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Misconceptions About Filler Metal Strength

Selecting the proper filler metals for a given welding application can be difficult and confusing. To better understand what impacts filler metal strength, consider these four common misconceptions, along with guidelines to rectify them.

Filler Metal Considerations for Pressure Vessels

Filler metal used in welding pressure vessels must provide the appropriate impact toughness to meet strict design temperature requirements. Let’s examine the challenges of finding filler metal combinations, along with obtaining necessary documentation or testing to support welding procedures that can meet the mechanical properties of A516 Gr 70 plate.

What You Need to Know About Weld Anatomy and Joint Geometry

Are you wasting lots of time and money on welds that are larger than they need to be, particularly on thicker materials? Or dealing with inconsistent quality or increased crack sensitivity due to welds with improper dimensions? There are many different ways to design welds that strike the best balance between weld quality and productivity.

Making the Case for Metal-Cored Wire

Though it has increased efficiencies and reduced overall costs in heavy equipment, automotive and general manufacturing, some shops that are good candidates are still reluctant to change to metal-cored wire. Why? Most importantly, what is their risk for not converting?

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