robot control code directly from CAD/CAM tools. The shop can easily and efficiently program their robots to produce higher quality products at lower cost, achieving the speed and flexibility needed for competitive advantage. 
The robot programmers at Groupe Gravel drastically reduce weld programming time and effort with Robotmaster software that generates robot control code directly from CAD/CAM.

Tube Water Wall Overlay

American Electric Power gained a definite financial advantage by purchasing their own overlay motion control equipment from Bug-O Systems and hiring local labor to perform the operation. 

French Shipyard Advances Welding Automation

STX France installed a PEMA Integrated One-sided Laser-Hybrid Welding and Milling Station with an extensive customized conveyor system for welding deck plates together. 

How Advanced Welding Information Management Helps Standardize Work Procedures

Standardized work procedures result in every part being the same from the pre- to post-weld cell, regardless of the operator welding it. This reduces the cost and potential liability of missed or defective welds, which can be staggering if a failure in the field happens. Although mistakes do happen, the earlier defects are detected, the less costly they are to fix. AWIM systems reduce costs by alerting managers and welding operators to potential welding mistakes in real time.
From the safe unloading of large parts to accurate assembly practices, AWIM systems add value to the welding operation from the beginning to the end of the process by generating valuable insights that improve quality, productivity and the bottom line.

Building Objects of Desire

After the frame is finished, it moves into the fully automated second section where 86 robots (82 made by Comau) perform welding, part handling, riveting, Tucker stud installation, folding the flanges of the metal sheets and more. 
With articulated robots and advanced software applications that can simulate every stage of production, Maserati leverages innovative robotic solutions from Comau to build the Quattroporte and Ghibli, two of the most prestigious models of luxury, sporty lines and aggressive engines.


Automation/Robotics: Industry News

Hawk Technology Congratulates 2015 Interns

Six students completed their hands-on summer internship program, learning what the company does and offering fresh ideas to the business.

Lincoln Electric Acquires Rimrock

This move extends Lincoln's position in automated welding and cutting.

Lincoln Electric Featured in TV Series

The show will focus on the design and build of each robot, the bot builder backstories, their intense pursuit of the championship and the spectacle of the event.
Their equipment and welders are featured in the new “BattleBots” series on ABC.


Automation/Robotics: Products

One Economical Machine for Every Application

The GO-FER IV from Bug-O Systems incorporates a 2.5 ipm to 100 ipm speed motor and a large and bright digital speed meter that can be preset ahead of time to easily monitor travel speed for all processes. With its standard built-in dual contactor switches, gas manifold and flexible racking groups, this unit can do straight line cuts and beveling with an oxy fuel torch (as shown here).
Bug-O will showcase its lower profile 4th generation of the GO-FER IV, a straight-line, versatile and robust tractor that is extremely portable for all of a shop’s cutting and welding needs.

Generate Robot Welding & Cutting Code from CAD/CAM

Booth N-22070: Robotmaster off-line programming software from Hypertherm saves time and money by generating robot control code directly from CAD/CAM tools. Shops can easily and efficiently program their robots to produce higher quality products at lower cost, achieving the speed and flexibility needed for competitive advantage.
Robotmaster will display off-line programming software that provides quick and easy programming tools for welding and cutting, helping robot programmers radically by saving time and money.

Advanced Seam Finding Helps Blind Welding Robots To See

Booth N-22058: The compact and rugged i-CUBE/X robotic hybrid laser sensing system from Servo-Robot integrates dual-laser range imaging with optional sound recording and ultrasound range detection for high-speed and precision measurement of metallic parts, identification of features and part location. Its dual cross-line laser measures precise 3D position and orientation in a single snapshot to decrease overall measurement cycle time.
Servo-Robot showcases their new Advanced Seam Finding Module, a user-friendly software package that provides vision to a blind robot in just a few steps and helps that robot produce only good parts.