How to Drive Improvement in Your Existing Welding Power Source Fleet

Utilizing external weld monitors that work with any brand of machine and any welding process can help drive productivity and efficiency gains, improve quality, and help reduce costs and lost time. Here are some ways for your shop to generate greater profitability through better information management.
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Augmented Reality: Finding a Better Way to Screen and Train Welding Applicants

Shops can now create a welding lab experience without a lab by using new technology that simulates various welding processes and blends real-world and computer-generated images into an augmented reality environment for a realistic welding simulation that closely resembles live arc welding – and provides them with an objective means of measuring the skills of each applicant.

Conventional Guns on Through-Arm Robotic Welding Systems: When to Make the Choice

The choice between using a through-arm MIG gun or a conventional gun is sometimes an afterthought on these systems, but there are applications where a conventional gun works better and can significantly impact efficiency, throughput and quality of the finished weld. Knowing how to choose the best option for the job up front is key.

Welding Automation & Robotics

Take a closer look at some of the newest advances in data management, systems integration and automation, robotics and more that can help make your welding operations more productive and profitable.

Considerations for Consumables in Robotic Welding Applications

Did you realize a contact tip often serves as a barometer of the overall effectiveness of the welding process by indicating how optimized it is – or isn’t? To prevent time consuming and costly issues with joint access, here are some important reasons why consumables must be part of the planning process when working with an integrator to design a robotic welding system.

Before You Automate That Welding Operation

No shop can benefit from welding automation if the operation simply consists of moving a bottleneck from one department into another. To avoid missing out on the overall productivity and efficiency a robotic weld cell can deliver, these four challenges must be addressed before automating the welding operation.


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Pemamek Opens New Factory Expansion

They host a Future Competitiveness and Growth seminar and grand opening event for decision makers from the shipbuilding and wind power industries.

Miller Electric Celebrates Welders and Why They Build

Their "#whyiweldcontest" giveaway recognizes enthusiastic welders and celebrates the things that inspire them.

ESAB Awarded for Digital Tool Innovation

Their WeldCloud online data management system is recognized by Industrie Lyon as a digital commitment to IIoT.


Automation/Robotics: Products

Laser Welding Made Easy

The TruLaser Robot 5020 from TRUMPF provides for easy, cost effective entry into laser welding of simple sheet metal parts to bent profiles and three-dimensional geometry that is commonly produced on machining centers.

Laser Sensing and Workhorse Robot Cells Improve Weld Quality, Reduce Cycle Times

The AccuFast II laser seam finder and high speed ArcWorld 200 and ArcWorld 500 welding systems from Yaskawa Motoman greatly improve shop welding productivity.

Ultralight Robotic Resistance Welding

Ideal for use on 80 kg capacity robot models and high density welding cells, FlexGun UL from Centerline Windsor is available in X, C and Pinch base designs that boast total gun weights under 155 lb.