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ESAB Introduces Lightweight EM 210 and EMP 210 Welders

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ESAB Welding and Cutting Products (Annapolis Junction, MD) has introduced its EM 210 MIG/flux cored welder and EMP 210 MIG/stick/TIG welder. ESAB said these inverter-based power sources can be used for most auto/truck repair and restoration, light fabrication and construction, and HVAC work.

Space-Saving Compact Air Filtration System

Lincoln Electric’s Prism Compact fume-extraction system for welding and cutting applications incorporates the Prism line’s vertical filter technology. Available in indoor and outdoor configurations, the short unit fits efficiently into smaller spaces.

Heavy-Duty MIG Guns Perform at 100% Duty Cycle

Four Magnum PRO Curve HDE semiautomatic welding guns from Lincoln Electric provide the best of both worlds: They deliver the highest duty cycle in their class and maximize operator comfort with a new ergonomic design.

Engine-Driven Welder Enables Simultaneous Welds

Lincoln Electric’s Dual Maverick 200/200X is two welders powered by one diesel engine with two outputs, allowing two or more welders to work at the same time. Output remains steady even during arc stops and starts in dual mode.

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